Building Cloud Authority

How much Cloud Authority do you have?

When we say “Cloud Authority”, we are talking about the power of your presence in today’s “cloud”. This authority can actually exist in any number of forms. And collectively, all of the combined powers of all of your involvement in these forms are what makes up your Cloud Authority.

This overall authority will dictate your online influence. And if you are an online marketer and if you use the Internet to promote any kind of online message or call to action, then your Cloud Authority is vital to your overall success.

Let us examine all the different contributors to the level of combined Cloud Authority that a person may have.

Social Media Authority

social media authorityWe address social media first because it is no doubt the hottest and the most trending at the time of writing this article. In today’s social media environment, it is possible to post a message that goes viral and reaches several million people within minutes. This is the power of using social media marketing.

In reality, the chances of doing this are very slim. But often times, when it occurs is we post something of great interest to a specific market or group of people and it can reach several thousand people within minutes. Some marketers out there who are very connected to their audience have the ability to do this on a daily basis.

Generally speaking, traffic from social media posts is relatively easy to create, but the bounce rates are higher and the conversions are lower. But what this traffic does for you is it accelerates the growth of your overall brand. It does this by associating your brand with your specific niche and by providing powerful backlinks. And these backlinks are recognized by all the major search engines – and this brings us to the next element of Cloud Authority.

SEO Authority

SEO authoritySEO authority is the process of controlling the SERPS of your targeted keywords. And of course, when you can accomplish this feat, then you can bring in tons of targeted organic traffic. The thing about getting rankings is that the competition is generally very high for high traffic keywords. The biggest part of achieving rankings with high competition keywords is generating lots of authority from your blog or website.

When all things are equal among several competing webpages, the website with the highest authority will usually win out. This is because that website has strong SEO and has proven itself to offer high quality content that reader’s love. The time that visitors spend on webpages, and the times they keep coming back to the website, is a huge factor when it comes to SEO authority.

However, as new content is created, it can be done in powerful ways that are designed to put the power of sensible SEO to work. The techniques are not hard, in fact, many of them are quite simple to learn and grasp. The idea is to consistently apply them to all of your content.

We must remember that organic traffic from SEO is very valuable. It the most targeted traffic available and this usually means more sales. We will definitely see more conversions from organic traffic for this very reason.

Blog and Website Authority

blogging authorityYour blog and website gains authority as its brand becomes more well-known and recognizable to readers. This comes about as bloggers use the proper marketing channels like social media and solid SEO methods. Over time, people who own blogs and websites begin to slowly build their authority around their chosen market or niche.

As they keep adding high quality content and the size of their blog or website grows bigger and bigger, their overall Blog and Website Authority will grow naturally – and this is regardless of whether they are targeting keywords or not. However, when they choose to use SEO and target the proper keywords for their niche, their authority stands to get much stronger.

The most effective way of gaining blog and website authority is by creating very large high quality articles on your site. And we are talking about articles that are at least 2000 words or longer. The advantage of creating article of this size is that you are giving the article a bigger chance of ranking for hundreds of smaller long tail keywords. In fact, most of your organic traffic will come from these smaller keywords.

Niche Marketing Authority

When you have become an authority in your chosen market or niche, it means that have dominated much of the conversations online that are occurring which pertain to your niche. This is actually much easier to accomplish than one may think.

It generally requires a fairly strong presence on social media. And the big requirement of that presence is that it be consistent with ample interaction with their audience. When others see major conversations about your niche taking place online, and you are a constant part of those conversations, then they will be recognizing you as an authority.

You must position yourself and your message in the proper places and then take part in all the proper channels. Then you will become a niche marketing authority very quickly – which will add to your overall Cloud Authority.

Video Marketing Authority

Video Marketing authorityOne of the most effective ways to generate online authority is by using effective video marketing. When you have the ability to create awesome videos that your viewers love, and they watch them over and over, then you have built a powerful online marketing channel for yourself.

To create effective videos, you must master several elements of the process. To begin with, you must have lots of images and graphics that your viewers find interesting and engaging. Secondly, you must understand how to structure your overall message for the video in order to keep their interest. And then you need to understand the specific SEO methods that are required for online videos.

Marketers who have learned to these important principles and have learned how to apply them to their videos are most definitely enjoying the benefits of video marketing authority.

Copywriting Authority

copywrite authorityHaving copywriting authority means having strong ability to write the powerful words required for a sales message that actually works. It means you are ability to write effective sales letters over and over again which generate lots of sales. It means you basically understand how to manipulate the emotions of your readers through the written word.

Effective copywriting is more of an art than a science. Many people claim to be able to teach others how to write copy, but the pupil will still need to get in the real world and practice, practice, practice. This simply indicates it is indeed an art – because it requires many hours to master it.

Writing copy is one of those skills that others will pay many thousands of dollars to people who have mastered it well. This is not something that is easily taught. Yes, we can learn to write better copy from someone who has mastered it like this. But they are not going to take us to a level of such high demand. We have to achieve that level ourselves.

Needless to say, when you possess real and authentic copywriting authority, then you have authority that few others have. It means you are standing on holy ground in the online marketing world.

Email Marketing Authority

Email AuthorityWhenever we are closing online sales using our email marketing list, it means that we have a very strong email marketing authority presence online. Well actually, we have taken our market offline in a sense. The reason we say this is because email marketing means we are communicating privately with members of our email lists.

When we have an email list, we are no longer dependent on search engines, advertising, social media, or anything else to present our message to readers. This is because we have captured our own set of readers. And these members of our email lists have already indicated an interest in our niche – because that’s why they subscribed to our email list in the first place.

Many very successful online marketers out there will tell you that the “Power is in the list” which refers to their email list. They believe that this is the whole key to online marketing success. This is because you can market to your list anytime you wish. You not dependent on anything else because you have gathered own list of readers.

Web Design Authority

A huge part of online marketing is being able to present a blog or website that is visually compelling and attractive to viewers and potential readers. Not only is your web design and graphics important, your blog needs to have a theme that visually supports your blog’s message. Understand that this is not a given. You can’t just slap up a theme and content. You need to go the extra mile in order to stand out from your competitors.

Another thing you must consider about visuals is the images you post to your blog. Whenever you post new content online, you really need to have images to go along with them. Otherwise, your content looks boring and doesn’t really entice anyone at all.

Thus, you need to post some really nice custom images that make you blog or site pop. Resist the temptation to put up stock images because everyone else in your niche is doing and you want to stand out, don’t you? So don’t skimp on your visuals.

Earn yourself some web design authority to get others talking about your posts. Remember this – often times it is your image on social media that will bring tons of traffic to your posts.

Your Level of Cloud Authority

After reviewing some elements of online authority sources, how much Cloud Authority do you have? Did you read about several sources of authority that you already have in the bank?

If this is not the case, do not worry. You can simply begin apply some new authority sources – or you could simply make your existing sources much bigger. There are some great marketers out there who are making an extraordinary living off of only a few of these authority sources.

It is actually amazing how far you can take many of them. Pretty much any one of them has the potential to change your life. It all depends on how you apply them and whether or not you really want to master one of them. Sometimes we find one that we really fall in love with and we can’t get enough of it – this is really how big time Cloud Authority is typically obtained.

Explore Your Interests   

In just a few years – someone can become the ultimate guru in any one of these authority arenas. Or better yet, sometimes a person will go and invent a brand new authority of their very own. How could you not become the ultimate guru in such a case?

For this reason, it is recommended that you fully pursue the online authority sources that you really love. Now start brainstorming some ways that you could modify the standard and traditional uses of this method. See if you can make it better, make it more effective, and make it work much faster with better results. You will now own this new method.

After you have done this, then begin making plans to market this new way of applying online authority. Examine ways to recruit an army of affiliate marketers. Create affiliate marketing tools to help them succeed and reach their marketing goals. Offer them bonuses for remarkable marketing feats. Give them rewards on social media channels. Let others know how proud and grateful you are for their amazing efforts. Let yourself experience great joy and abundance as you help other marketers.

When this is achieved – pat yourself on the back, because you will deserve very much. Recognize that you have reached the pinnacle of online marketing. You have become a master of Cloud Authority.

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