How to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Fanpage

Still wondering how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage?

When we create our Facebook fanpage, it is a great way of linking our brand with the users on Facebook. We certainly need to promote our page in pretty much the same way we would promote our blogs or websites by giving it more. Of course, the very step in marketing our fan page is by updating it quite often with fresh new quality content.

Creating Quality Updates

What happens when you post an update to your fanpage, that content is also posted to your fans’ news feeds, which prompts them click to your page. So when we how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage, the first way is by cranking out good content and posting it on your page.

But it doesn’t stop there, when your fans visit your fanpage and they interact and engage with it, this activity is also posted in their news feed – and this will expose your page to their friends on Facebook as well. And also, Facebook rewards posts and pages who receive lots of engagement by spreading them more throughout Facebook. In addition to updating your fanpage often, there also some other ways to get more traffic to your Facebook page and increase your fan base.

Creating Backlinks to It

Do not hesitate to link every online entity you have to your new fanpage. You start by linking your blog or website to your page. After that, you can start linking from all of your other social media online channels such as your Twitter account, or your LinkedIn profile. And finally, you could include a link in your e-mail signature or even on the final page of a PowerPoint presentation that is featured on your website or blog.

Also, you could consider creating free blogs on Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium. Post a few pieces of great content on them – along with a link to your page. This is how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage. 

Email People about it

 Blast out emails to those people that you are already linked up with – like your Facebook friends, your email contacts, and your business partners, let them know about your fanpage. In your email, tell them exactly how they are going to benefit from Liking your fanpage and becoming a fan.

Use your Twitter Account

Any time you write and post new content to your fanpage, post it on your Twitter account and let your Twitter followers know about it. Also post it on your other social media accounts.

Engage with Other Facebook Pages

If you really want to know how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage, then every day you should visit 5-10 other fanpages in your niche. Ensure that you have liked their page and then post 2-3 comments on their most popular posts. Your goal is let others see your fanpage avatar – so be sure you are commenting where many others are seeing them.

Leverage Real-life News Stories and Events

Whenever stories become big news, make sure that you become part of that buzz. You do this by first posting the story on your page. Next, share the link to that fanpage post on your other social media accounts. Now find out which fanpage is buzzing most about the story begin engaging with others. If you have the time, keep commenting as long as the buzz is there.

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