Blogging Tips for Beginners

So you have decided to give it go on your very own blog, huh? Of course the first thing you are going to need is very helpful and informative list of blogging tips for beginners.

If you are like me, it seems that when you embark on a new Google quest in trying to find information for something you are new at, there is a plethora of info for people at the intermediate level, but not very much all for those who are at the easy or advanced levels. The reason for this is that more people exist at the medium levels for pretty much everything. This is why we are writing post on blogging tips especially for beginners – so let’s get started.

Write About Sustainable Blogging Topics

When we talk about blogging topics that are sustainable, there are actually three different elements of sustainable. The very first sustainable element pertains to your interest in the topic. Unless you have a great interest in the topic you select, you will get very tired of writing about it. Trust me on this, I have tried to blog about “profitable niches” that later bored me to tears. So after a while, I simply stopped.

You have to realize that you will need to add content frequently and regularly. As far as how regular, that depends on who you ask. Personally, I think you should create at least 4-5 new blog posts every week. You want the bots from the major search engines camping out on your blog’s doorstep waiting for the next piece of content – and posting daily is the way to get them there.

The second element of sustainable is whether or not there is enough content available about your topic to sustain posting daily to your blog. Let’s face us, some topics are very limited. Of course, this can also depend on how broad your topic is. For instance, you could write about different golf balls – which would be very limited – or you could write about golf, which is very broad. The best approach is to start broad and narrow it later. It is a little hard to do the other way around.

The third element of sustainable is the marketing and monetization element. Most people who start blogs would like to eventually start earning money from it. Thus, your topic needs to be easily monetized. Some people think that as long as there is plenty of content available out there for your topic (ie – the second element of sustainable),kaufen cialis generika that it will be easily monetized. This is a false assumption. For instance, it is hard to make a decent profit from writing about current news topics, there is plenty of it to write about, but it is very hard to make any profit from news events.

Write About Something You Are Very Knowledgeable About   

In most cases, the things you are knowledgeable about are where your gift lies. You obviously have an interest in it – otherwise, you wouldn’t be knowledgeable about it in the first. And most likely this would be a topic that you can break down easily in to several subtopics – more on this later.

One of the most important things about the topic you choose to blog about is that you stay current and up to date on the field or market. You must know who the major players are and what they are talking about. As you create and structure your blog posts, you need to reference the big players and link to their posts.

One of the most important of these blogging tips for beginners is to find ways for your readers to look upon you as an authority in your topic. One of the quickest ways to do this is by demonstrating a high level of knowledge in a given topic.

Extend the Online Presence of your Blog into Social Media

Most people today call this branding, but after you have picked a name for your blog, the first thing you need to do is create accounts on all the major social media sites using your new blog name. After you get a logo designed for your blog, then go back and post your new logo on all your social media accounts.

Your goals on social media is to follow the big players in your niche on there, post about new content on your blog, build your following, and engage with everyone. Next you will want to be aware of the major conversations that are taking place on social media about your niche. Ensure that you participate in these discussions – even a little bit. Doing so will increase your authority and gradually increase your status in the view of others.

A word of warning about social media – you can easily bury yourself in that world and spent all your time there. Do not fall into this trap. Limit your time spent there to no more than 30 minutes every day. There are free tools out there that can help you manage this. For instance, there are word press plugins that will automatically post update to your social media account every time you create a new post – without even logging into those accounts.

Break Your Blog’s Topic into Sub-Topics

If your topic does not have subtopics, then I suggest you change your topic. The beauty about subtopics is they make you focus whenever you create a new blog post. The golden rule about content is that general topics will get more traffic, but less conversions or sales. Specific topics get far less traffic, but much more conversions and sales.

As we list these blogging tips for beginners, we have to point out that most beginning bloggers want to stay general because they want more traffic. This is a common mistake made by newbies. The fact is that specific content will get fewer visitors, but those visitors are much more serious about the content. They will respond to any call to action that you offer them.

Think of it this way. Suppose you write an article about the housing marketing in general and how to go about getting a home loan. And then at the end of the article you offer readers a chance to buy your guide on “How to Buy an Apartment in Downtown New York”.

Now what if you instead wrote an article about living in downtown New York and what other apartment owners have to say about living there. And you offer these readers a chance to buy your guide. Do you think this article would sell more of your guides? Yes, it would. But there’s another important point here.

Whenever people who are looking to buy apartments in New York begin their Google search, what kinds of search terms will they use? Very specific ones – none of which will have anything to do with your first article about the housing market in general. So it is very unlikely they will even find your guide – even though it is something they need. This is why it pays to be specific.

Your new blog should have about 4-5 subtopics (or categories). From this point, you can be even more specific within each subtopic.


As you can see, starting a new blog does require some thought. But if you follow these blogging tips for beginners, then you should do just fine.

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