Does Your Blog Content Compell Your Readers?

Many of us have written thousands of blog posts. And quite a few of us have gotten pretty damn good at it.

We have learned to organize our thoughts and mechanically put them down on paper (or screen) in a methodical manner. Our process is refined to the point that we can easily satisfy Copyscape, Grammarly, and even our Yoast WordPress plugins. But are we satisfying the people that matter the most? Which is our readers.

Does our blog content compell our readers enough to come back for more? And does our headlines and titles entice new readers again and again? This is where the art of creating blog posts starts and the science of generating blog content ends. And when it comes to an art, some of us are very skilled right off the bad, and then there are others of us who must work at it and put in the time to improve our craft.

Fortunately for us bloggers, there are lots of helpful content out there to assist us:


11 Ways to Create More Compelling Content for Your Blog I wanted to share some tips on how you can make your content more compelling, whether it’s written, video or audio content. I’m mixing things up and testing out my new camera to create some video content for the blog. 11 Ways to Create More Compelling Content for Your Blog



7 Ways to Make Your Writing Personal (but Not Self-Indulgent) narratives can form connections with strangers almost magically, but self-indulgent writing has the opposite effect. It’s boring and a turn-off.

Your goal is to show the people who you want to be a part of your community that they’re in the right place.

Everything you reveal should be tethered to your point. You never leave your audience stranded without a GPS. They should feel secure in your created reality, not lost. 7 Ways to Make Your Writing Personal (but Not Self-Indulgent) – Copyblogger


Content Production: Today & Beyond you started reading now and continued for 24 hours a day, it would take 15,556 years to read all the current webpages (an average of 500 words per page and a reading speed of 275 words per minute).

“Content shock: The emerging marketing epoch defined when increasing volumes of content intersect our limited human capacity to consume it.” Content Production: Today & Beyond


In my honest opinion, here are the two best points from these great sources:

  1. Understanding Your Reader’s Daily Bombardment of Data – Our blog content most stand up above the noise and get their attention in one of a few ways. It needs to be extremely entertaining in a funny or an amazing way. Or it needs to be outrageously useful – to the point they want to share it with everyone.
  2. Making Your Content Scannable – Because we live in an information saturated society, we need to make our content as scannable as possible. The best way to do this is by using our Headline designations as quick summaries about what each section is talking about and perhaps even adding the points there as well. Also, we can use lots of bullets and ordered sections to make our content more scannable. This will help readers consume our blog content much easier and quicker.

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