How to Make YouTube Videos and Post Them Today

So here you are watching everybody dominate their online markets with videos, but you just don’t know how to make YouTube videos, right?  In fact, you are not sure where to even begin to make a video. Doesn’t that require a bunch of equipment and software that I don’t have?

I have great news for you – anyone can use videos to promote their blogs and websites. And believe it or not – you can do it today – if you listen carefully to what I am going to tell you. I am going to show you step by step how you can post videos to your very own YouTube account. I don’t care if you have never created a video before, I will show you how to make YouTube videos today.

How To Make YouTube Videos Now

The reason you can upload a video so fast on YouTube is that they are already there waiting for you. That’s right – you have to realize that Youtube actually wants you to publish and upload lots and lots of videos. And they have made it easy for you because you can use a simple YouTube video of your choice now. Here’s how you can use those videos:

1. Sign into your YouTube account and click the “Upload” button in the upper part of the page.

how to make YouTube videos

2. Click the “Video Editor” icon in the lower right of the page.

create a video

3. Click the small “CC” button.

upload a video

4. Now you see will a bunch of “creative commons” videos that you are free to use and publish in your YouTube channel.

videos for youtube


You can enter a topic, keyword, or subject into the search box and you will find lots of videos on virtually any topic. All you have to do is to drag the video you desire into the lower section and then hit the blue “create video” button at the top of the page and then it will start publishing the video in the channel you are currently signed into. So as you can see, anyone can create a video using one of these clips that are waiting for you. This is about the easiest method on how to make Youtube videos.

Making Your Video Stand Out and Unique

The key here is to make your video stand out from the others. You have to realize that other people are using these videos too. You may have noticed that when you drag videos into the bottom area of the editor page, that you can cut sections out of them and put together a really unique video. BUT you don’t have to do all this unless you want to.

If you use the video as it is, then you will want to use good keywords and you will want to use a custom thumbnail. This is what makes your video different from the others. I am not going to go into how to research keywords in this article, but I you should know by now that you need to have some keywords in mind before you start searching among YouTube’s creative commons inventory. And you most certainly should have keywords in mind for ranking in both YouTube’s and Google’s search engine.

How To Rank Your CC YouTube Video

When I go to rank videos, I start by trying to get them ranked in YouTube first. If you get them ranked well there, then Google is sure to like them too since they now own YouTube.

So when you have your primary keyword selected, and find a cc video of your liking, then you need to be ready to provide a solid video description that will get your video ranked well and promote whatever product, service, or blog you are marketing. As a minimum, your primary keyword needs to be in your video title and you should use a second keyword in that title as well. In your description, your URL should be listed first, and then your keyword should immediately follow that.

As far as how much verbiage to put in your description, they are many trains of thought there. What I do is write a strong paragraph consisting of 250-300 words. I place my URL first, follow by my main keyword, and then I put my main keyword in the last sentence of the description. Another thing you can do is steal some verbiage from the top ranking videos on YouTube for your keyword and rewrite it a little, but I would place that underneath the first unique paragraph you wrote.

How To Find The Right Tags For Your Video

What I think is extremely important are the tags you need to use for your video. You first need to use your main keywords. After this, the best thing you can do is use the tags that the top ranking videos are using, BUT YouTube no longer publishes those tags anymore. Here’s what I do now. To begin with, I jot down the “channel name” of those top ranking videos and I use them as tags. This will help get your video into the “related videos” section when their videos are playing.

Secondly, I do some undercover work to find out the main keywords of those top ranking videos. I go to each page of those top videos and using my Firefox browser, I uncover the “page source code” of each of those videos. You get this by going to the top of the browser and selecting “Tools>Web Developer>Page Source”. This will open up a new page contain the source code the page you were viewing.

This page will be very confusing and chaotic looking – especially if you are a non-techie – but here’s what you do. Hit Ctrl-F and you will get a search box at the bottom of your page. New enter “keywords” in that search box and it will take you to the targeted keywords for that page. No, this is not the tags they used, but it’s the second best thing. Take these keywords and enter them as tags for your new video. Keep doing this until you have completely filled up the tag section.

Now if you are able, the final thing you should do is install a custom thumbnail. The image needs to use your main keyword as a filename. Your YouTube channel may or may not allow you to insert a custom thumbnail. When you become an adsense partner with YouTube and submit your channel into that program, it will definitely allow you to use them. Personally, I don’t like to put adsense on new videos, I generally wait until they have at least 1,000 views first.

Hopefully, you can see how easily you could create your own video channel and start uploading videos to it within an hour or two. Because you now know how to make Youtube videos. I know people who add about 5 creative common videos to each of their channels every single day. Regardless of your goals and objectives, now that you know how to make YouTube videos quickly, I encourage you start doing so immediately.

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