Proven Online Marketing Strategies That Kick Ass

The companies that have flourished on the internet are the ones who reviewed several online marketing strategies and put their primary focus on only a few of them. At least until they began to gather some serious growth. At that point, it’s a good idea to try several and spread your wings.

But first things first. You have to find the quickest route out of the gate to build your client base, to build an audience and a following, and of course to build profits which are the lifeblood of any business. A good approach would be to review your options in terms of online marketing strategies and pick the one that is suitable for your present moment.

Popular Online Marketing Strategies

It would be easy to say to use the marketing strategy that best matches your strength, but that may not be the best case. For instance, what if pursuing such a marketing endeavor in your area of strength requires over 200% of your operating budget? As you can see, matching your strength would be the most desirable obviously, but not necessarily the most practical.

You see, you have to find promotional techniques and methods that are most available too. And available would be those which are within your budget and also within your reach. In other words, you already have the technology and skills available to pursue them. These are all factors you have to consider when considering the best promotional strategy for your business. With these qualifiers discussed and out of the way, let us review some online marketing strategies that have been proven to work.

Email Marketing Strategies. This is a very popular approach to building your online business. Thousands of very big and prosperous companies have gone this route. In fact, many very successful online marketers consider this the most profitable strategy out there. This is not surprising because there’s several advantages to using this marketing tactic.

Before discussing the advantages, let’s outline the structure of email marketing. To begin with, you need to sign up for an autoresponder service such as Aweber or GetResponse. An autoresponder is a service or software that delivers emails to your client at predetermined times and intervals. They manage your mailing lists and automatically send out informational and promotional emails to your list.

You write and furnish the email content and tell your service when to send them and the service takes care of the rest. You entice people to sign up for your email newsletter by distributing squeeze pages and optin boxes throughout the internet. This is where you generally offer them something of value for free in exchange for signing up. They enter their email address into the optin box and then get added to the list and then the emails begin in accordance with how you set them up.

The advantages of email marketing strategies are many. For starters, when you have a big email list, you can drive tons of traffic to virtually any webpage you desire. You don’t need Google or any of the search engines, you don’t need to pay for advertising. Your only burden in the early going to getting people to sign up for your list.

online marketing strategiesOrganic Search Strategies. This is probably the most popular strategy of all because it is typically the least expensive in terms of getting started. It is possible to utilize this method without paying out any cash other than the normal costs of maintaining a blog or website. Of course, if you are willing to invest, then you will reach your goals quicker.

When we talk about organic search, we are obviously talking about identifying and targeting keywords or key phrases and then attempting to achieve high rankings for them in the major search engines. If you pursue the no cost/low cost route, then you have to find keywords that have little or no competition. If you want to rank high for popular keywords in your niche, then you will have to invest money to do it – there’s no other way. There are just too many companies out there that are spending tens of thousands of dollars for high rankings of popular keywords.

The advantage of this strategy is like we said, you can pursue it at now cost other than your time. But you have to work your ass off. You have to search and dig for low competition keywords, and then you have to put out a lot of content, and build lots of backlinks to achieve profitable rankings.

Paid Advertising Strategies. This is the quickest method of all the strategies. And that quickness works both ways. It is the quickest way to start making money and it is also the quickest way to run through all your budget without making any money. Obviously, this approach is for those who know what they are doing. Don’t let this scare you, there have been many beginners that have done great with paid ads. You just have to start small until you find a winner and then scale it up into a big winner.

Even though this could be most lethal of the online marketing strategies, it has perhaps the best advantages. Like we said, it is by far the quickest way to make money on the internet. You can put up an ad in a few minutes, and a few minutes later, you can be making sales – it can literally be that fast.

Secondly, there are mediums today where you can place ads to a precise audience. You can specify their age group, their gender, their nationality, their education level, their level of income, and on and on. Never before have businesses been able to target their audience like they can today. And where exactly can you target audiences this precisely? .. you may ask? … this leads us into the next strategy – social media.

Social Media marketing strategiesSocial Media Marketing Strategies. This is the newest kid on the block. Like the organic search model, it can be pursued with little or no cost. Using the major social media sites, virtually anyone can build a huge following of like-minded people in very little time relatively speaking. It offers something to everyone regardless of their interests.

Any online business today would be foolish not to build some kind of presence on social media. It doesn’t have to be your primary focus, but you need to be there and not interact periodically.

This arena has gotten so big that you can actually focus on only one of the major sites and be successful. The biggest player is obviously Facebook. The thing with Facebook is its flexibility. You create fan pages for every aspect of your business and promote those. You can post videos, optin boxes, or even sell products straight from there. Or you can place very targeted ads promoting those things.

Creative Online Marketing Strategies. This is by far the most effective strategy you can use. It is basically something that is unique to you and your online business. And it is usually a hybrid of one or more of all of these approaches we discussed. Yes, we suggested that you focus on just a few strategies, but eventually you want to evolve into your very own hybrid online marketing strategies.

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