3 Blog SEO Tips That Pay Off Big

As we bloggers create consumable content for our reader, it is very helpful to learn new and effective blog SEO tips that will enhance our search engine rankings. The good news is that we can develop effective new habits and processes will keep our content relevant for our targeted audience.

Many of these new blogging SEO tips are very straightforward and easy to implement. Therefore, we should strive to employ them whenever we create exciting new posts for a blogs. SEO blog writing is something that all of us can begin doing more effectively.

SEO Tips for Bloggers

Strategically Focus on 1-2 Keywords

The first of these basic blog SEO tips is to focus on the right keyword for your new blog post. A great approach is to find a solid keyword phrase or two that is competitive and then convert it into a long tail keyword. For instance, you might take the phrase “content writing” and target “using content writing strategically in your blog posts”.

This gives you both short term and long term possibilities in terms of rankings and future traffic. You should be able to rank for your long tail keyword very quickly, and then possible rank for the competitive keyword in the future.

Understand the Intent of your Keyword

You always need to conduct an online search for your target keyword(s) – not the long tail version of your keyword phrase; you want to assess the base version of your targeted phrase.

You need to do this for a few reasons. The first reason is that you need to find out more about the content you will be competing against. You want to know evaluate what the content from the search term is delivering to the audience. This tells you how the search engine interprets what people are searching for and what people are expecting to see.

Knowing this intent will tell you what issues need to be addressed in your content. Take note of the problems and issues that are being targeted. If your content will solve a terrible problem, then you should have no trouble getting traffic.

Evaluating your competition

You need to know all about the top ranking content and blog posts for your targeted keyword phrases. For starters, you must find out how many words exist in the top ranking content. This gives you an idea of how big your blog post needs to be.

Secondly, you need to know what the keyword densities are for the top ranking blog posts. This will also let you know what your keyword density needs to be. A good and solid SEO blog post should strive to write content that is just a little larger than the top ranking content – and it should have just a little bit higher keyword density as well (but not too much higher).

Discover other keywords that the top ranking content is ranking for

Sometimes this information is harder to get as you often need a service like Ahrefs. However, if you can find out what other organic keywords that top ranking content is currently ranking for, then you have a great battle plan for ranking your new content.

These additional keywords will tell which secondary key phrases to target and use in your content. These phrases are also ideal for things like anchor text from backlinks, alt text for images, and so forth. At the very least, you should sprinkle them liberally throughout your blog post.


The great thing about these blog SEO tips is that you have direct control over all of them. This means that you can start putting them to use immediately. Good luck in your SEO strategies and methods.  

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