Discover the 7 Benefits of Social Media

If you haven’t jumped into the social media buzz yet, then you must discover the 7 benefits of social media and why you must start using it now. And it really doesn’t matter if you are an individual or if you are a business, social networking will greatly enhance your life and your objectives.

However, if you happen to have a business, the benefits of social media are far greater. Even if you are a traditional brick and mortar business, then you are simply leaving money on the table because your potential clients today are going online to make their purchasing decisions – and they are doing it more and more as time goes on. Also, you are probably getting left behind by competitors who are already establishing a presence and influence in the cloud already.

If you are an individual and have yet to discover the 7 benefits of social media, then you are missing out on the ability to connect with dozens, if not hundreds of friends and colleagues. These connections extend your circle of loved ones, friends, and influence which will increase the quality of your life tenfold. When you are connected, you become more aware of events and things that you are most interested in – things that are very valuable to you.

Seven (7) Benefits of Social Media

Now that we have briefly discussed some of the reasons that both individuals and businesses should be enjoying the power of social media and even social media marketing, it is time to further examine  a few of its benefits. Keep in mind that after you discover the 7 benefits of social media, you will wonder why you didn’t beginning using it before now.

1) Grow a Huge Audience

What many people do not realize is that when you use social media, you can grow a very large following in a short amount of time. And when you are aware of the hottest trends and biggest stories, and you start sharing those on your social media channels, it is only a matter of time before one of them goes viral (or partially viral) and attracts a huge number of followers. This is how social media works.

Even if you do not connect with a viral story, if you simply keep sharing good stories and pictures, you are going to attract a constant flow of new fans, friends, and followers. The key here is consistency. You have to be consistent to grow your channels.

The second thing you must do is use only the big social media sites. We are talking about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube (if you have the ability to make videos). I would recommend creating accounts with each of these, but concentrating your efforts on only one or two of them. Everybody has a preferred social channel, so just try them all out and find out which one suit you best. They are all very good and effective in their own way and will allow you to discover the 7 benefits of social media. 

2) Instant Messaging

After you have built a sizeable following on your preferred social media channel(s), you have the ability to send out messages to tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of people instantly. Just think for a moment how big your voice has become when you can do this.

And it is extremely realistic to grow this kind of following within months – depending on how much effort you have devoted to your channels. Even if you only spend a few minutes each day, you could easily have a following of 50 thousand or so within a year’s time. It depends on how consistently you are posting good content that your audience likes.

Imagine if you were able to have a call of action for your following and you could count of a given percentage of them to respond each time you ask. Do you not see the power and influence in this? It would be absolutely amazing!

The way in which your following responds to you depends on how you have interacted with them in the past. If you have tried to scam them a few times, then they probably will not respond much at all. But if you have been honest and real with them, and you have provided value to them – then they will probably respond very well to you.

3) Instant Feedback

When you have a huge following on your social media accounts, and you have cultivated a good relationship with them, you will have the ability ask many things of them. If you are thinking about posting a banner somewhere, or designing a book cover, you can ask them for input.

For instance, you could post two book cover mock ups and ask them which one they like. Or if you are writing a sales slogan or new tagline, you could ask them to choose among a few of them.

When you consider what corporations are paying for consumer inputs like this, you must realize how valuable it is to be able to get instant feedback from your following – for FREE! The value of this is simply off the charts. There are hundreds of people out there who have no clue how to utilize their massive social media followings. They have yet to discover the 7 benefits of social media marketing.

4) Building Your Brand

Obviously, this may apply more to businesses, but there are some individuals who are concerned about their brand as well. When you have a vested interest in promoting a brand and getting the word out there, you have no better ally than the power of social media.

One of the very first things you should do as a business is to create a set of social media accounts with all of the major social media sites. On each of these accounts, you should post the mission of your business, the slogan or tagline of your business, and finally the logo of your business.

After you have done the above, all you need do now is start posting content about what is happening in your business. Things like new products launches, new services, special offers, giveaways, and so forth. It is recommended that you allocated a healthy percentage of your advertising into promoting and building your social media channels as they have historically provided the biggest value of most forms of advertising.

5) Customer Input

For businesses, a huge reason for having an online presence is to demonstrate your willingness and your sincere concerns about your customers. This is what can happen when you allow your customers to provide input to you publicly online. The key here is how you handle those customers who have complaints. Many people do not want to address these issues publicly because of our human nature to avoid uncomfortable or unpleasant situations.

You have to realize that these customer complaints represent an enormous opportunity for you and your business. Because when customers complain online, there are many eyes watching your response. If you demonstrate that you truly care about the happiness of your customers, this increases your reputation dramatically.

Do not underestimate online reputations. There are companies who are literally paying online reputation specialists thousands of dollars every single month to repair their Internet reputations. This is a very valuable thing – so do not ignore unhappy customers, instead respond to them quickly and offer them value and restitution. As you discover the 7 benefits of social media marketing, you may find this one of the most valuable.

6) Increases your Authority        

Becoming an authority in your market or niche is pretty much the pinnacle for the objective of any business or person. The critical aspect of authority is that you do not get to decide if you are an authority, the ultimate opinion of that depends on your audience and your clients – both existing and potential.

However, the good news here is they only have to “perceive” you as an authority. And to be perceived as an authority requires that you become a big part of the conversation and the buzz about your niche or market. Whenever people follow your niche online and they constantly see you as part of the conversation, they are going to eventually consider you to be an authority of that market – any person would naturally assume that to be the case.

The only thing you have to do is begin acting like an authority.  This means you begin observing the other authorities in your market. Study them and learn how they are managing their social media accounts. Take note of the content that they are sharing with their audience and how often. Take note of the products and services that they are offering and what special offers they post on their social media. Now start mimicking their habits, but do not copy them – you must alter your approach in order to make it unique – but use their methods as a guide. This is one of the quickest things you can take advantage of as you discover the 7 benefits of social media marketing.

7) Drive Website Traffic

Many online marketers will tell you that this is their major reason for establishing an online presence using social media sites. They will tell you that this is why social media is a MUST for anyone who does anything online. The reason is we can use the big audiences and followings on our social media accounts to drive insane amounts of traffic to our main blogs or websites.

Most of the time, business (and even individuals) will have a main blog or website from which we deliver our primary message. This message could mean offering products and services, pushing a political and community message, or even raising money for a worthy cause. Our blog or website is the platform from where all of this occurs.

And we can drive this message using our massive social media presence. With many of our social media postings, we add a link one of our webpages – we can add links to the videos on our webpages. And as our social media following grows, then so will the amount of traffic to our websites and blogs. And the beautiful thing is that each of these social media sites has the ability to send lots of traffic to your desired destination.

You can use Twitter to blast out a quick message or post, while Facebook provides the ability to post a more detailed message.  When you have incredible pictures and images to share you can use Pinterest, or you could use Instagram, which is known for its extremely high engagement levels. Finally, there’s YouTube which gives you a platform for posting (and hosting) your videos. Never forget that YouTube is the second biggest search engine out there – second only to Google, who owns YouTube as well.

How could anyone overlook this benefit as they discover the 7 benefits of social media?

BONUS Benefit – Powerful Backlinks

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there is nothing more valuable than getting powerful backlinks. This allows us to get favorable rankings in the search engines for our targeted keywords. And when our rankings get high enough, we stand to receive enormous amounts of organic traffic from people who are using the search engines.

The awesome thing about this traffic is that it is extremely targeted and therefore we can expect higher conversions (and sales) from these visitors. And this great traffic comes to our webpages totally FREE of charge!

Can life get any better than this? Getting traffic that highly converts without spending a dime? This is the beauty of getting organic traffic and a very good reason why we discover the 7 benefits of social media marketing.

One of the things that lets us rank for our keywords are getting powerful backlinks. And backlinks that have both authority and quality are the very best to get. This is what the social media sites provide for us – high quality backlinks. Whenever we fill out our profiles on those sites, they allow us to post a link to our main website.

In fact, several of the main search engines today are actually looking for backlinks from the major social media platforms as they consider where to rank our webpages. This is a huge reason why we need to discover the 7 benefits of social media today.

Start Building Social Media Profiles Now

If you have not starting doing so, then it is highly recommended that you begin creating your social media presence right away. Hopefully, the words above have provided compelling evidence for the value of powerful and consistent social networking. So we urge you to discover the 7 benefits of social media marketing.

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