Why Not Up Your Twitter Game?

If you’ve been blowing off your Twitter engagement and hoping for the best, then shame on you. Maybe you should build your Twitter network or something bold. Of course, your competitors are probably happy that you’ve take a hiatus from the Tweet community. Twitter is the kind of platform that many people seem to not be using properly.

One way to understand how to better use the Twitter world is to look at the cool tools available. These can serve to guide in directions you may  not otherwise find. Check out this post:


social-media-managementJust like in search engine optimization, in Twitter marketing, you have to use specific tools. There are lots of Twitter tools just like SEO tools. However, many of them have common features and tools. But a few of them only have unique features. That’s why they stand out from other Twitter tools online.

I am a huge fan of social media management. Are you? Well, when it comes to the point of best twitter account management tools, we can’t forget Hootsuite. Already more than 10 million Twitter power users use of Hootsuite to manage their accounts. I have been using Hootsuite since 2012, so I can recommend that this tool is a must-have twitter tool in 2016 and beyond. Here are a few features of Hootsuite.

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What I find is that many marketers out there simply do not engage enough with their audience. It’s almost as if they put out their content and then go away and hide. That’s really not a winning strategy for online marketers – especially on Twitter. This particular media was designed specifically for engagement – even some of the biggest celebrities use it that way – when they don’t really have to.


Just like with everything else, your Twitter engagement will improve with time and practice. Why not start today? I recommend you start using TweetDeck – if you are not already – it is a perfect tool to get you engage with your Twitter folks!

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