Writing Effective Emails Will Make Or Break You

Writing Effective EmailsSo now that you’ve gotten this awesome newsletter off the ground, you do realize that until you start writing effective emails, it won’t do squat for you. Sorry – but that’s the cold hard truth about things. Who doesn’t enjoy a good read? Especially when it’s about a topic that I absolutely adore. But you have to let me know how great it is before I sign up. And in most cases, I won’t give a damn what kind of free gift you offer me. So you just can’t run from it – you have to know the ins and outs of writing effective emails and there’s no getting around that.

I can hear what you’re saying … “Enough of your BS – how about telling me how to write these wonderful email you speak of!”  Fair enough – let’s get started, shall we? Let’s check out some tips for writing emails.

Ways To Write Good Emails

The first thing you need to stop doing is going on and on about your list. If you want to get your emails opened, then you need to realize you list contains individuals. So why not write as if you are talking to them individually? Pretend you are talking to a dear friend the next time you craft an email to send out. Get focused on who they are exactly and what they inner most concerns are. They’ll feel you when you do that.

Another thing you need to consider with the emails you send is whether or not one is really necessary. The ideal here is to get your people in the mode of eagerly anticipating your next email. They won’t do that if your emails provide nothing of value. In fact, they’ll do the opposite and delete them – along with opting out of your newsletter mailing. Starting now – get in the habit of not bothering your peeps unless you have something of value to share with them. They’re busy and getting bombarded with spam every day. Do them a favor of spare them the painful experience of sifting through another one.

You have to realize that emails that get read are those which reward those who take the time to read them. This sounds simple enough, but in light of that, it is amazing how many marketers out there only focus only on getting the emails written and sent – thinking that they’ve done their job. This is the absolute worst attitude you could have because it will be reflected in your words and in the quality of your service. You really need to put yourself on the receiving end of the emails as you write them. Be honest with yourself and your readers will sense that and respond accordingly.

Your readers need to feel that you are on their side, and that you have their backs. This requires building rapport with them often and always. Good email writing is that which empathizes with the readers and understands their plight and the problems they experience on a daily basis. You don’t have to know them personally to build rapport with them. Just provide good honest support and great advice.

Getting Your Emails Opened

The fact is that if your emails don’t get opened, then it won’t matter how well they are written. Thus, you need to spend ample time of using methods that enhance the odds of them getting opened by your recipients. Get used to the idea that many of them will not be opened – this is simply a fact. Do you open all your emails? No matter what you say, your spam folder has answered the question for you. The thing is that you want to keep your emails out of their spam folders.

No matter how you look at it, whether or not your email gets opened depends on one thing, and one thing only – your email subject line. A crappy subject will not get a great email opened and read.  So make sure you spend time crafting an effective email subject line. One thing you can do is promise them something good in the subject line. The key here is to not sound like the hundreds of other subject lines that they have just read. The second key is to sound honest, sincere, and specific in what you promise.

Learn power words and how to use them. What’s power words, you ask? These are words that have proven successful over and over again in emails, sales letters, and other forms of sales copy for years and years.

Learn to arouse curiosity in your readers. Don’t be afraid to be a little controversial and a little different. Sometimes it’s a good thing to slaughter a holy cow once in a while. Generate some excitement and have others view you as a bit of a rebel or an outlier.

One thing you can do that works every time is to follow those gurus who are kicking ass already. Subscribe to few newsletters by people in your niche who you know are killing it. Watch how they manage your mailings and the email subject lines they use. Start incorporating those into your mailings.

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Ways To Write Better Emails

There are a few things you can start doing now to write better emails. One thing that I have found which helps is to write fast and at a good pace. I believe that this is because it more closely matches the rate at which we communicate live with each other. That’s my theory anyway.

Another thing you can do to write more effective emails is to keep the message short and as brief as possible. We touched on this earlier, but it is very true that shorter messages are more effective than long winded messages are.

Asking questions is another way to engage your readers. Questions are a great way to induce your reader to picture something in their minds prior to influencing that picture later in your message. It’s an extremely good way to persuade and influence readers.

When you can be personal and share a little something about yourself with your reader, then you will immediately gain rapport points with them. Believe it or not, often times you will hear marketers talk about the most popular email subject lines for them have been those about their personal lives. Such as: “I can’t believe my dog does this …” or “It was when my car blew up that I realized this..”

You Can Achieve Effective Email Writing

I hope that you have learned something worthwhile from this article. There’s a lot of things in here, but like everything else in marketing, it’s usually just one or two new methods that make a huge difference. My advice is to focus only on a couple of these suggestions and master them. Then you might want to consider using more. If you use too many variables, then you won’t know which ones actually made the difference. Let me tell you, when you start writing effective emails, then your bottom line will improve nicely.



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