How Complete are your Social Media Strategies?

When crafting new social media strategies, is it really possible to create the perfect social post?

This does not seem possible at times because just when we feel like we’ve got the process nailed down, some social guru tells us that it is wrong. Does this mean we should stop listening to experts?

Maybe it’s better to evaluate what is working for your blog and for your audience. After all, no two of them are ever the same with the exact same interests and desires. I find that being both consistent and persistent is the best answer.

Social Media Consistency

To me, being consistent on social media means a couple of things.

The first is demonstrating a common brand across all of your social media channels. Your readers should see and recognize the same logo and color scheme on every single one of your channels.

You have to realize how hard it is to achieve online branding in the first place. It is quite foolish to put a ton of effort on your Fan page and even pay for some ads there to brand yourself, and then undo that branding with a crappy looking YouTube Channel.

These inconsistent social accounts will end up confusing your viewers and make them weary of your brand.

The second thing about consistency is having a consistent mission and tagline. Do not overlook these items because they are really important. If your missions contradict each other on two different social media channels, it also makes readers uneasy.

Social Media Persistence

Persistence with your social media strategies simply means that put out routine content to your readers. This is very important in building a readership because your audience needs to be able to count on you posting routinely.

Remember this, there are thousands of marketers out there in your niche that are always looking for RSS feeds from blogs that produce lots of routine content. They take these feeds and use them to load up their secondary blogs and Web 2.0 properties with content in their market.

Think about this. These are free back links from marketers in your niche that are located on Web 2.0 properties – that Google loves. This is only one of the many benefits from using social media strategies that creates persistent posts.


A 23 Step Social Media Marketing Checklist for 2019 [Infographic] year, the team from SEMrush published a helpful checklist for effective social media management, and they’ve updated the listing for 2019, adding in relevant, up-to-date information to help keep you on the right track. The listing breaks the essential tasks down into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly notes – check out the full infographic below for more detail. A 23 Step Social Media Marketing Checklist for 2019 [Infographic] | Social Media Today

The Ultimate Social Checklist: 7 Steps to Follow for Every Post help you make the most of each and every post you create, here is a 7-step checklist you can follow. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is important if you want to stay visible and relevant on social platforms. This is why we see companies in just about every industry taking advantage of popular weekly hashtags like #MotivationMonday or #ThrowbackThursday. The Ultimate Social Checklist: 7 Steps to Follow for Every Post



Why We Need Social Media Strategies

social media strategiesEver wondered why we even need social media strategies? If you truly desire to connect with your audience and find out exactly how they feel about your brand, then a social media strategy is certainly going to help. If you are attempting to alter public perceptions about your business, or want improve or enhance your customer service, then a social media strategy is going to really help.

Finding the Big Dogs

If you desire to discover who all the advocates and influencers are and you want to have them broadcast your message for you, then your social media strategies are what is going to identify all those primary figures in your niche and show you who to connect with. And as a sole individual, you will certainly want to be formulating strategies that will help you attain your networking goals.

When using social media strategies for your business, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to find out more from the people around you and learn new stuff from your social media network. When you use the proper social networks, you are often able to discover what you have been missing in your career.

Using Great Software

Many times, when you get to use social media software, you will be able to enjoy a boost in productivity while getting reductions in costs. Lots of companies spend huge amounts of money on various collaboration software, and then they fail to use these investments wisely. This is because there are still a lot of data being stored in very large storage area networks, which are basically dead data.

Without having the ability to search this data effectively within the company, and without any updates, or audit notifications and even user interaction, this mountain of data will age and becomes obsolete and then it will die. When there is no software to provide sensible collaboration and interaction in a secure fashion within companies, this data just rots on the vine.

There have been several articles and online discussions in regards to social media and social networking along with the many possible opportunities they could be bringing to companies. There are countless benefits for those corporations who choose to utilize this kind of communication. Certainly some social media strategies would be very useful.

One of the main rules of social media networking is that it is really about giving instead of receiving. You give to the greater quantity of knowledge when you submit your perspective, advice, know-how, or links to combine with other streams of knowledge. And there’s all kinds of ways that someone could share this knowledge. There are just too many available tools in the social media arena. Among these are blogs, moblogs, tagging, wikis, bookmarking, tweets, podcasts, vlogs, videoblogging, video sharing, and even virtual worlds.

There are actually many steps to ponder if you want to be successful with your social networking. And these steps are not intended to be used independently in order to experience success with them.

Digital engagement is what will let us collectively solve specific problems, connect with our customers, listen to their feedback, and to recruit advocates to be brand evangelists. When you know all the challenges that you are hoping to overcome, it will help you to get your successful social media strategies on the path.