The True Purpose of Content Marketing

We are seeing the term ‘content marketing’ pop up more and more in discussions about online marketing and blogging in general. That term actually addresses much more than meets the eye.

Many people define content marketing as a conversation between a brand and their target audience. In my opinion, this is a very accurate description of what it is and how it relates to both those who create the content and those who consume the content.

However, content marketing is more than crafting landing pages and creating great blog posts. A great content strategy plan should encompass all elements of how you are interacting online with your target audience.

Primary Platform

Each online marketer has a primary platform from which they attract new customers and readers. In most cases, this is a blog or website – even if that entity only has a few pages.

There are lots of marketers out there who have a website which contains only a landing page and a sales page for their primary product. They use their landing page to collect email addresses and then build a relationship with their mailing list through email campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

The second biggest online presence for most marketers is through their social media channels. The most successful marketers have created an elaborate strategy for daily posting on their social media accounts.

It is very effective to use different types of media to connect with potential customers. We all know that different people prefer different forms of content. Some of us like videos, some of us like audio, other really prefer images or slideshows – therefore, smart online marketers are connecting with people in all of those mediums on social media.


Another huge subset of content marketing is search engine optimization or SEO. Marketers who are skilled in the art of SEO have learned how to drive massive traffic to their online entities by ranking for competitive high traffic keyword phrases. This allows them to attract lots of visitors through organic searches.

Grand Plan

One thing that most marketers do not address is a grand plan for their content overall. These marketers view content in terms of a series of articles or blog posts that prepare readers for the next post in a series. The overall series is intended to present an introductory piece of content to a person who has no knowledge about their brand, and guide them through a content series which leads them to a sales page. This type of strategy actually works quite well because it is specific and targeted.

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9 Compelling Reasons for Creating a Content Strategy Plan

How important is it for your online business to have a content strategy plan?

Consider these facts:

  • Small businesses that have blogs are getting 126% more customer leads than those who have no blogs.
  • Around 50% of all people from the ages of 19 to 49 are getting their information and news updates online, and these numbers keep growing year after year.
  • 61% of Americans purchase products after reading recommendations online or on a blog.
  • Online content marketing generates three times as many customers as traditional marketing and actually costs 62% less.
  • Businesses who publish at least 16 pieces of web content each month will get 3.5 times more traffic as those businesses who only publish four or less monthly blog posts.

This is why creating content is serious business.

It is also why you should start crafting a content strategy plan.

In this article, I have listed 9 compelling reasons for creating a comprehensive content marketing plan for your business:

Content is Your Most Valuable Online Asset

content planningYou should consider all of your online content as the most valuable possession of your online business. A good piece of content will work for you for many years into the future, so you should treat you pages and blog posts as the valuable assets that they are.

The good news is that you can use many types of content to promote your business. Each page and blog post is an additional piece of Internet real estate that you can add to your content management holdings.

Even if you are a traditional brick and mortar business with an online presence – your web content is just as important to your business as well.

Don’t believe me? Look at your competitors and see what kind of content marketing strategies they are using right now.

There are several businesses today that are hiring content strategists to help them with managing content and creating content management systems.

9 Powerful Reasons Why a Content Strategy is So Important

What we have to realize about creating content for the web is how competitive the online environment has become.

It used to be that online marketers could craft some decent blog posts for a general audience by targeting some popular keywords within their niche. Then they could just sit back and wait for the traffic to start flowing in a few weeks.

Today’s web content has to be approached differently. We simply cannot use the same marketing activities and expect our results to change. Our topics need to be more specific and be targeted for a specific audience.

Secondly, you must think about the long term performance of your articles. This means your content needs to clearly define the buyer journey and you must think about the overall user experience of anyone that interacts with the various online channels associated with your brand.

Finally, you should understand that you experience more returns and rewards from publishing content that is evergreen.

Let us now examine those 9 reasons why content strategies are critical to your business:

(1) Undeniable Proof that Web Content is Here to Stay

All the marketing trends about content indicate that it will be around for a long time.

If you are not convinced that content creation is your most vital business task, then examine these hard facts that will influence the future of creating content:

  • 50% of all Millennials will research products online before they make a purchase.
  • 73% of all Generation Z make purchases based on recommendations they read online.
  • 90% of all Generation Z goes on the Internet several times daily.
  • 97% (almost all) Millennials say they use the Internet daily.

These facts indicate that the up and coming generations are consuming content at an amazing pace, and their conversion rates are also supporting this trend.

This is why the way you are currently managing content will have a massive effect on the future bottom line of your business.

2) Content marketing strategies re-enforces your purpose

There’s a popular statement regarding how we write our content that says, “What we write is nowhere near as important as why we write it.”

If you haven’t defined your why, then how can you ever determine where you are going or who you are serving?

While many of us may have done a very good job of crafting our why statement in the beginning, we tend to gradually drift away from that path over time.

We get seduced by a great new article we just read or get the urge to jump on the latest trend that is getting tons of buzz. Perhaps we like these shiny topics so much that we make a stretch by offering them to our audience. And we know deep down that it is not something we should be doing.

The good news is when we have a solid content strategy plan that we review on a routine basis, we get the chance to re-calibrate our content marketing efforts.

This is how we set the stage for some effective content planning.

3) Content marketing strategies strengthen your brand

definition of content strategyOne of the most important facets of our content marketing efforts is to have every content channel of our business echoing the same message and purpose.

After we re-establish our purpose, every single one of our social media channels needs to reflect the same mission statement, the same logo, and a willingness to serve the same audience.

These types of marketing activities will give you an immediate advantage in many niches because most online businesses will not bother connecting the dots of their content management channels like this.

Never forget that potential clients will eventually lose trust in those businesses that have inconsistent mission statements from one social media channel to the next.

And it is a known fact that people must usually trust a business before they ever buy from them.

4) Content marketing strategies clearly define your audience

After you re-define your mission statement and your business goals, you can now define your audience. One successful marketing plan is to use your audience research to identify a specific buyer persona that represents the vast majority of your potential customers.

There are many content teams out there who publish content that is too broad. We have to realize that these types of content do not serve our target audiences in the end. Too many times, a content marketing program tries to satisfy the search engines more than their readers.

Creating content that is too broad is like a radio station that plays jazz, bluegrass, hard rock, and country music because they want to serve everyone – yet no one will listen to them because most of the time the station plays music they don’t like. Let that sink in for a moment.

5) Content marketing strategies provides business objectives for your content

Every time you create content, it should have a specific objective for a specific person. This is how focused your content marketing needs to be in today’s competitive blogging environment.

Let’s assume that you have a blog about drones. And through your mission statement and other methods, you have determined that your target audience is mostly men aged 30 to 55.

Not only do you create a blog post that appeals to that audience, it should also be tailored for a specific skill level from that audience, and where they exist in your marketing funnel.

For instance, are they advanced drone operators? Or are they just starting out with a new interest in drones?

Secondly, have they just discovered your blog? Or are they very aware of your blog and the services that you offer?

Notice that it doesn’t take a bunch of elaborate customer research for this. These same layers exist in every single market.

Each one of these conditions will need its own piece of quality content. You blog posts should be arranged in a way that allows for readers to move along in a natural progression. As they consume one piece of content, then direct them to the next one in order.

When your content has an objective, you gently move your customer deeper into your content marketing funnel. This is why you must have business objectives to begin with.

6) Content marketing strategies let you stand out from the noise

content strategy the philosophyThe biggest problem that online marketers face today is trying to get the attention of an audience who has become blind to all types of marketing.

People today are literally shell shocked from information overload. We live in a society where every single doorway that separates our private lives from the public is constantly jammed with advertising.

Our phones are full of unwanted calls and texts, our email boxes and our home mail boxes are full of spam, solicitors are constantly banging on our doors, and our TV shows keep showing us more and more commercials.

And when we are online, we have to put up with unwanted content like pop-ups and videos that do nothing but cause our PCs to freeze up.

Consider these two content marketing facts:

  • People from 1984 saw an average of 2000 ads per day, while people in 2014 were seeing an average of 5000 ads per day.
  • A PageFair report from 2017 reports that 615 million devices are now using Ad blockers

So when you create a new piece of content for your online audience, it has to be really special to stand out from the crowd. You must craft a killer headline that attracts attention.

When you have a content strategy plan, your content creation goals and business objectives have already targeted a specific group of people. And the good news is that these people are actively looking for your content because it addresses a need that they have.

Think back to a specific need or problem that you had. Didn’t you jump on the search engines looking for a solution? Didn’t you try one search terms after another seeking that solution? Of course you did – we all do.

And how did you feel when you finally found that blog post that took care of your pressing need? It was like that piece of content was created just for you.

This is how people should feel about your web content. Your content planning activities can make this happen.

This is what makes you stand out from the noise.

7) Content market strategies increases your productivity

When creating a content strategy plan, it allows you to be much more productive. When you get very clear about your mission statement, and you know where you are going, the next logical task is identifying the steps needed to reach your content creation goals.

Many successful online marketers like to use some sort of an editorial calendar to plan out when to create various pieces of content for the web. After defining all the content they need to generate, they simply assign dates to each of them.

There is a free WordPress plug-in called the Editorial Calendar which lets you view your blog posts in a calendar format for content planning purposes. How cool is that?

The format you use to plan your blog posts is not important. What’s important is that you create a content creation plan and get it written down somewhere – other than in your head.

Writing down tasks and planning them gives them a better chance of being accomplished.

A recent study by a psychology professor at Dominican University in California discovered that people were 42% more likely to achieve goals that were written down than those that were not written down.

8) Content marketing strategies provide more customer engagement

If you have spent any time at all on social media channels, then you already understand the importance of engagement. Every social media platform out there places a very high premium on engagement.

This makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

After all, they are social environments, aren’t they?

Engaging with your following and your community are social acts, so these social networks will greatly reward you for doing so.

There are people on each of these social media platforms that are making a living from one social media channel – no blog or website – just from that one single social media account.  This is how powerful these channels are.

Needless to say, cultivating a community on social media is time very well spent. When you take the time to engage with your audience on these channels, you will be rewarded in many ways.

Here are some social media facts:

  • It was discovered that in 2012, each Internet user had an average of three (3) social media accounts. Today the average user has seven (7) social media accounts.
  • An amazing 97% of all adults from the ages of 16 to 64 have logged into at least one social media account within the last 30 days.
  • On average, every American will spend over two (2) hours each day on social media.
  • 1 out of every 3 minutes that users spend on the Internet is spent on social media and messaging.
  • Around 79% of all social media users have shared a personal milestone with their social media audience.
  • An incredible 89% of all social media texts and messages to brands are ignored.
  • One out of every three consumers is willing to name a brand when sharing a life milestone on their social media channel.

Are you not seeing the amazing opportunity that social media is providing for your online business?

These facts clearly indicate that many online businesses are ignoring this gold mine!

And most of the activities on these social media platforms cost absolutely nothing to perform – other than time. Successful marketers typically set aside a specific amount of time for interacting with their social media communities.

Just an hour a day spent on these channels can dramatically increase your traffic.

The key to being successful on these social networks is being available to engage and answer any questions or concerns that your followers may have. When they understand that you really care about serving them and making their lives better, your following will grow beyond anything you ever imagined.

Remember that your overall goal on social media is to direct them to your primary online content and blog posts.

9) Content marketing strategies will make you an authority

content auditsThe thing about being an authority is that it’s one of those things that you can’t give to yourself. It’s like a nickname; other people have to give it to you.

Becoming an authority is a perception that others have about the way you present yourself and your overall persona.

So when you have a solid content strategy plan, it shows that you are knowledgeable and organized, and that you have a firm grasp on the market you are serving.

Putting off this kind of vibe is invaluable because it will attract people who are seeking the knowledge and marketing content that you have. And they will be willing to pay you for that knowledge.

And when you think about it, isn’t this the overall goal that all of us have?

…. to become an authority in our chosen niche or market?

Let’s Summarize Your Content Strategy Path

It is my hope that at this point you have a good grasp about formulating a content strategy plan for your online business and your future blog posts.

It has been my experience that most marketers out there do not have any kind of content marketing strategy in place.

This is a shame because doing so will produce far more web traffic and conversions from your content creation activities.

Let’s summarize again what a content marketing strategy plan can do for your business:

  • It prepares you for future marketing
  • It lets you re-establish your purpose on a routine basis
  • It helps you align all of your brand elements
  • It helps you redefine your target audiences
  • It helps you identify the various business objectives for your content
  • It helps your content stand out from all the noise
  • It makes your content management systems more productive
  • It helps you to engage more with your customers
  • It helps you become an authority of your niche

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