Social Media Manager

social media managerSocial media has opened the door for several new job functions, among those are social media manager. Such a person should ideally understand and have vast experience with all of the major social media sites. They should also understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. And most of all, they need to be able to match promotional needs to the exact social resource to maximize impact and exposure.

The social media manager should also be able to use the major tools that are available to extend the social reach of clients. These positions are available as a permanent addition and also as a consultant or contractor.

If you fit this position, then the world today will be your oyster indeed.


Social media is just strategy. Pick one and go with it – Baltimore  – At the Mt. Vernon cafe Dooby’s, owner Phil Han chose to focus on Instagram. He’s found it to be a powerful tool to show pictures of daily specials. But it’s about more than posting food porn. The Dooby’s team targets the time around lunch or dinner, which is timed specifically to the audience.

Luxbet social media manager goes rogue on the company’s Twitter account after being sacked | Daily Mail Online – A man claiming to be a betting agency’s social media manager claims he hacked the company’s Twitter after being sacked from his job on Thursday

The Met’s Social Media Manager, Kimberly Drew, Is on the White House’s Instagram Account Today | ARTnews – It’s a big day in Washington, D.C. today! The White House is hosting an event called South by South Lawn (subtitle: A White House Festival of Ideas, Art and Action), a one-day version on the very popular South by Southwest event that takes place annually in Austin, Texas, and it features some major art activities.

Social Media Manager Perfectly Handles A Customer’s Facebook Complaint | GOOD – As anyone who’s had a job in retail knows, working in customer service can be a frustrating experience. Day in and day out, you’re confronted with angry customers shouting, “I want my money back!” and “I want to talk to your manager.” But people can be even more horrendous hiding beneath the Internet’s cloak of anonymity, so social media managers have their work cut out for them.

The Easy Way to Be Your Own Social Media Manager | Fstoppers – Let’s say someone is looking for a wedding photographer. There is a very good chance they’ll search for this service provider on Facebook. They’ll either do a basic search or go around someone’s page who recently got married and have shared their beautiful wedding pictures. The person might also have liked some wedding photographers. If this is the case, those photographers all have Facebook Pages.


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