The True Purpose of Content Marketing

We are seeing the term ‘content marketing’ pop up more and more in discussions about online marketing and blogging in general. That term actually addresses much more than meets the eye.

Many people define content marketing as a conversation between a brand and their target audience. In my opinion, this is a very accurate description of what it is and how it relates to both those who create the content and those who consume the content.

However, content marketing is more than crafting landing pages and creating great blog posts. A great content strategy plan should encompass all elements of how you are interacting online with your target audience.

Primary Platform

Each online marketer has a primary platform from which they attract new customers and readers. In most cases, this is a blog or website – even if that entity only has a few pages.

There are lots of marketers out there who have a website which contains only a landing page and a sales page for their primary product. They use their landing page to collect email addresses and then build a relationship with their mailing list through email campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

The second biggest online presence for most marketers is through their social media channels. The most successful marketers have created an elaborate strategy for daily posting on their social media accounts.

It is very effective to use different types of media to connect with potential customers. We all know that different people prefer different forms of content. Some of us like videos, some of us like audio, other really prefer images or slideshows – therefore, smart online marketers are connecting with people in all of those mediums on social media.


Another huge subset of content marketing is search engine optimization or SEO. Marketers who are skilled in the art of SEO have learned how to drive massive traffic to their online entities by ranking for competitive high traffic keyword phrases. This allows them to attract lots of visitors through organic searches.

Grand Plan

One thing that most marketers do not address is a grand plan for their content overall. These marketers view content in terms of a series of articles or blog posts that prepare readers for the next post in a series. The overall series is intended to present an introductory piece of content to a person who has no knowledge about their brand, and guide them through a content series which leads them to a sales page. This type of strategy actually works quite well because it is specific and targeted.

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