Proven Online Marketing Strategies that Kick Ass

online marketing strategiesIf you are thinking about diving into the Internet marketing game, then you will need to consider using some online marketing strategies that have already proven themselves. The fact is that online marketing is a lot like many other things in life, there are literally hundreds of ways to do it. So it really comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Picking Among the Main Online Marketing Strategies

Many of us will usually try all of these proven online marketing strategies. We may like one of them at first glance, but it may not like us back. So in the end, perhaps there is another one that works better for us even though it may not have been our first choice.

1) Organic Web Traffic Marketing

This is the most basic of online marketing strategies. When your marketing plan comprises of sending organic search engine traffic to your blog or website, you have to use several basic online marketing methods – such as SEO or search engine optimization.

Before you begin creating content for your webpages, you first perform lots of keyword research within your market. You find keywords that you feel are relatively easy to rank for. Of course, there must be sufficient monthly searches for a given keyword to justify writing content which targets that keyword.

The next thing is you must understand how to perform SEO techniques both on your webpage and also off your webpage. On-site SEO means using your target keywords the right number of times and put them in the right places within the content. Off-site SEO means building backlinks and creating social media channels to generate buzz and popularity.

If you do your SEO properly, then you receive high search engine rankings for your targeted keywords and you get organic traffic. The great thing about organic traffic is that it is targeted and it converts very well.

2) Paid Advertising

Probably the second most popular of the online marketing strategies is paid advertising. Marketers who love paid ads will always claim that they get instant traffic whenever they want it, whereas marketers who use SEO have to wait weeks if not months to get traffic. Of course, SEO lovers always point that organic traffic is free – except for the investment of time.

However, when you are marketing using paid ads, you are pretty much trying a lot of hit and miss methods. You have to establish a sufficient amount you will invest to test a new ad campaign. And when you reach your limit, then you move on to another ad campaign.

You keep testing one ad after another until you find a winner. Once you have found that winning combination, then you scale up your campaign to maximize your profits.

Of course, prior to setting up any ad campaigns, you have to determine which product or service that you are going to market. And then after that, you will need to find the right keywords to target your ad on. Once you have established all this, then you must find the best advertising platform for whatever you are going to market.

It used to be that most PPC (pay per click) marketers would advertise primarily on Google Adwords. However, many PPC marketers today are using ads on social media. The benefit of social media advertising is that you can target an exact customer avatar – which is quite amazing.

3) Email Marketing

If you talk to the wealthiest Internet marketers out there, they will tell you that they are rich because of email marketing – which they believe is the best of all online marketing strategies. If you are interested in this exciting form of marketing, then it means you have to get potential clients to join your mailing list.

You do this by getting your traffic to opt-in to your list through some sort of enticement. Most marketers offer something like an informative ebook or a set of videos. Potential clients then submit their name and email address to get the ebook.

Now that the client is on the list, the marketer can send emails to them whenever they choose to. Big time marketers may email lists that have perhaps a million emails on them. Whenever they launch a product and send out emails, then stand to earn tens of thousands of dollars.

The good news is that you can build an email list using SEO or PPC. In fact, there are lots of marketers out there who do some of each. For instance, they may use mainly SEO, but then they may have a PPC budget in order to build their email list.


As you can see, each of these basic online marketing strategies has their drawbacks, but each of them also kick ass too!