How To Take Your Content Marketing To A Higher Level

When you think about it, most anyone can do content marketing – at least do the minimum required. Let me ask you this – what’s the difference between someone doing the absolute minimum in terms of content marketing and someone who’s deading it everyday and can’t wait to get that daily post written? The answer is – NOT A LOT. The real difference is that the first person usually admits that they hate it – the second person may or may not be that honest with themselves.

A good exercise would to pinpoint exactly what it is that you hate about it. If it’s the niche, then shame on you – the only thing you can do is outsource your content activities. If you do have some passion for the niche, then you probably just need to alter your mindset and change your approach.

Content generation doesn’t have to be boring you really don’t want it to be. Think of this, if it’s boring you to tears when you write it, then guess who else will be bored too? Yep … your readers.

Let’s look at some stuff that will perhaps change your view … they did mine ….


13 Simple Questions to Help You Draft a Winning Content Strategy of us who work online, from freelance writers to small business owners, probably have a content strategy. But there’s just one problem: it’s up in our heads. Content strategy needs to be precise. See, before you even put pen to paper, you need to know the direction you are heading.
But if you say, “My business is not that complicated, and neither is my content strategy. I know where I want to take this business. I don’t need to commit it to paper,” then this stat should make you take pause:

Content Marketing For Solopreneurs – 6 Experts Weigh In’s truly incredible how quickly content marketing has grown from an unknown term to a complete must-do marketing activity. In fact, these days, 90 percent of all organizations use content marketing in their marketing efforts. What’s even more interesting is the reason why businesses take part in it. As it turns out, content marketing generates about three times more leads and costs around 62 percent less than traditional marketing.
However, is the story the same for solopreneurs? In other words, if you’re the only person in your business, can you still use content marketing to your benefit and to find more clients/customers/business?

How to Create Your Guest Blogging Strategy’re not talking about guest blogging that Google frowns upon, but high-value blogging via influencer outreach. Guest blogging is a hot topic we’ve been asked a ton of questions about lately and with good reason. If creating great content is the first step, then promoting your content is the crucial second step. Guest blogging is a powerful way to do just that as you get to write for a whole new audience! You can see why guest blogging can be a powerful tool.

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