Top 5 Social Media Sites

There are a lot of questions bouncing around out there wondering what the top 5 social media sites are. This is a legitimate concern because at one time there were over 1000 different social media sites out there and God only knows how many of them were worthwhile. Needless to say, you could spend the remainder of your life on these sites if you had the motivation.

This is why so many online marketers and people who enjoy surfing online were dying to know which of these could be considered as the top 5 social media sites. So let’s not keep them in suspense, okay?

1) Facebook

We should begin with the big daddy. As of this writing, Facebook is by far the biggest social media site out there. It offers pretty much everything. Practically every single market or niche has been addressed and represented on Facebook. You can join or create Groups of like interests, and you can create and like fanpages on virtually any topic.

2) Twitter

Twitter is also a very powerful platform and is actually a microblog. You follow people and they follow you back which means both of you can see and share one another’s posts, images, and videos. It used to be you have to restrict your message to less than 140 characters, but Twitter has since doubled that. Twitter is quick and portable, and it allows you to build a following pretty fast.

3) Instagram

Instagram is actually a platform for mobile devices to share images they have taken. It works like the other social media sites in that you accumulate followers and you can follow them back. This means you can share photos with one another. Instagram is noted for its extremely high engagement rate as compared to the other top 5 social media sites.

4) YouTube

YouTube is all about videos. When you create videos, you can upload them to your YouTube channel and they will host them online for you. Now you can share your video link with all of your friends and also post them on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

When you create a YouTube Channel and people like your videos, then they will subscribe to your channel which means they are notified every time that you upload a new video. Thus, people with lots of subscribers get many views on the videos they upload.

5) Pinterest

The last member of our top 5 social media sites list is Pinterest. Some people would put LinkdIn here, but we prefer Pinterest much more. Pinterest is a social media site for great images. People with Pinterest accounts create boards as a way of grouping their pictures – they are basically the same as categories on a WordPress blog. Other Pinterest users can choose to either befriend you, or they can like your boards, or they can do both.

This means that the pictures you post will be shown on their Pinterest feeds. When you post a picture on one of your Pinterest boards, you have the option including a link with your image. Needless to say, Pinterest is a great platform for building links and driving traffic to your websites.


Why would anyone ever want any more social sites when they have these top 5 social media sites? These are plenty big enough to suit any of your needs for extending your brand or boosting your overall popularity online.

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