Why We Need Social Media Strategies

social media strategiesEver wondered why we even need social media strategies? If you truly desire to connect with your audience and find out exactly how they feel about your brand, then a social media strategy is certainly going to help. If you are attempting to alter public perceptions about your business, or want improve or enhance your customer service, then a social media strategy is going to really help.

Finding the Big Dogs

If you desire to discover who all the advocates and influencers are and you want to have them broadcast your message for you, then your social media strategies are what is going to identify all those primary figures in your niche and show you who to connect with. And as a sole individual, you will certainly want to be formulating strategies that will help you attain your networking goals.

When using social media strategies for your business, you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to find out more from the people around you and learn new stuff from your social media network. When you use the proper social networks, you are often able to discover what you have been missing in your career.

Using Great Software

Many times, when you get to use social media software, you will be able to enjoy a boost in productivity while getting reductions in costs. Lots of companies spend huge amounts of money on various collaboration software, and then they fail to use these investments wisely. This is because there are still a lot of data being stored in very large storage area networks, which are basically dead data.

Without having the ability to search this data effectively within the company, and without any updates, or audit notifications and even user interaction, this mountain of data will age and becomes obsolete and then it will die. When there is no software to provide sensible collaboration and interaction in a secure fashion within companies, this data just rots on the vine.

There have been several articles and online discussions in regards to social media and social networking along with the many possible opportunities they could be bringing to companies. There are countless benefits for those corporations who choose to utilize this kind of communication. Certainly some social media strategies would be very useful.

One of the main rules of social media networking is that it is really about giving instead of receiving. You give to the greater quantity of knowledge when you submit your perspective, advice, know-how, or links to combine with other streams of knowledge. And there’s all kinds of ways that someone could share this knowledge. There are just too many available tools in the social media arena. Among these are blogs, moblogs, tagging, wikis, bookmarking, tweets, podcasts, vlogs, videoblogging, video sharing, and even virtual worlds.

There are actually many steps to ponder if you want to be successful with your social networking. And these steps are not intended to be used independently in order to experience success with them.

Digital engagement is what will let us collectively solve specific problems, connect with our customers, listen to their feedback, and to recruit advocates to be brand evangelists. When you know all the challenges that you are hoping to overcome, it will help you to get your successful social media strategies on the path.

Creating Social Media Headlines That Readers Love

creating social media headlinesHow much time do you spending creating social media headlines? You should probably spend more …

As online marketers, many of us struggle in getting the clicks and the bookmarks we need on our posts and our articles? It could be that there is something that we could improve when it comes to your content and this might be where we are coming up short. In fact, the very best online writers are making the same mistake as well – so we shouldn’t feel bad.

Marketers Overlook the Obvious

This particular factor in our writing will actually require some extra effort to get it right, and yet it’s extremely so apparent that it gets overlooked. But if we think for just a minute and ask ourselves what our viewers see first see when they read our social media posts.

That’s right, you guessed correctly. It is our headlines.

If we fail to write a compelling headline, then there is no way that we are going to attract the attention of new readers, and our blog posts will not circulate as quickly either.

But if we take the take to craft a great headline that kicks ass, then we are going to get many more clicks, lots more bookmarks, and our dedicated readers will be eager to share our content with all of their friends and loved ones.

Writing Compelling Headlines

Here is a drill for you. Go back and read the headline of your most recent article which you felt that you wrote very well. In fact, why not read several of them? And then evaluate them based on the following criterion.

  • Does the headline grab your attention?This is the very first element when it comes to creating a headline for our awesome posts and articles. Our headlines have to grab the attention of potential readers among all the noise that our society cranks out on a nonstop basis.
  • Will the headline attract the right audience?The fact is that we humans are mostly driven by our own self-interests and our minds are programmed to scan information for messages that pertain to us specifically. Therefore, our headlines must target the group of people that we desire to read our content. It is okay if others want to read it as well, but we must ensure that our target audience has an interest in reading it.
  • Is your headline specific? When we write specific headlines, they have proven to be more effective in getting the attention of others. Not only that, they are notorious for building instant belief and trust in readers because they demonstrate knowledge about the topic. Vague and generic headlines tend to be more untrustworthy. So instead of saying “enjoy profitable results”, we should say “how I got an 87.2% boost in profits with this simple method.”
  • Does your headline illicit curiosity in your potential reader?Have you determined ahead of time exactly what is going to get readers to take notice but also to take action as well? When you have figured this out, then you need to weave this into your new headline. This will give readers a very reason to read beyond the headline and consume your entire blog post, and it all begins with generating curiosity. What is effective is generating a sense of feeling incomplete within potential readers, and they must read the post to get answers.
  • Does your headline promise powerful benefits?All great headlines points out the big benefits of reading the article. There must be a big payoff in the end. Readers have to discover exactly what they stand to gain from your information.


Creating social media headlines that readers love is a skill that every online content writer needs to develop. It will pay off handsomely in the long run.

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Business

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your BusinessMany marketers and business owners these days are asking how to use social media?

Traditional businesses are beginning to discover that their livelihood depends on how quick they embrace the new social media marketing model. They are discovering that their competitors who have adopted social marketing strategies and starting to leave them behind, so now they wonder how to use social media.

Many of them lack the budget to hire a social media manager to do this for them, so they are forced to do it with in-house personnel. And now they are scrambling to get up and running on the big platforms.

The good news is that you get up and running in about a week if you do it right. Let us look at the steps needed to start using social media.

Steps for Using Social Media from Scratch

Craft your Message

I don’t care how long you have been in business; you need to spend a few hours crafting the main message of your business. You really need for this to be crystal clear to everyone.

State out in a brief sentence or two what you mission is, and also create a tagline or slogan that is catchy.

Get a Logo Design

If you already have one, that’s great – just make sure you have an electronic copy in a jpg format. If not, then you can go on Fiverr and get one done very quickly and very inexpensively. Make sure you log reflects who you are and try to include your tagline on it as well.

Start Creating Profiles on the Major Social Sites

Go to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn and create profiles on all of those sites for your company. Ensure that you include your business bio, your mission statement, your tagline and your logo. Finally, include a link to your company website.

Begin Posting Content

Hopefully, you have a person or two who is going to take charge of your social media posting schedule. Basically, you should start off crafting and posting two kinds of content.

The first type of content pertains to helpful tips about your market that your audience would benefit from – these are “value posts”.  And the second type of post is the ones you post about your company and your products. These are called “marketing posts”.

As you start out, you only need to post on your social networking accounts about 4-5 times every week. When your audience grows, you should post 2-3 times every single day. Make sure each post has an image because posts with images get about 5 times more engagement than those without them.

Also, post 2-3 “value posts” for every “marketing post”. Be willing to give away great value to your online audience. Follow and befriend a dozen or so new people in your market on a daily basis. After your account is about a month old, you can start following about 70-80 new people every day. Unfollow people after about a week if they don’t follow you back.


If you follow the plan listed above, then now you know how to use social media. Now your business should have a great social media presence online – and it costs you nothing. From this point, you should create a budget for advertising on social media as well as it is extremely targeted.

4 Steps to Easy Social Media Marketing for Modern Times

easy social media marketingEasy social media marketing is now available to all. This is what lots traditional online marketers have yet to learn. Many are not even aware of this fact. The social media methods that are being used today are not the same methods that were even being done a few years ago.

This is because of the changing and improving platforms and new technologies, and also because of our access to endless streams of information. Also, consumers are much more informed today than they ever have been.

Maturation of Social Media Marketing

So here we are at the point where the use of social media for marketing has matured beyond belief. The question is how many of us have matured along with it?

The answer is probably not many. Recent research has indicated that around 98% of consumer brands are still using social media for just broadcasting to their customers – without actually engaging with them. When you think about it, this is actually going against the notion that social marketing works two ways.

4 Modern Marketing Steps

If your business hasn’t caught up with times, then keep reading to get yourself up to date. This is actually a good time to consider how social media help your business even more. Let us look at four things you can do to start using social in a more effective way.

1) Do more than listen

A few years ago, marketing gurus were telling us to start “listening” to the conversations on social media. This was supposed to be a big game changer.

The idea now is to start going beyond listening and engaging as well. Do not stop at listening – take the extra and interact with your potential audience.

2) Scale up that engagement

We you think about it, trying to listen and engage on every social media channel could be very hard. The good news is that there are several tools out there that will help you cover all your social media channels. This is a great example of easy social media marketing methods.

3) Accelerate awareness of your brand

The biggest advantage of using social media for marketing is the power it gives you. Marketers today can literally define their audience to every little detail and social media will serve up that precise advertising to them. When you define your customer avatar, then you just need to ratchet up your campaigns.

4) Uniting your audience and technology methods

Becoming a great social media marketer means finding that perfect balance between using your technologies and exerting a human touch. You really can’t put the primary focus on one or the other and go to the next level. You have to leverage the power of each of these approaches.

Putting it all Together

The goals of marketers are comprised of three things. They need to get new customers, they need to serve their existing customers, and they to grow loyal customers. Social media will help businesses achieve these important goals. When you can embrace its power, then you will experience easy social media marketing.


How to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Fanpage

How to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook PageStill wondering how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage?

When we create our Facebook fanpage, it is a great way of linking our brand with the users on Facebook. We certainly need to promote our page in pretty much the same way we would promote our blogs or websites by giving it more. Of course, the very step in marketing our fan page is by updating it quite often with fresh new quality content.

Creating Quality Updates

What happens when you post an update to your fanpage, that content is also posted to your fans’ news feeds, which prompts them click to your page. So when we how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage, the first way is by cranking out good content and posting it on your page.

But it doesn’t stop there, when your fans visit your fanpage and they interact and engage with it, this activity is also posted in their news feed – and this will expose your page to their friends on Facebook as well. And also, Facebook rewards posts and pages who receive lots of engagement by spreading them more throughout Facebook. In addition to updating your fanpage often, there also some other ways to get more traffic to your Facebook page and increase your fan base.

Creating Backlinks to It

Do not hesitate to link every online entity you have to your new fanpage. You start by linking your blog or website to your page. After that, you can start linking from all of your other social media online channels such as your Twitter account, or your LinkedIn profile. And finally, you could include a link in your e-mail signature or even on the final page of a PowerPoint presentation that is featured on your website or blog.

Also, you could consider creating free blogs on Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium. Post a few pieces of great content on them – along with a link to your page. This is how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage.

Email People about it

Blast out emails to those people that you are already linked up with – like your Facebook friends, your email contacts, and your business partners, let them know about your fanpage. In your email, tell them exactly how they are going to benefit from Liking your fanpage and becoming a fan.

Use your Twitter Account

Any time you write and post new content to your fanpage, post it on your Twitter account and let your Twitter followers know about it. Also post it on your other social media accounts.

Engage with Other Facebook Pages

If you really want to know how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage, then every day you should visit 5-10 other fanpages in your niche. Ensure that you have liked their page and then post 2-3 comments on their most popular posts. Your goal is let others see your fanpage avatar – so be sure you are commenting where many others are seeing them.

Leverage Real-life News Stories and Events

Whenever stories become big news, make sure that you become part of that buzz. You do this by first posting the story on your page. Next, share the link to that fanpage post on your other social media accounts. Now find out which fanpage is buzzing most about the story begin engaging with others. If you have the time, keep commenting as long as the buzz is there.


How to Market Your Business Online

how to market your business onlineSo you started your very own business and you want to learn how to market your business online. The good news is that you can promote your brand online for very little cost, other than your time. Or you could hire someone to do it for you.

However, if you really want to learn how to market your business online in the proper way, then there are some things that must be done. We are talking about things that will enhance your chances of deeply promoting your brand online. It really makes a big difference down the road if you go the extra mile at the beginning.

Nailing Down the Basics

Before we go blasting your brand all over the Internet, we need to ensure that you have the basics down first. For instance, do you have a mission statement and an objective? Does your website have an “About Us” page?

You must get very clear as to what your business is all about. You must define your business goals and objectives. If someone asks you about your business, then you need to have a quick statement of one or two sentences that describe who you are and why others should do business with you.

This is also call your elevator statement – meaning if someone asks you that question on an elevator and you only had a few floors ride to respond to the question Your answer needs to be both prompt and enticing. Yes, it will take some time to bang one out, but it is totally worth the effort.

Looking Your Best

Now that you have your mission statement and your goals, it now time to look your best. What we mean is that you need a good looking logo for your business and you need a slogan and tagline that is catchy. This is a critical step in discovering how to market your business online.

You also need a sharp looking website that accurately reflects your overall message and your services or products. Your website content needs to be broken down into bite-sized chunks with section headers and nice looking relevant images.

When you begin sending visitors to your website, you must make a great impression on them.

Basic Promotions

Your next step is to begin creating your social media profiles. As put them together, you want to include your mission statement and your tagline in the profile’s bio. You also need to include a link to your website’s home page.

You need to create a profile on all the major social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Even if you do not plan to use all of them right away, you should create the accounts for both the backlink to your website and as a placeholder if you should use them in the future.

Now pick one or two of these social media platforms that you will place your focus. Now you need to start posting content everyday on those focus social media sites. Share great content from other people in your market as well.

And whenever you find interesting and funny things online, you should share those too on your social media accounts. This shows your audience that you are sincerely trying to share great content with them.

Also, you need to devote some time and effort in growing your audiences on your focus social media sites. Each social media platform is a little different in the ways to grow your following, find out what it takes to build your audience. Before long, you will find yourself becoming more influential in your niche.

Guest Posting

One last thing you can do that is very powerful is to generate posts for your big blogs in your market. This is one of the most effective ways on how to market your business online. A great post by you on a big time blog will grow your brand immensely. Make this your long term goal.

5 Awesome Social Media Marketing Methods

social media marketing methodsThank goodness that there is no lack of social media marketing methods to market your brand online, but only a few of them are very efficient. As an online marketer, you only have a limited quantity of hours during the day and a limited supply of cash to work with, and of course, there is the pressure of finding the best way to spend that money.

Every marketer is seeking out social media methods that are both efficient and effective. And while effectiveness could be defined in any number of ways, the more important term would be efficiency. We could ask ourselves just how effective a certain method is in comparison to the efforts needed to carry out the that method.

5 Social Marketing Methods

These 5 awesome social media marketing methods can provide an adequate amount of leverage and provide some of best impact and for minimal investment.

1) Content distribution

Most online marketers are already executing a social media content marketing strategy. If you are not, then you must start right away as this is one of the most powerful ways to use social media.

Anytime you post new content, you should immediately use all of your social media channels to circulate that content to the public – as a minimum. This does several things for your overall brand. For starters, you will attract more interest to your content, you will get much more visibility, it will solicit more customer loyalty, and these things collectively will enhance the SEO of your blog or website. And it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

2) Content re-distribution

While posting your content is one good thing, you also pays to re-post your content on a periodic basis. This is especially true for that content that drew the most engagement. You only need to ensure that only your “evergreen” posts gets re-posted.

This keeps your social media accounts updates and maximizes the long-term value of every single piece of evergreen content you create. You just need to space them out so your posts do not become old and stale.

3) Engagement

Engagement and discussion will attract more followers to your social media accounts for the long term. Each new discussion in someone’s newsfeed will give new users a chance to become involved, and familiar users will drive the discussion and make it interesting – as they consider themselves to be the biggest influencers in your community, which will drive more traffic to your sites.

4) Influencer marketing

There is nothing more powerful than influencer marketing on social media. Even though there’s several potential tactics here, all of them have the same basic mechanism. You will be able to engage an influencer sometimes in some way. When this happens, you must find a way to tap into their current levels of visibility, and gain a stronger reputation for your brand.

5) Contests

Contests are among the most effective methods you can use as that old promise for a reward or prize will often lead to a higher level of engagement. Therefore, people are much more likely to share your content and give it much more visibility. Remember that the cash you end up paying for that prize will usually be much lower when you consider the visibility and reputation benefits you’ll get.

Among all the social media methods that you could use, the strategies listed above will offer you some of the highest returns for your monetary and time investments.

Top 5 Social Media Sites

top 5 social media sitesThere are a lot of questions bouncing around out there wondering what the top 5 social media sites are. This is a legitimate concern because at one time there were over 1000 different social media sites out there and God only knows how many of them were worthwhile. Needless to say, you could spend the remainder of your life on these sites if you had the motivation.

This is why so many online marketers and people who enjoy surfing online were dying to know which of these could be considered as the top 5 social media sites. So let’s not keep them in suspense, okay?

Top Social Media Sites – According to Most Experts

1) Facebook

We should begin with the big daddy. As of this writing, Facebook is by far the biggest social media site out there. It offers pretty much everything. Practically every single market or niche has been addressed and represented on Facebook. You can join or create Groups of like interests, and you can create and like fanpages on virtually any topic.

2) Twitter

Twitter is also a very powerful platform and is actually a microblog. You follow people and they follow you back which means both of you can see and share one another’s posts, images, and videos. It used to be you have to restrict your message to less than 140 characters, but Twitter has since doubled that. Twitter is quick and portable, and it allows you to build a following pretty fast.

3) Instagram

Instagram is actually a platform for mobile devices to share images they have taken. It works like the other social media sites in that you accumulate followers and you can follow them back. This means you can share photos with one another. Instagram is noted for its extremely high engagement rate as compared to the other top 5 social media sites.

4) YouTube

YouTube is all about videos. When you create videos, you can upload them to your YouTube channel and they will host them online for you. Now you can share your video link with all of your friends and also post them on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

When you create a YouTube Channel and people like your videos, then they will subscribe to your channel which means they are notified every time that you upload a new video. Thus, people with lots of subscribers get many views on the videos they upload.

5) Pinterest

The last member of our top 5 social media sites list is Pinterest. Some people would put LinkdIn here, but we prefer Pinterest much more. Pinterest is a social media site for great images. People with Pinterest accounts create boards as a way of grouping their pictures – they are basically the same as categories on a WordPress blog. Other Pinterest users can choose to either befriend you, or they can like your boards, or they can do both.

This means that the pictures you post will be shown on their Pinterest feeds. When you post a picture on one of your Pinterest boards, you have the option including a link with your image. Needless to say, Pinterest is a great platform for building links and driving traffic to your websites.


Why would anyone ever want any more social sites when they have these top 5 social media sites? These are plenty big enough to suit any of your needs for extending your brand or boosting your overall popularity online.