Traffic Bots Review – Who Would’ve Predicted This?

traffic bots reviewWhen I started preparing for this Traffic Bots Review, I have to admit that I had already put on my cynical game face. You know – the kind where you pretty much have decided to slam or belittle something before you have really given it any kind of chance.

Tired of Outrageous Claims from Online Marketers?

And when it comes to trying out tools or claims about anything that pertains to making money from internet marketing, we learn to energize our BS meter right away.

This is because we have heard it all, right?

How many times have we been told about the software we can buy for $47? And all we need to do is crank it up and that we will start earning $1 million every month for the rest of our lives.

Have you heard those claims?

If such a piece of software could really do all that, then why would anyone sell it? Secondly, why would they sell it for only $47?

Such claims make no sense, do they?

Okay …. That’s enough complaining from me. Let us get on to the Traffic Bots Review.

My Traffic Bots Review

The Traffic Bots system caught my eye because I love bots and use several of them to do various daily tasks for me. These tasks would take me hours to do myself, so my bots free my time to do other things.

This is why I bought the Traffic Bots system and why I am reviewing it now. I felt that many of you would benefit from my experience with the system.

You Get 10 Different Bots

As I read about the program, I was very interested by the fact that Traffic Bots actually comes with TEN (10) DIFFERENT BOTS. I figured that I could find use for at least a couple of them.

His big claim is that these bots would generate free traffic to my blogs and websites. And on top of that, other bots would help close sales for you.

Maybe it’s personal thing for me, but I LOVE TRAFFIC BOTS!! I have several different that I have been using for years. Some of them I have bought, and some of them I have built.

But I have to stress in this Traffic Bots Review, these bots require no technical expertise. Anyone could use them – even your Grandmother could fire up these babies!!

So after getting these bots, I began learning about them one by one. And I became AMAZED to say the least.

I was impressed by the well thought out scheme of creating these ten (10) specific Traffic Bots. The thing is that each of them has a very useful function.

As to which of the robots you would use depends on your online marketing style and needs.

What Some of these Bots Can Do

traffic bots honest reviewFor instance, one of the bots is dedicated to finding traffic from across the world and in different states. They call this one the “Geobot”. It can find winning keywords for you from all over the world.

A lot of marketers seem to really like the “Niche Money Bot” which is one that is already pre-loaded with 100 profitable niches from affiliate sites like JVZoo, ClickBank, Amazon, and even some eCommerce products. With this bot you can quickly launch campaigns right out of the box.

Another popular bot is the “Domainaveli” which helps you find premium domain names at great prices. Obviously, this one is perfect for those of you who have an interest in flipping domains and websites.

Been Wanting to Create Videos??

And there is even a bot for those people who struggle with creating their own videos. The “Image2Video” bot allows you to create videos quickly and upload them to YouTube.

I know there are many of you out there who have wanted to get into the video game. You either don’t have the software or equipment, or maybe you are too shy to speak on camera – here’s your chance to get around all that.

The good news is that there is yet another bot that will help you create beautiful videos. It is appropriately called the “AffiliateVideo Robot” and comes with gorgeous action graphics you can use along with voice overs for 100 affiliate programs.

My Favorite Bot

traffic bots scamMy personal favorite has to be the “Keyword Titan” which uncovers hundreds of profitable low competition keywords for you. I have found some big winners using this particular bot.

If you have been in the online marketing business and dealt with SEO, then you already understand the importance of finding winning keywords. Your keywords will make or break you every single time.

Keywords are the number one factor that determines your success or failure in online marketing.

One Important Note

The one thing that stuck out during this Traffic Bots Review was the structure of the bots themselves.

As I said earlier, I have used many bots over the years and even built a few of them myself. So I can easily say that these Traffic Bots are very well built. Each of them operates very smoothly and I had no problems with any of them.

Let me tell you, this is very important with bots and software in general. There are a lot of clowns out there who are creating software junk and shouldn’t even be selling bots – but they do unfortunately.

These bots DO NOT fall into that category. They are well made and operate quite well.

A MORE Important Note

This Traffic Bots Review would not be complete without my addressing this one issue.

When using these bots, you must do your part to succeed with them. Do not get the idea that you can crank out videos or find keywords with these bots, and then put them out into Internet land and walk away.

If this is your plan, then you should move on to the next shiny object because that plan never works.

Traffic Bots are merely tools for us to use. They perform one function and we must do the rest to succeed at online marketing.

For instance, after we create a nice video using one of these bots, we will then have to promote that video to make it successful for us.

If we find that great low competition, high traffic keyword, then it is up to us to create some high quality content using that keyword. And then we must promote that content.

So DO NOT buy these bots, use them without doing YOUR PART and then walk away claiming they don’t work. That is not fair to the creator of Traffic Bots.

Use Traffic Bots Properly

However, I DO urge you to give these bots a try. With so many of them in this package, you would surely find at least a couple of them that will become quite valuable to you.

The good thing is that there is no risk as this product comes with a Guarantee.

Use the link below to visit their site and to find out more.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this Traffic Bots Review and found it helpful 🙂

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