Paid Social Media Jobs Are Available Everywhere

Have you ever considered paid social media jobs as a part time income source or even a full-time career? The fact is that you could do either. It all depends on your own personal motivation and your current knowledge level about social networking online.

The absolute explosion of the new social media sites within the last decade has provided thousands of new opportunities. Huge companies and corporations are embracing social media more than ever before. They understand that to compete within their individual markets; they must dive deeper into the social media sites. Why? Because they know that their clients are hanging out there and if they don’t interact with them online, then their competitors will.

With this exciting new medium comes a ton of new opportunities for many of us. Many of these companies are behind the eight ball as far as having the knowledge in house of how to manage these types of online social accounts. As a result, they are turning to experts and gurus within the field. In fact, they are hiring social media managers right off the street and paying them handsomely.

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Of course, many of us are not looking at that particular scenario for our opportunity. It is easy to forget the hundreds of thousands of small businesses out there who aren’t really can’t afford a full-time social site manager, but they need and want to engage in their online clients. This is where people like you come in – and the basis for finding paid social media jobs.

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The Majority of Paid Social Media Jobs

The biggest thing you have to realize is that the majority of these new social media positions will be serviced by independent contractors. There are several reasons for this. We mentioned the first reason already, and that is cost. Most small businesses simply do not have the budget to hire a full-time social media manager.

Secondly, a full-time salaried position would also require benefits and the whole nine yards. This adds up to even more expenses. In addition to this, a permanent social networking professional would also require lots of expensive tools like more PCs, software, and so forth. It is easier and quicker just to hire someone to do those things on a contractual basis.

Another reason for hiring contractors for paid social media jobs is that most small businesses probably do not need a full-blown immersion into the social media world. In all likelihood, they can probably get by with a part-time effort from someone who understands the major social sites very well. The fact is that their markets probably aren’t big enough to warrant a full-time position for social networking.

Social Networking Functions

social media sitesWhenever a small business begin diving into the social networking world online, they must realize that there are numerous functions and skills that are required. The good news is that not all the functions will most likely be needed – it all depends on the market and how the customers will be reached. Each business type has their own footprint in regards to the relationship with their clients.

Businesses need to have some understanding of all the functions before they can decide which ones will suit them best and be most appropriate for their business. When they understand the functions of social media, then they’ll be able to identify needs and match them accordingly with a professional.

As someone who is seeking paid social media jobs, you should always have a marketing approach in mind whenever you discuss social media strategies with a business looking at hiring you for such a task. Learning to understand their needs and also being able to answer their questions about social media, in general, will win you the contract.

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As a social media professional, you should be able to educate those who know very little about social media, as well as discussing potential complex marketing plans with more advanced businesses. Sometimes these small businesses do not realize the value of social networking and how it could help them. This is where you can provide the vision they will need. Never lose sight that you are helping them in the long run.

There will be others who know that they need a social presence online but have no clue where to start. This is another example of where a potential helper like yourself can provide the vision. When you understand their plight and can frame a social media strategy in their own terms, then you will get the contract every single time.

Now let us look at the major social media sites that your potential clients will be most interested in maintaining.

Major Social Media Sites That Must Be Used

Facebook – This is the biggest social site of them all. It is not only the biggest social media site out there; it is the most flexible one out there. Facebook has an infinite number of uses and people go there for an infinite number of reasons – both professional and personal.

Facebook offer a number of paid social media jobs because it has so many facets. Most people first start a personal account and of course, a small business could do the same. With a personal Facebook account, you can grow it by attracting more and more friends as time goes on. Personal stories and pictures that people like can be shared which will attract even more friends.

There are daily functions on a Facebook account that must be done to grow your presence there. Not only should 4-10 posts or picture be posted there to maintain your presence, but there is also the seeking out and commenting on the content of others as well. It is this interacting that will ultimately build a solid Facebook presence.

However, personal accounts are only the half of Facebook. An account can build Facebook fan pages. A fan page is a webpage within Facebook that is focused on a specific topic. These fan pages are typically what businesses use to build their social presence.

paid social media jobsA Facebook fan page seeks out fans instead of friends. The big difference is a personal Facebook account can only have 5000 friends, but a fan page can have an infinite number of fans. And every time a fan page posts a piece of content, it is received by every single one of their fans. And just like personal accounts, a fan page needs to socialize and interact with others to build its presence.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Facebook offers endless opportunities for paid social media jobs. Clients will need to have 4-6 daily posts created and posted throughout the day. They will most likely need pictures and videos created and posted as well. And finally, they’ll need someone to go out and interact with their target market communities. They need to seek out and comment on the posts of others and provide advice where warranted – this is what will grow their business.

There is also the account configuration to consider. How will they set up their accounts and fan pages? One common structure is for the owner of the business set up a personal account and then creates a fan page for the business. And then to go a step further, fan pages can be created for every major product or service that business offers. As you can see, the possibilities are endless.

YouTube – The next major social media site that should be used is YouTube. Most every business should have a YouTube channel. Granted, not every market is as suitable for video as others, but there should still be representation.

Many businesses out there feel there is no need for video – not true. At the very least, a professionally done video that summarizes what small business offers should be available. And then the same could be done for major products or specific service. Another approach is providing how-to videos or videos that demonstrate how to use or do something. If you give away valuable information that truly helps people, then they will tune in and eagerly await your next one – guaranteed.

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As with Facebook, YouTube also has a community that can be grown. For a video to become popular and go up in the rankings, they need to be viewed. The more views, the better the ranking – it’s that simple. Videos can also be liked, disliked, and commented on – all these factors play into the video’s popularity as well.

People can subscribe to your channel and therefore be notified of each new video that you upload. So businesses that has lots of subscribers get lots of views on their videos as soon as they are released. And this keeps adding to the overall popularity of the videos and the YouTube channel.

And of course, to grow on YouTube, there has to be interaction as well. People who want to grow their presence need to go out and comment on other videos. They need to view other video and like them as well. All these things are important.

Someone seeking paid social media jobs can perform many tasks when it comes to YouTube. They can create videos for their clients, and upload them. They can go out and view the videos of others, subscribe to their channels, and leave provocative comments.

One added caveat regarding YouTube is that Google now owns it. This means that to set up a YouTube channel, one first has to set up a Google account. Bottom line here is that a Google Plus account will also be attached to every YouTube channel. This adds yet another facet to a potential social media person when approaching a small business.

Twitter – This is a social site that has become quite huge in a short period. It is unique when comparing it to others. Twitter is defined as a microblog which means it is basically a big chatroom that involves the entire online community.

The most powerful thing about Twitter is that big communities can be built very quickly. And when you have a big Twitter community, then you can get a message out to them quicker than in any other social networking site.

A person seeking paid social media jobs can help a client with their Twitter presence by creating and posting daily content to their followers. They can go out and devote daily time to find more potential followers.

Social Media Sites and the Big Picture

We only discussed the three major social media sites in the last section, but there are many more of them out there. As a minimum, every small business should utilize those three sites. There are three things we haven’t yet discussed about social networking.

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The first thing is how the social sites interrelate. A small business can use branding effectively by connecting all their social sites together. This is a good thing, but you should resist the temptation to repeat every single post across all social media sites. People will grow tired of the repetition – remember, our society is hammered daily with spam, so don’t add to that burden. Make each site unique.

The second thing is that social interaction on these must be authentic and provide value. It is so tempting to shortchange this activity, but unless the comments are valuable and thoughtful, you shouldn’t even leave one. This is another reason to hire someone seeking out paid social media jobs.

And finally, the third thing is advertising. These social media communities provide a great avenue for paid advertising. All of them now offer extremely targeted marketing. Never before in the history of advertising has marketing been this precise. This offers yet another area of expertise to the potential social marketing expert seeking to find employment. Learn all you can about it and make yourself even more valuable.


As you can see, there is an enormous need for paid social media jobs. Sometimes those who need them don’t even realize they need them. This is where the prudent marketer can gain an edge into the social networking market place. Offer a new unique service that no one else offers and you will never run out of opportunities.

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