9 internet business ideas that can make a great living

In this day and age, many of us have been inspired to making our living in unique ways – such as on the internet. This is why we decided to share with you 9 internet business ideas that can make a great living.

Incredible Opportunity Online

Admit it, many of you have thought about starting an online business of some sort. And there is good reason for doing that actually. Each year, there are over $2 trillion dollars exchanged on the internet, and this is not from trading in the markets either. Obviously, doing business online provides great opportunity.

And the flip side of this is that there is great competition too. However, many veteran online marketers are quick to point out that competition is a good thing, as it means there is demand. We certainly considered this as we examined dozens of interest business ideas for this article.

According to many marketers, the ideal approach is to find a unique wrinkle or sub-niche within a very popular market. This allows you to take advantage of the existing demand, but you have “split the herd” so to speak, and cordoned off a market segment that you have a better chance to dominate. And by the time others have found your little slice of the market, you are already too strong to be overtaken.

9 Internet business Ideas

Here are the 9 internet business ideas that we feel offer ample opportunity in the near future. As which one a person should focus on really depends on personal preference. As with any business endeavor, each requires effort and commitment to succeed. But unlike traditional businesses, startup costs are much lower.

Blog Content Leveraging

blog content leveragingIf you are fairly good at writing and can write about a variety of topics, then this is probably a good online business for you. The only expense is registering a domain, buying hosting for that domain, and then perhaps some fees for some quality niche and keyword research.

Realistically, the total cost for starting your first blog should be less than $30 max. The real cost will be in your time and energy writing content. The key to making blog content leveraging a success is picking the right keywords to target because you need to rank high in Google for your target keywords. This is why it is a good idea to hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you.

High rankings bring lots of traffic – and once you get lots of traffic, you can start selling advertising on your blog. In fact, even Google will buy ads from you in a program called Adsense. You have to be really patient and give your content time to gain rankings. But when you do, your blog could earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars every month – and then you could build another one.

Online Advertising Management

Online Advertising ManagementIn case you are unaware, advertising on the social media platforms has been red hot in recent years. The reason for this is the fact that these social media sites now have the power to deliver advertising to the exact customer demographic that their clients choose. This is a far cry of the shotgun advertising approach that was pretty much the only method available – just a decade or so ago.

Of course, learning to use and to setup advertising like this that really works is another question altogether. This is where you come in. If you are good with setting up advertising campaigns and more importantly, getting results from those campaigns, then your services will be very valuable.

The fact is there are lots of companies out there who want to focus on what they offer to their clients. They don’t have the time to setup and test advertising campaigns – they would rather pay someone who knows how to do it. They are hundreds and hundreds of people who are making a living doing this one thing for clients.

Start-up costs for offering this service really depends on you. It is very possible to use your social media channels to find clients – which would be free!

SEO Services

In case you didn’t know, SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. Remember earlier when we talked about blog content leveraging and we talked about getting our content ranked in the search engines? This is what an SEO specialist would do for you.

They would find keywords within your market or niche that would be easier to rank for. And then they would guide you in structuring your blog or website so that it is more ‘search engine friendly’. And they would make sure your content is optimized to rank for the keywords it is targeting.

Then they like find effective and efficient ways to set up your social media profiles to promote your blog. And then there’s the task of building backlinks to your site in order to boost the popularity of your site – which will also boost its rankings.

The SEO specialist’s entire goal is to get you ranked high in the search engines. They know how to do it and what it takes. And those who are good at it earn lots of money. This may be the highest paying of all of these internet business ideas.

Content Writing

Going back to whether or not you are pretty good at writing, this is also another way to earn money online. You have to be able to write in a large variety of topics, and it is also good to understand the many format of online content – such as how to properly target a keyword and managing keyword densities in your content. SEO specialists and Bloggers will probably be hiring you to write their content.

However, writing content for blogs is just the beginning of things you can write online. There is huge demand for social media content. Everyone is post on their social media accounts. There are press releases and also the distribution of press releases – these services can cost as most as $150 or more on sites like Fiverr. And then there’s also creative writing. Many people are looking for good ghost writers.

Social Media Manager

social media managerHere is a function that is in huge demand today, and that is people who can manage social media for businesses and companies, or even individuals. If you have ever spent any time at all on a social media platform, then you already know how much time it takes.

Experts say that you must engage with your social media audience in order to promote your brand on a given platform. However, this usually means spending an hour or two every single day to get the kind of traction your business needs.

Now factor in the fact that there are four or five major social media platforms out there that have huge numbers of potential clients. It is literally impossible to engage with your audience on every platform properly – you really need some help to do this. This is what a social media manager will do for you.

A social media manager ensures that their client’s social media sites are leveraged to maximize their presence. They will also post out the proper content, ensure that engagement is taking place, and they will grow audiences as well. This is probably one of the most popular internet business ideas out there.


Here’s another online idea with writers. If you haven’t noticed, self-publishing has gone off the charts thanks primarily to Amazon and Kindle. If you ever had the design to write a book and get it published – now you can!

Many people out there have gotten very skilled at watching how different Kindle books are selling on Amazon, and then cranking out books in that hot selling niche. This includes both fiction and non-fiction. The great thing about today is that you don’t need to beg a publisher to publish your book – you can do it yourself!

All that is required is opening up a KDP account on Amazon – which is free – and then writing your book. Once your book is finished, you just need to format it properly before uploading it to Amazon. They provide very easy guidance. And then finally, you’ll need a cover – you can get someone to create one for you or you can use Amazon’s free tool to create on yourself.

Upload everything to Amazon and after about 12 hours or so, you are published! You only have to promote the link to the Amazon page that contains your book. There are some people out there who publish, but do not write at all. They hire ghost writers!

Flipping Websites

If you consider yourself somewhat of a ‘wheeler and dealer’, then this might be something you would be like doing. There are thousands of people out there who view blogs and websites as pieces of online real estate. Every single site is worth something to them and has a price tag as far as they are concerned.

There are two basic ways to approach flipping websites. The first approach is where you register a domain in a niche that is very popular. You then build a new website on that domain. You get your new blog designed and get a high quality logo and establish an attractive brand around that new blog.

You then about ten or so pieces of well written unique content posted on that new blog with quality images. You then create social media accounts for that new blog to further promote that brand. You then build a few powerful backlinks to the site to get start getting the search engines interested. Now you put that site up for sale and price it to sell right away.

The other way to approach flipping websites requires ample experience. This is where you have a keen understanding of the values of websites. You spend your days looking for underpriced websites to buy and flip for a profit. Just like with real estate, sometimes all a website needs is a fix-up – better design, new logo, more content, etc.

Membership Sites

One website format that has actually been around for a long time is the membership site format. If you happen to have a lot of very valuable content that people would really love to have, then this format would probably work well for you.

The way this works is people pay a fee and then you give them access to the content of your site. The fee can either be a one-time fee, it could be an annual fee, or it could be a monthly fee. Of course, you have to realize that in order to charge clients any fees beyond their first one, you must provide future content on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, they will not stick around and pay anymore fees.

There are lots of people out there who run membership sites for monthly fees and have done quite well. The nice thing about this model is that it generates recurring monthly income – which is very desirable. It is always nice to find internet business ideas that can create recurring income like this.

Creating Code

If you have a coding background, then they are several options for you to use that skill. The first of those are apps. The app business is trending in a big way right now. If you can create apps that are robust, you could probably write your own ticket.

Another use for coding is creating online software and bots. People who run online businesses are doing all kinds of mindless repetitive tasks – if you can create software that can perform some of those mundane tasks for them, and will do it well, then you can make all kinds of money. One of those tasks is managing their social media.

One other potential use for your coding skills is WordPress. The WordPress platform for bloggers is extremely popular, you could take advantage of this by designing new WordPress themes that can do new things for bloggers. Also, you can create new plugins to use on WordPress themes – the possibilities are endless. Guess what? You could offer a membership sites for all of your software!

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Hopefully, you have found something interesting among these 9 internet business ideas. Of course, these are just a drop in the bucket as to what you could do online. Perhaps you could even combine two or more of these internet business ideas and come up with something new to the marketplace.

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