Social Media Apps: Here Are the 5 Best

As we become more social with our PCs and more active on our electronic devices, the usefulness of social media apps has grown. There are too many benefits of social media these days. All of us most likely have several accounts to manage and of which to keep track.

Let’s face it, if we want to succeed in keeping our fingers on the pulses of our clients, we need these social accounts. If we want to stay abreast of the events in the lives of our families and friends, then again, we need them. One natural solution to lightening this load is the use of social media apps.

Of course, like everything else in the business world, there are seemingly hundreds, if not thousands of solutions shoved down our throats. And as is usually the case, most of these solutions suck and are not worth your time or your money – if it’s not a free app. Let us take a look at the some of the best apps we have found to help manage our social media accounts and make our online marketing efforts easier.

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Social Media Apps to Make your Life Easier

Social Media AppsFacebook’s Messenger

This messenger app is probably the most popular one on this list. As of this posting, there are already several hundred million users that are using this messenger app. The power of it is way beyond merely sending texts to your buddies. You can now send cash, send videos,  and even make phone calls through this powerful app. It is truly poised to be the “do everything” tool.


We love this clever little app! After connecting all your social media account through Timehop, you are ready to take a stroll down memory lane in the future. It will let you set up a virtual family album of all your media. You will be able to review all your tweets, posts, pics, and shares years from now.  One of the social media apps that is laying the groundwork for its future indeed.


You know you’re on the right track when a big company like Twitter comes along and buys your apps before you are even launched. That’s what happened with Periscope. It provides a chatroom type format for live videos and broadcast. It’s popularity has soared and is growing with each day. Keep an eye on this app – it will be massive before it’s all over.


Tinder is a unique dating app. It allows you to like and dislike prospective hook-ups and it allows you to survey other singles that are nearby. Like the others on this app list, Tinder is growing by leaps and bounds.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak has become amazingly popular among college students. It is very comparable to Reddit in that it has a community driven feel to it. The community votes on submissions and comments accordingly. They then share pertinent content with one another. Like Reddit, spam posts and comments get booted very quickly by the community.

We encourage everyone to give some of these social media apps a try as soon as possible. I think you’ll find them very interesting, convenient, and downright fun.

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