3 Major Benefits of Video Marketing

3 major benefits of video marketingIf you are an online marketer or if you run a traditional business, then you should be harvesting the power of videos. In fact there are 3 major benefits of video marketing that anyone with a product, service, or even a cause could put to use online right away.

Video Marketing is King

It is quite amazing how video has taken the Internet by storm and for good reason. People love to watch them. And if you have been paying attention to YouTube these days, there are thousands of monster channels that are getting literally millions of views every month.

These massive YouTube channels are earning an outrageous living online with their videos. If this isn’t evidence enough that videos are not powerful agents of marketing, then you need to look again at what is happening with video.

3 Major Benefits of Video Marketing

Okay let us examine specifically about video that makes it so special. Actually, we could go on and on about the major benefits of video marketing, but I narrowed it down to three (3) basic advantages that online marketers get from their videos.

1) Video Engages More Human Senses

Whenever we humans consume new information and data, there is rate at which that new information is forgotten – and also a percentage that we remember. These rates are very dependent on how we have received that information.

Someone may tell us about the information in a presentation or conversation. Or we might read about it in an article or publication. The rates will differ between these two methods.

However, studies have shown that the more senses we engage in our learning, the most likely we are to remember what we have learned. This is huge benefit of video marketing. It allows us to utilize more human senses.

Not only that, we can use our images and messaging to create emotions and feelings in our viewers. We can even establish rapport with them. These feelings that our viewers experience while watching our videos greatly increase the chance of them responding favorably to our specific calls to action.

2) Video Massively Extends your Online Market

As online marketers and businesses, many of us spend lots of time and money trying to improve the rankings of our blogs and webpages. We go to great lengths to get our target keywords and phrases as far up the search engine ranking as we possibly can. For lots of us, our rankings represent the lifeblood of our businesses.

However, when create and publish videos, you are entering into another powerful search engine. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And unless you create videos, your business is not getting any traffic from YouTube.

This is an incredible advantage for video marketing. Not only can your video get ranked in Google, it can also get ranked in YouTube as well. This is why video channels get so popular and get so many views – they are getting traffic from the two biggest search engines on the planet.

3) Videos are both Compatible and Loved by Social Media Channels

As if the first two (2) major benefits of video marketing weren’t enough, videos are also embraced by the major social media networks. This means that a great video which people liked is going to get shared in a big way.

If you are an innovative video creator and can crank a few of them out every single week, then you only need one video to just go partially viral every few months. This would be enough to earn you a great living from here on out.


Now that you have learned the three (3) major benefits of video marketing, you should start getting your business out there and published on YouTube. Even if you do not have the means to create them at the moment, you should create a channel anyway and get someone on Fiverr to make a few videos for you. Posting one every few months will help you at least get some new traffic to your blog or website.



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