Creating Social Media Headlines That Readers Love

creating social media headlinesHow much time do you spending creating social media headlines? You should probably spend more …

As online marketers, many of us struggle in getting the clicks and the bookmarks we need on our posts and our articles? It could be that there is something that we could improve when it comes to your content and this might be where we are coming up short. In fact, the very best online writers are making the same mistake as well – so we shouldn’t feel bad.

Marketers Overlook the Obvious

This particular factor in our writing will actually require some extra effort to get it right, and yet it’s extremely so apparent that it gets overlooked. But if we think for just a minute and ask ourselves what our viewers see first see when they read our social media posts.

That’s right, you guessed correctly. It is our headlines.

If we fail to write a compelling headline, then there is no way that we are going to attract the attention of new readers, and our blog posts will not circulate as quickly either.

But if we take the take to craft a great headline that kicks ass, then we are going to get many more clicks, lots more bookmarks, and our dedicated readers will be eager to share our content with all of their friends and loved ones.

Writing Compelling Headlines

Here is a drill for you. Go back and read the headline of your most recent article which you felt that you wrote very well. In fact, why not read several of them? And then evaluate them based on the following criterion.

  • Does the headline grab your attention?This is the very first element when it comes to creating a headline for our awesome posts and articles. Our headlines have to grab the attention of potential readers among all the noise that our society cranks out on a nonstop basis.
  • Will the headline attract the right audience?The fact is that we humans are mostly driven by our own self-interests and our minds are programmed to scan information for messages that pertain to us specifically. Therefore, our headlines must target the group of people that we desire to read our content. It is okay if others want to read it as well, but we must ensure that our target audience has an interest in reading it.
  • Is your headline specific? When we write specific headlines, they have proven to be more effective in getting the attention of others. Not only that, they are notorious for building instant belief and trust in readers because they demonstrate knowledge about the topic. Vague and generic headlines tend to be more untrustworthy. So instead of saying “enjoy profitable results”, we should say “how I got an 87.2% boost in profits with this simple method.”
  • Does your headline illicit curiosity in your potential reader?Have you determined ahead of time exactly what is going to get readers to take notice but also to take action as well? When you have figured this out, then you need to weave this into your new headline. This will give readers a very reason to read beyond the headline and consume your entire blog post, and it all begins with generating curiosity. What is effective is generating a sense of feeling incomplete within potential readers, and they must read the post to get answers.
  • Does your headline promise powerful benefits?All great headlines points out the big benefits of reading the article. There must be a big payoff in the end. Readers have to discover exactly what they stand to gain from your information.


Creating social media headlines that readers love is a skill that every online content writer needs to develop. It will pay off handsomely in the long run.


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