5 Social Media Ideas that Rock

Are you interested in 5 social media ideas that could help boost your social media game? Then you have come to the right place.

When it comes to increasing your cred online and enhancing your online image, you need to have a social media plan that stands above the rest. This is not to say you are not already posting some great stuff, it’s just a lot harder nowadays to make any noise when there’s millions and millions of other people trying to do the same thing. You have to admit, that’s some serious competition!

So let us look at some social media ideas that might help your posts gain some more traction. When you need to do is try to come up with 2-3 of these each week. It will increase your odds of finding something very popular that could go semi-viral for you.

5 Social Media Ideas

It would be ideal if you could create or share some of these every single week:

Funniest Video

Find some cool video channels and scan a few buzz sites every day as early as you can. See if you can be one of the first to discover the funniest videos of the day. When you do, blast them over your social media accounts and see if they catch fire. Remember, all it takes is one to become hot and get shared thousands of times.

One approach is taking advantage of your time zone. If you live in the United States, then you could look for videos coming the UK and Europe. If you live on the West Coast, then look for East Coast videos. You just have to do this early in the day.

Coolest Picture

Here’s something that is nice as well. Finding an awesome image to share with your social media audience. Often times, it depends on your niche. If you are into a pet niche, then baby animals are always in demand.

A popular approach among these social media ideas is to create some cool images yourself – if you are fairly skilled with using Photoshop. And if you are really good, then you can probably create one of these several times a week and gets lots of traffic and followers.

Neatest Quote   

Everyone like a cool quote – sometimes it is a matter of just getting it out there where they can read them. Putting them over a nice photo that illustrates the overall mood is a nice touch as well.

Most Interesting Story

In our world, we can just about always find a story that is very moving and bizarre. People are often really attracted to these. It’s like driving by a car wreck – you just have to look. There are some sites who specialize in these kinds of stories.

Most Intriguing Question

Anytime you want interaction from your social media audience, ask them a question. And don’t necessarily ask them a yes or no question to make them interact with you. Sometimes you can get away with saying “like if you agree and retweet if you disagree” or something like that.

One Last Bonus Idea

Since we are on a roll with these social media ideas, let us look at one more. When you find a post that has done well in the past and it is an evergreen post, then post it again. I always try to repost my older posts that performed the best. Doing this allows you to get the most mileage out of your content.

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