Why Your Online Business Depends on Listening to Social Media

One of the relatively new online marketing tasks is listening to social media. Many of you are probably wondering “What is listening to social media?”

Social media listening is the process of monitoring your social media channels for any news or comments that refer to you or your brand. This has become more and more important to online marketers for several reasons. Shouldn’t we want to hear how others are responding to our content marketing campaigns?

Think of it like those Google alerts that we used to set up on our Google accounts that lets us know about online conversations that are taking place about a specific topic. In this case, you are setting up an alert on social media to make you aware of any online conversations that are taking place about your brand.

Your social listening plan should comprise not only of social monitoring – which is monitoring the social media activity – it should also address what actions will be taken upon hearing each type of specific activity.

Let us look at 4 reasons why listening to social media is so vital to your online business:

1) Customers want quick responses. Study after study has told us that more and more people prefer to interact with brands through social media. Furthermore, they are expecting brands to respond quicker than most of them do. This is especially true with the up and coming generations.

2) You can find new opportunities. Social media is a place where people feel very free to express their opinions and feelings. While you will hear many complaints, you will also discover new needs that your target audience develops over time. This is an amazing opportunity.

3) You can demonstrate empathy and build rapport. While it is not pleasant to deal with angry customers and complaints in a public setting like social media, do not forget that many people are sitting silently on the sidelines watching how you handle these complaints. If you are honest and fair with people, then those silent observers will develop trust in you and your brand – and they will become customers over time.

4) You can protect your reputation. These days, there are businesses out there that make their entire living repairing the bad reputations that companies and brands have developed online. In most cases, these bad reputations started with a few unhappy customers whose stories gained traction online. If they had dealt with these few customers quickly and properly, their reputations would be fine today. A proper social media listening program will prevent such a thing from occurring in the first place.

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