The 7 Big Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Are you taking advantage of the big benefits of social media marketing? If not, I can guarantee you one thing, your competitors are most certainly using the power of social media. If you are self-employed and providing products or services to a customer base, then you must have a professional online image to succeed.

And by using the social tools of today, you are giving yourself a distinct advantage to compete regardless of your market. This is why you must embrace the benefits of social media marketing.

7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

So now let’s get down to it and take a look at these 7 benefits:

1) An Inexpensive Way To Build Your Brand. Business gurus today keep ranting and raving about the importance of building our brands. When you build your brand, you are actually bypassing the need for search engine rankings. The social media of today provides us a marvelous opportunity to do just that and we can do it for zero cost!

The very best approach to promoting your brand is to first create a unique name, design a slick logo, and craft a catchy slogan. Having done these three things, you can then blast them to hundreds of thousands of fans and followers in just a few seconds – thanks to the awesome power of social media.

online social media tools2) You Can Quickly Build a Huge Voice. In my opinion, this benefit is the biggest of the seven. For instance, I can go out and create 5-10 Twitter accounts and within 30 days, I can have a total of over 10,000 followers on those accounts. Now I have a sizable crowd that I can start sending links to my blog posts, to my products, or just building rapport with. So what if you also do this with Facebook? And with Google+? And with LinkedIn? And with Instagram? And with YouTube? Can you see the potential?

You can literally build effective social media strategies based on the size of the social audience you have built. The key here is to keep building that audience steadily. Before you know it, you’ll have over 100,000 friends, fans, and followers. And before long, you’ll have a million! Believe me, it’s awesome being able to send out one post or tweet and then getting hundreds of clicks instantly.

3) Quickest Way To Get A Message Out To Your Customers. This is a great example of using social media as a tool. Suppose you have a huge following that consists primarily of your customers. Let’s say that you have discovered a great new way to use a product that most of them already own. You can get this exciting new information out to them within seconds! In the old days, you would have to notify them by snail mail or even call them – both of which would cost money.

Many businesses are now using social media as a means of feedback and communication with their customers. Therefore, you can get opinions on new products or even new ideas instantly. Keep in mind that this is information that corporations are willing to pay big money for. Why? Because it’s extremely valuable. I ask you – what information is more valuable than when your own customers tell you exactly what they want? Amazing!!

You Can Build A Niche Specific Audience. Is this remarkable or what? If you have identified exactly who you are, and what types of customers you are serving, and you have crafted your social media profiles to indicate as such, then you will naturally attract a following of people interested in your niche. In the past, businesses would literally spend millions for such a mailing list. And you can build them for free on your social media accounts.

hidden benefits of social mediaIf you wanted a bigger number of social media followers, then all you have to do is post more content and participate more in online social networking. These activities will naturally build your niche audience. Just set aside 30-60 minutes every day for social interaction online.

You Can Test Your Copy Instantly. If you ever wanted the ability to test a new headline or text, then social media is a great way to do just that. This is one of the best ways to use social media for business. I consider this as one of the many hidden benefits of social media marketing.

This is particularly useful if you have a very large audience. You can craft headline 1 and send that out with a clickable link, and then later send out your headline 2 with a clickable link to the very same audience. In the past, you might have to wait weeks for the results of such a test. Thanks to the power of social media marketing, you can find out within minutes!

social media for business6) You Can Advertise to a Precise Audience. Now this benefit applies only to paid marketing, but many social platforms give you the option of selecting the gender, age range, location, education level, etc. of the audience who will see your ads. For instance, on Facebook you can select only the fans of specific fanpages that will see your ad.

Back in the old days, you purchased an ad in the newspaper, magazine, billboards, or even online and it was viewed by everybody. Now you can dictate who sees your ads. This is one of the most powerful social media tools available to marketers today.

7) Potential For Viral Messages. This is the one benefit that every online marketer dreams about – having their post or video go viral. Many of the lucky ones who have had this experience have watched their very lives change as a result. This exemplifies the awesome power of the internet.

The thing is that no one can predict when a video or post will go viral, but it’s a good idea to put up content occasionally that would appeal to a very large audience. If you can share stories that are funny and appeals to any strong human emotion, then it has viral potential in my opinion. And if you have a video, you have an even better chance of viral activity.

Embracing The Benefits of Social Networking

As you can see, social media is something that can enhance and promote any business or activity. Do not ignore this medium in today’s marketing environment. If you feel that you lack the technological savvy to pull this off, then you must find someone who can help get you up to speed. The benefits of social media marketing must be embraced at all costs.

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