How To Get More Views On YouTube for Your Videos

get more views on youtubeIf you are using videos for your online marketing, then you are most likely wondering how to get more views on YouTube to those videos. Like it or not, this is critical to your success and you will have to figure out ways to get them in front of viewers. In the end, viewers will determine how well your video ranks for your primary keyword. Learning how to get more views on YouTube is a most have skill for video marketers.

If you have been exposed to internet marketing at all, then you and several other owners of small businesses probably know a little in regards to search engine optimization, but perhaps not enough to make it work for you. Additionally, you should be aware that ranking videos are a little different than ranking a webpage or blog post.

You must understand that you are actually dealing with two powerful search engines when it comes to ranking videos. You are ranking not only on Google, but you are also ranking on YouTube. And getting video views plays a huge role in ranking on both of them.

Optimizing Your Videos For More Views

The first thing you want to do is optimize both your YouTube channel and your videos. No, this doesn’t always get you lots of YouTube views, especially in the beginning, but it’s the best way to ensure you get as many as possible. Optimizing is something that pays off big with time. So let’s examine some ways for the optimization of your videos.

Using the Right Titles. You need to ensure that the title you use in YouTube contains your major keyword. In fact, if you can use the keyword twice in your title, then by all means, do it! Your title should at least contain your main keyword and a second keyword. I recommend that you completely fill up in the title blank when you upload your video.

Video File Names. Before you upload your videos to your YouTube account, you use your main keyword as a filename. If you haven’t did do that when you first saved it on your hard drive, then you need to rename it as: “yourmainkeyword.mp4” or “”

Custom Thumbnail. After uploading your video, you will want to upload a custom thumbnail image for the video. And that image should have what filename? Yep – your main keyword. The filename for the image should be: yourmainkeyword.jpg”

Thorough Optimized Descriptions. You get quite a lot of space in YouTube for a description of your online videos. Therefore, you need to use your major keywords and your secondary keywords. The first thing in your description should be the URL that your video is promoting, immediately followed by your major keyword. You should insert your major keyword again in the last sentence of your first paragraph. Use about 5-8 secondary keywords throughout your description. Do not skimp here, put as much verbiage as you can in there.

Use Lots of Tags. In fact, you should keep inserting tags until that section is full. Use you main keywords first, and then use secondary keywords. Then try to find more from the other related videos on YouTube – especially those with lots of views. Read my other post about making YouTube videos, if you want more information about finding effective tags.

Start Sharing Your YouTube Videos Immediately

How you decide to share your videos with others is very critical to your overall success. You should make it a habit to immediately share all your videos right after you post them and not a moment later. What you do not want to happen is have your video uploaded for a few days with very few views. This gives the impression that it is not very good or worth watching.

What I usually do is blast them to all my social accounts and get it circulating there. If you have a big social network like I have, then you can get hundreds of YouTube views right off the bat. This is one big reason why you should be building and creating a huge social presence across your favorite social websites. The great thing is that setting up pages and posts on these sites do not cost you anything at all. If you make it a habit to spend 30 minutes every

day doing this, you will be amazed at how big your network will get in a short period of time.

Clean Up and Tighten Your Video Before Sharing

A video with lots of dead time and pauses is very boring. As a result, even the people who try to watch it will not watch very long. This will give you low retention views which will hurt your rankings – especially on YouTube.

The first thing you should do is watch it a few times before uploading the video. Slice out any long pauses or dead spots. Don’t use fluff in your videos, it will work against you in the end. Next, you should add some enjoyable or pleasant background music to your YouTube video. Do this even if you have a voiceover on the recording. Just make sure the music doesn’t overwhelm the speaker.

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Using Video Responses

Here’s a nifty little method with responses that will get you several new viewers. You just have to know the proper way of doing it. This clever trick can get you a substantial number of new viewers but you have to know how to do it properly. Underneath videos you will see various comments and responses that viewers have left about that video after watching it.

What you can do is find videos that are related to the topic of your videos and leave relevant comments along with a link to your video. The important thing to stress here is that the comment must be related and relevant to that video – otherwise, it will be seen as spam.

Maintain High Levels of YouTube Activity

Make it a point to be very active on YouTube. Find other videos you like and leave honest, sincere comments, and also subscribe to lots of YouTube channels. If you do this enough, then you will eventually reach critical mass and attract YouTube views and subscribers naturally. Over time, any new videos you put out will immediate get views.

High YouTube activity also includes putting up new videos on a regular basis. You should think of your videos as real estate – the more you have, the more you will prosper. The great thing is that this real estate costs you nothing! And having more videos is a natural way on how to get more views on YouTube.



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