How to Build a Powerful Voice of Authority

Let’s face it, building a solid brand that can live for and survive for ages requires a power image. And such an image typically comes from a source of authority. And if you’re not finding a way to stand out and staking a claim on the cutting edge, it’s damn hard to be an authority.

I know that sounds difficult to achieve, but there are effective methods you can use. We all know that in the world of politics, for example, it doesn’t really matter what’s real – all that matters is what people THINK is real. You can use this approach in building your brand and image. No – This is not deceptive – unless you are not intending to bring value and quality to potential clients. If you are not, then you should probably be reading someone else’s post.

Here’s some items and ideas to help strengthen your online image and voice:


Build Your Own Brand Marketing Social Newsroom

The benefit that a journalist brings to the social newsroom is the ability to watch for and even anticipate headlines and topics. Paying attention to news headlines brings an element of the unknown into a marketing department’s editorial planning, but it also brings an element of relevancy not found in other organizations.


Are You Overlooking Any (or All) of These 7 Ways to Build Online Authority with LinkedIn? – Copyblogger pages on LinkedIn receive seven times more views and have six times more engagement than job-related activities. You can have that same type of interaction with your audience on LinkedIn when you properly position yourself on the platform.


Tell Your Story with More Empathy for Content Strategy Success and discovery is driven by the need to learn. Human curiosity and need for novelty are associated with this seeking behavior. One popular theory is known as the “knowledge gap” proposed by George Loewenstein. This theory tells us that people are triggered to search for information when they perceive a gap between what they know and what they want to know. This seeking behavior is tied to our reward system, which makes exploration pleasurable. The importance of this theory is a simple one. People crave knowledge to cover these gaps like an itch they can’t quite reach to scratch.

4 Proven Content Tips To Grow Your Community

It’s easy to look at general trends, —– but when it comes to testing different communities, trends, hashtags, and learning more about about the diverse range of communities you face a real challenge or sorting and gathering that information. The key here is to learn something new everyday from your tweets and traction, along with how your audience is consuming your content. As you begin to learn the trends of your community, you will become much more effective at building your community.

3 Ways To Never Be Wrong

One of the big problems with being a marketing expert is that deep down you know that you really don’t know anything. If you knew something, you’d be rolling in money from all your marketing brilliance. People, being the insecure dimwits that they are, assume that since you are an expert and they’re not, all this hogwash must mean something.

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