9 Internet Business Ideas That Can Make A Great Living

Have you been searching for some internet business ideas to either start an online business or even earn some extra income? Believe it or not, there are actually hundreds of ways you can do this, but we are only going to discuss nine of them.

It all depends on your level of creativity. If you can find a unique wrinkle that comprises of one or more of these ideas, then you could earn some serious money. Let these internet business ideas be a starting point from which you can start.

Creating An Online Business

The best ways to discover your niche is to remain open minded and try to learn the plight of different online businesses. Learn what they love and what they struggle with. You will find that many of them suffer from similar things. You will discover that virtually all of them need many of the same things. With that said, let us begin examining these nine internet business ideas.

internet business ideas1) Social Media Advisor – Unless you have been in a coma for the last ten years, then you are well aware how popular social media sites have gotten. You just can’t go through a normal day without seeing a Facebook or Twitter icon a couple dozen times. The facts are that all businesses nowadays need some presence on these sites.

There are a several ways you can address this. You can offer services to set up accounts for people, you can write social content for them, you can management their activities, or you can do all of the above. It really depends of what you are good at and what they need.

2) Web Design/Set Up – There is huge demand for people who can set up and maintain blogs and websites. Not only do they need to look great, they need someone to keep them running smooth. This requires installing updates and keeping abreast of recent changes.

3) Affiliate Online Marketer –This is where you build blogs and advertise products and services that belong to other people. You promote their products and services as an affiliate. They give you a specific link that contains your affiliate ID so that when a visitor clicks through, they know it came from you. If that customer makes a purchase, then you earn a commission. Commissions can be anywhere from 5% to 75% of the purchase price.

online author writer4) Writer/Copywriter – This is one of the biggest arenas as far as earning a living online. The fact is that internet businesses need a ton of content. In order for blogs to be successful, they needs lots of content and they need it routinely – the more the better. People need content not only for their blogs, they need it for their social media accounts too.

Another extremely lucrative writing niche is copywriting. Not everyone is suited for this, but if you have the ability to write powerful copy or sales letters that inspire people to take action, then you can write your own ticket. Many copywriters earn six figures annually.

5) Online Author – This is one of the newest kids on the block. Since the Kindle came out, self-publishing online has become something that anyone can do with ease. There are lots of wealthy authors today that have never signed a contract with a publisher. And it really doesn’t matter what your area of expertise is, non-fiction books actually sell as much if not more than fiction books online does. Basically, you just write the content and then get a book cover designed, and then then upload all of that. The key to succeeding as an online author is to write lots of books and have an inventory. You can also write books for other people as a ghost writer.

6) Creating Apps – This is another new niche among internet business ideas. Thanks to smart phones, apps have gotten extremely popular. If you are a technical person and have learned to create apps for these phones, then you are sitting on a goldmine. People are either creating free apps that feature affiliate ads, or you can create apps for others. Either way, there’s a huge demand for them.

7) Online Education – Here’s another great idea. You can create and sell educational programs online. If you can put together a quality online curriculum that teaches a sought after skill or knowledge, then this is an option for you. You can then create a membership blog that requires a secure login after payment, and then drip feed the content to them over time. The beauty of this model is that you can charge monthly payments and create steady repeatable income.

8) Online Retailer – If you make quality crafts or create edible items that people love, then you can sell those online. It’s just a matter of setting up a website that offers your items for sale. And then you just have to set up how to receive payments. In most cases, Paypal can handle this for you. You can also sell informational reports and have the entire transaction be completed automatically – including product delivery.

9) Online Coaching/Advisor – This has gotten very popular in recent years. If you have expertise in a particular area to the point you can advise others, then you can establish a coaching service. You can coach people on their career, their image, their looks, their health, their business, and on and on. Once you have gotten payment from the, then it’s a matter and them contacting you on skype. This means you can offer coaching to anyone in the world – regardless of their location – as long as they have the internet.

Anyone Can Create Internet Business Ideas

As you can see, there are lots of different ways to create a business online. Hopefully, as you read over this post, you have gotten several ideas of your own because like I said before, there are hundreds of ways you can start an online business. You can easily sit down and create several new internet business ideas of you own.

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