Learning the Cycle of Churning Out Good Blog Posts

So you have decided to start your very own blog with social accounts and everything. Hopefully, you have contemplated the extent of the demands that come with maintaining a blog. There are many things that most be considered. To begin with, you must have content and lots of it – unless you have lots of money, you’ll most likely have to generate this content all by yourself. And to be effective, you need to post this content on your blog on a fairly regular basis. Good blog posts are certainly needed.

Do not use this blog as an example, because it – like many others – have fallen way short of late to provide content as recommended above. The blog owner is trying to do better in the future.

But there’s a reason why so many blogs are out there floating around with their most recent post being written weeks, months, or perhaps years ago. They are indeed dead in the water. Do not let this happen to you.


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Building a Functional Blog

Now back to the your blog. There is no reason why your blog cannot be a total success. The steps are quite simple. Building your blog in the most effective way possible. It needs to function with maximum effeciency. No one will wait for a slow loading webpage – regardless of how great your content may be.

Here is a good blog post I found that recommends many great plugins that will help your blog to function properly:

The 37 Best WordPress Marketing Plugins Your Business Blog Can’t Do Without – WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) due to its ease-of-use, flexibility, and scalability; especially for entrepreneurs, aspiring bloggers, and businesses looking to expand online. But one feature of WordPress where it really stands out from other content management systems is the sheer availability of different Plugins….

Now don’t go and use all 37 of these plugins – only use the ones that support the things you are gonna don with your blog.

Creating Content for your Blog

good blog postsOne of the biggest headaches that we blog owners tend to face are ideas for new content. Let’s face it, usually when we decide to create a blog, we generally have lots of ideas for all the groovy posts we will write and share with the eager world out there (we are barking like hungry seals for it).

And then after we crank out all that initial material, we are left dry and perhaps uninspired. There are no more ideas all of a sudden and there doesn’t seem to be any on the horizon either. Why do you think they invented “curated content” anyway? It’s because people run out of things to say, so they borrow content from other people and present in a cool new way.

I ran across a neat little post from Social Media Examiner – a great blog that I read often – that helped me tremendously in getting fresh new ideas for content and blog posts. Here is an excerpt from that post:

5 Blog Post Ideas to Bring Variety to Your Content – Does your business have a blog? Looking for blog post ideas that will appeal to your readers? Posting a variety of article types on your blog will help you reach a wider audience and keep your return visitors interested. In this article, you’ll discover five types of blog posts that will improve your content mix….

Promoting Your New Blog Posts

And just when you felt relief at finally put together some decent content, you are faced with a new problem. How to get people to visit your blog to read this wonder post that you’ve written. This may be your hardest task yet. The fact remains that it doesn’t matter how well written your content is, unless someone reads it, no one will ever know about your story.

One huge way to help your promotion efforts along is by building a big presence with the social media sites. These are free and if you know how to use them, they are very effective. But that takes time as well. In the meantime, I found another post that will help your promotion efforts.

10 ways to promote your WordPress blog for beginners – If you’ve just started your WordPress blog and want everybody to read your content, then you should promote your blog on multiple online platforms.Creating and launching an appealing and informative blog is not enough. For better results, you need to get serious about its promotion….

Some nice suggestions offered, but keep in mind that your imagination will always come up with the best solutions for you. This is because they are custom made for your situation.

Getting Ready for Future Good Blog Posts

The wise bloggger who wants to continually crank out good blog posts should always be looking ahead and keep an idea or two on the back burner. I’m not sure that there is any trick to doing this – I believe it is more or less a function of creating good habits.

I came across a very helpful article that addresses this very topic and offers some excellent suggestions on how to look ahead and even create some excitement about your future blog posts. I encourage you to read it thoroughly.

4 Creative Ways to Build Buzz for Your Next Blog Post Before It Goes LiveI remember those days when I thought writing a blog post was enough. I would invest all my efforts on choosing the right topic, writing a quality blog post, making it smart, funny, and engaging, adding interesting pictures, carefully crafting an eye-catching format, and choosing the right time to post. I would weigh all my options, do all the hard work, hit ‘publish’, and then wait for the traffic to pour in….

It would have been nice to have known about these before I started blogging years ago – it could have saved me some grief along the way.


One thing I hope you take away from this article is that running a blog can be demanding, but it’s not drudgery. You most certainly feel some pleasure for the niche you are writing about, otherwise, you wouldn’t have started your blog in the first place.

I encourage you to start off your blogging experience by creating good habits that will ensure your producting good blog posts over and over again.

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