5 Awesome Social Media Marketing Methods

Thank goodness that there is no lack of social media marketing methods to market your brand online, but only a few of them are very efficient. As an online marketer, you only have a limited quantity of hours during the day and a limited supply of cash to work with, and of course, there is the pressure of finding the best way to spend that money.

Every marketer is seeking out social media methods that are both efficient and effective. And while effectiveness could be defined in any number of ways, the more important term would be efficiency. We could ask ourselves just how effective a certain method is in comparison to the efforts needed to carry out the that method.

5 Social Marketing Methods

These 5 awesome social media marketing methods can provide an adequate amount of leverage and provide some of best impact and for minimal investment.

1) Content distribution

Most online marketers are already executing a social media content marketing strategy. If you are not, then you must start right away as this is one of the most powerful ways to use social media.

Anytime you post new content, you should immediately use all of your social media channels to circulate that content to the public – as a minimum. This does several things for your overall brand. For starters, you will attract more interest to your content, you will get much more visibility, it will solicit more customer loyalty, and these things collectively will enhance the SEO of your blog or website. And it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

2) Content re-distribution

While posting your content is one good thing, you also pays to re-post your content on a periodic basis. This is especially true for that content that drew the most engagement. You only need to ensure that only your “evergreen” posts gets re-posted.

This keeps your social media accounts updates and maximizes the long-term value of every single piece of evergreen content you create. You just need to space them out so your posts do not become old and stale.

3) Engagement

Engagement and discussion will attract more followers to your social media accounts for the long term. Each new discussion in someone’s newsfeed will give new users a chance to become involved, and familiar users will drive the discussion and make it interesting – as they consider themselves to be the biggest influencers in your community, which will drive more traffic to your sites.

4) Influencer marketing

There is nothing more powerful than influencer marketing on social media. Even though there’s several potential tactics here, all of them have the same basic mechanism. You will be able to engage an influencer sometimes in some way. When this happens, you must find a way to tap into their current levels of visibility, and gain a stronger reputation for your brand.

5) Contests

Contests are among the most effective methods you can use as that old promise for a reward or prize will often lead to a higher level of engagement. Therefore, people are much more likely to share your content and give it much more visibility. Remember that the cash you end up paying for that prize will usually be much lower when you consider the visibility and reputation benefits you’ll get.

Among all the social media methods that you could use, the strategies listed above will offer you some of the highest returns for your monetary and time investments.

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