3 Effective SEO Techniques that Will Stand the Test of Time

In order to maintain our current search engine optimization rankings, we need to keep abreast of the latest SEO techniques. In fact, doing so is necessary and vital to our overall success online.

Those of us that have been involved in performing various search engine optimization techniques over the last decade or so might feel a little hesitant from our past experiences.

Remember those days when we used to exchange reciprocal links with other webmasters? And then after that, we used submit article after article to all those thousands of articles directories? And before we knew it, these methods were dead.

Staying Current of the Most Effective SEO Techniques

Over time, we realize that we need to devote our efforts exclusively to those SEO methods that can stand the test of time. This has become one of the most reliable of SEO fundamentals. It does not matter which SEO niches or markets that we seek to rank for, our methods need to be strong and robust.

Obviously, we must emulate the SEO techniques that the most successful marketers are currently doing. And it is important to stress that these need to be the marketers who have enjoyed success for several years – and not the ones who are succeeding today and are gone tomorrow. There are some Koupit glucophage xr out there who have learned to be a SEO profiler, yet they do not know what it takes to remain on top.

3 SEO Methods that will always Be Around

Keep Your Content Updated

One of the most reliable and best SEO techniques out there is keeping your online content updated. If you enter most any search term in a major search engine, you will notice that most of the results come from websites with current content.

The links at the top are almost always no more than a few years old. This is a huge clue for those of us who want to maintain our current SERPS or are striving to improve our existing rankings.

The good news is that there are several things we can do to update our current content. Let us examine some of the best ways to update SEO stories and posts.

Ensure that the content is still relevant

If your content is no longer relevant or addresses current issues, then no one will read the content or visit your site – regardless of how well it is written. Our content must have a strong purpose to entire readers. It needs to either solve problems or entertain our readers. Content that is dated does not accomplish either of those goals.

Thus, you must ensure that your post can still serve the same purpose that it was originally intended to fulfill. If it doesn’t, then no one will click on your link and read your post.

Ensure that your links are still in place

Whenever we post content on our blogs and websites, we must link out to other pages to share and obtain popularity and authority. We not only need to link to other pages on our own sites in order to spread link juice around, we also need to link to other sites within our market that have high authority.

We must ensure that we are not linking to low ranking, low authority sites. In addition, we need to ensure that none of our links are broken and that the sites we are linking to are still as authoritative as they were. Also, you need to ensure that the authority site is still current as well. Otherwise, you should link to another authority site.   

Here Are Some BONUS SEO Methods  

Add more words

In order to increase and enhance the SEO methods you used in the past to obtain your existing SERPS, updating your blog posts is the optimal way to go about achieving that. The quickest way to freshen up your existing content is to add more verbiage to your older posts.

If you are not sure how many words to add, then you should check out the other pages that are ranking for your given search terms. Find out how many words the other ranking websites have used. Also, you need to find out the existing keyword densities with those webpages. Now all you need to do is exceed what the others have done.

Add new images or videos

A very quick SEO technique you can use to freshen up the content on your website is by adding new media. Find some new photos or a new video to add to your existing blog post. Use new LSI keywords as an alternative label on your new media.

One very effective way to accomplish this goal is to add a powerful new infographic. You could then post this new media on your social media channels to increase the authority and popularity of your blog post.

Ensure your site loads as quickly as possible

One of the SEO factors that have become very important in a subtle way over the years is the speed at which our website loads. You have to understand that if your website loads quickly, you do not get more consideration from the search engines. It’s actually the opposite of that. A slow website will get punished in the rankings.

Therefore, it is important that you understand how well your website loads for its viewers. The tool I like to use to assess the loading speeds of my blogs and websites is GTMetrix. It is a free tool that will give you a grade on how well your site loads. It will also give you lots of suggestions as to how you can fix loading problems with your blog or site.

One of the most basic ways to enhance the speed of your WordPress blog is by using certain free plugins that help your blog operate more quickly and efficiently. Let us examine a few of those plugins:

W3 Total Cache – This is a great plugin that will enable caching (and minifying) on your blog which will enhance its loading performance. Whenever visitors come back to your blog, various parts of your website will have been saved on their local browser to allow your site to load faster.

WP – This plugin reduces the size of images on your site which facilitates their loading and displaying.

WP Optimize – This plugin streamlines your entire WordPress blog. It removes needless post revisions, drafts, and other things that slow down your blog’s loading speeds.

Stay Visible on Authority Sites in your Niche

Here is one of the best SEO techniques around and will always be relevant in the future. The first step here is to identity all the authority sites and the influential people in your market or niche.

The second step is to go to their blogs, websites, and social media accounts and become a regular contributor. You have to make intelligent and credible comments on those sites. Do not spam them – give them you best efforts. Educate yourself in your market and share quality information on these authority sites.

The third step is to write a few great high quality articles (or pay someone to write them). Now look for one of these sites to let you place a quest post on one of their blogs. This will take some time and effort, and you will most likely get some rejection in the beginning. But keep trying because once you break through, you will get more and more opportunities.

What happens over time is that when you are seen commenting and taking part in popular conversations with influential people and on authoritative sites, then you slowly become seen as an authority yourself. It will always work if you persevere.


If you carry out these 3 SEO techniques consistently, then you will enjoy powerful search engine rankings for many years into the future.   

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