How to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Fanpage

How to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook PageStill wondering how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage?

When we create our Facebook fanpage, it is a great way of linking our brand with the users on Facebook. We certainly need to promote our page in pretty much the same way we would promote our blogs or websites by giving it more. Of course, the very step in marketing our fan page is by updating it quite often with fresh new quality content.

Creating Quality Updates

What happens when you post an update to your fanpage, that content is also posted to your fans’ news feeds, which prompts them click to your page. So when we how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage, the first way is by cranking out good content and posting it on your page.

But it doesn’t stop there, when your fans visit your fanpage and they interact and engage with it, this activity is also posted in their news feed – and this will expose your page to their friends on Facebook as well. And also, Facebook rewards posts and pages who receive lots of engagement by spreading them more throughout Facebook. In addition to updating your fanpage often, there also some other ways to get more traffic to your Facebook page and increase your fan base.

Creating Backlinks to It

Do not hesitate to link every online entity you have to your new fanpage. You start by linking your blog or website to your page. After that, you can start linking from all of your other social media online channels such as your Twitter account, or your LinkedIn profile. And finally, you could include a link in your e-mail signature or even on the final page of a PowerPoint presentation that is featured on your website or blog.

Also, you could consider creating free blogs on Blogger, Tumblr, and Medium. Post a few pieces of great content on them – along with a link to your page. This is how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage.

Email People about it

Blast out emails to those people that you are already linked up with – like your Facebook friends, your email contacts, and your business partners, let them know about your fanpage. In your email, tell them exactly how they are going to benefit from Liking your fanpage and becoming a fan.

Use your Twitter Account

Any time you write and post new content to your fanpage, post it on your Twitter account and let your Twitter followers know about it. Also post it on your other social media accounts.

Engage with Other Facebook Pages

If you really want to know how to drive traffic to your Facebook fanpage, then every day you should visit 5-10 other fanpages in your niche. Ensure that you have liked their page and then post 2-3 comments on their most popular posts. Your goal is let others see your fanpage avatar – so be sure you are commenting where many others are seeing them.

Leverage Real-life News Stories and Events

Whenever stories become big news, make sure that you become part of that buzz. You do this by first posting the story on your page. Next, share the link to that fanpage post on your other social media accounts. Now find out which fanpage is buzzing most about the story begin engaging with others. If you have the time, keep commenting as long as the buzz is there.


5 Awesome Social Media Marketing Methods

social media marketing methodsThank goodness that there is no lack of social media marketing methods to market your brand online, but only a few of them are very efficient. As an online marketer, you only have a limited quantity of hours during the day and a limited supply of cash to work with, and of course, there is the pressure of finding the best way to spend that money.

Every marketer is seeking out social media methods that are both efficient and effective. And while effectiveness could be defined in any number of ways, the more important term would be efficiency. We could ask ourselves just how effective a certain method is in comparison to the efforts needed to carry out the that method.

5 Social Marketing Methods

These 5 awesome social media marketing methods can provide an adequate amount of leverage and provide some of best impact and for minimal investment.

1) Content distribution

Most online marketers are already executing a social media content marketing strategy. If you are not, then you must start right away as this is one of the most powerful ways to use social media.

Anytime you post new content, you should immediately use all of your social media channels to circulate that content to the public – as a minimum. This does several things for your overall brand. For starters, you will attract more interest to your content, you will get much more visibility, it will solicit more customer loyalty, and these things collectively will enhance the SEO of your blog or website. And it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

2) Content re-distribution

While posting your content is one good thing, you also pays to re-post your content on a periodic basis. This is especially true for that content that drew the most engagement. You only need to ensure that only your “evergreen” posts gets re-posted.

This keeps your social media accounts updates and maximizes the long-term value of every single piece of evergreen content you create. You just need to space them out so your posts do not become old and stale.

3) Engagement

Engagement and discussion will attract more followers to your social media accounts for the long term. Each new discussion in someone’s newsfeed will give new users a chance to become involved, and familiar users will drive the discussion and make it interesting – as they consider themselves to be the biggest influencers in your community, which will drive more traffic to your sites.

4) Influencer marketing

There is nothing more powerful than influencer marketing on social media. Even though there’s several potential tactics here, all of them have the same basic mechanism. You will be able to engage an influencer sometimes in some way. When this happens, you must find a way to tap into their current levels of visibility, and gain a stronger reputation for your brand.

5) Contests

Contests are among the most effective methods you can use as that old promise for a reward or prize will often lead to a higher level of engagement. Therefore, people are much more likely to share your content and give it much more visibility. Remember that the cash you end up paying for that prize will usually be much lower when you consider the visibility and reputation benefits you’ll get.

Among all the social media methods that you could use, the strategies listed above will offer you some of the highest returns for your monetary and time investments.

Top Social Media Sites

top social media sitesThere are a lot of questions bouncing around out there wondering what the top social media sites are. This is a legitimate concern because at one time there were over 1000 different social media sites out there and God only knows how many of them were worthwhile. Needless to say, you could spend the remainder of your life on these top sites if you had the motivation. But the fact is you will get left behind if you don’t establish a social media presence for your brand – because all the top brands are already there.

This is why so many of the top online marketers and people who enjoy surfing online were dying to know which of these could be considered as the top 5 social media sites. The top sites will provide much more leverage. So let’s not keep them in suspense, okay?

Top Social Sites – According to Most Experts

Every brand has a social networking platform that works best for their needs. It is good to identify which one of these works best for you. For this reason, we like to divide these five platforms into two major groups:

Social Platforms that are Good for Building Big Followings

The top three social media sites are considered mandatory for any brand that markets their product, service, or message online.

1) Facebook

We should begin with the big daddy. As of this writing, Facebook is by far the top and biggest social media site out there. It offers pretty much everything. Practically every single market or niche has been addressed and represented on Facebook. You can join or create Groups of like interests, and you can create and like fanpages on virtually any topic.

2) Twitter

Twitter is also a very powerful site and is actually a microblog. You follow people and they follow you back which means both of you can see and share one another’s posts, images, and videos. It used to be you have to restrict your message to less than 140 characters, but Twitter has since doubled that. Twitter is quick and portable, and it allows you to build a following pretty fast.

3) Instagram

Instagram is actually a platform for mobile devices to share images they have taken. It works like the other social media sites in that you accumulate followers and you can follow them back. This means you can share your top photos with one another. Instagram is noted for its extremely high engagement rate as compared to the other top 5 social media sites.

Platforms that Provide More Imagery

4) YouTube

YouTube is all about videos. When you create videos, you can upload them to your YouTube channel and they will host them online for you. Now you can share your video link with all of your friends and also post them on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

When you create a YouTube Channel and people like your videos, then they will subscribe to your channel which means they are notified every time that you upload a new video. Thus, people with lots of subscribers get many views on the videos they upload.

5) Pinterest

The last member of our top 5 social media sites list is Pinterest. Some people would put LinkdIn here, but we prefer Pinterest much more. Pinterest is a social media site for great images. People with Pinterest accounts create boards as a way of grouping their pictures – they are basically the same as categories on a WordPress blog. Other Pinterest users can choose to either befriend you, or they can like your boards, or they can do both.

This means that the pictures you post will be shown on their Pinterest feeds. When you post a picture on one of your Pinterest boards, you have the option including a link with your image. Needless to say, Pinterest is a great platform for building links and driving traffic to your websites.


Why would anyone ever want any more social sites when they have these top 5 social media sites? These are plenty big enough to suit any of your needs for extending your brand or boosting your overall popularity online. Top blogs only use the most popular social sites.

Understanding Social Media Marketing

Having some trouble understanding social media marketing? With businesses today seeking out the very best means to interact with their customers, social media marketing is becoming by far one of the most effective options for the money.

Marketing on social media has enabled businesses to have the ability to reach big audiences in the very place where they spend the most time — social media sites. Social networking pertains to marketing or attempting to market products by running ads on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Great Things about Social Media

Understanding social media marketing means that you get to create original content and post it for free on these sites and generate as much buzz as you can about your brand. The objective here is to attract followers that are interested enough in your post to share them with their family and friends. Ultimately, you want to create a large circle of followers who are taking an interest in your business.

One of the big reasons that people have love marketing on social media is that they can interact with such a large following. This style of social network marketing is creating a two-way street for members of their audience to voice complaints, ask questions, and share feedback – things that traditional marketing never offered. This open forum for communication allows a business to directly show consumers that they have been listening and that they are taking their opinions very seriously.

Another reasons why this style of marketing has gotten so popular is that it does not cost very much get started. Actually, beginning an advertising campaign using social media is quite simple and anyone can do it.

Social media marketing plans

The very first step in starting an effective social media marketing plan is to figure out the best social media networks for serving your business. With so many networks available, businesses must focus on those sites that have many of their customers.

Read more here 

5 Social Media Ideas that Rock

social media ideasAre you interested in 5 social media ideas that could help boost your social media game? Then you have come to the right place.

When it comes to increasing your cred online and enhancing your online image, you need to have a social media plan that stands above the rest. This is not to say you are not already posting some great stuff, it’s just a lot harder nowadays to make any noise when there’s millions and millions of other people trying to do the same thing. You have to admit, that’s some serious competition!

So let us look at some social media ideas that might help your posts gain some more traction. When you need to do is try to come up with 2-3 of these each week. It will increase your odds of finding something very popular that could go semi-viral for you.

5 Social Media Ideas

It would be ideal if you could create or share some of these great ideas every single week:

1) Funniest Video

Find some cool video channels and scan a few buzz sites every day as early as you can. See if you can be one of the first to discover the funniest videos of the day. When you do, blast them over your social media accounts and see if they catch fire. Remember, all it takes is one to become hot and get shared thousands of times.

One approach is taking advantage of your time zone. If you live in the United States, then you could look for videos coming the UK and Europe. If you live on the West Coast, then look for East Coast videos. You just have to do this early in the day.

2) Coolest Picture

Here’s something that is nice as well. Finding an awesome image to share with your social media audience. Often times, it depends on your niche. If you are into a pet niche, then baby animals are always in demand.

A popular approach among these social media ideas is to create some cool images yourself – if you are fairly skilled with using Photoshop. And if you are really good, then you can probably create one of these several times a week and gets lots of traffic and followers.

3) Neatest Quote   

Everyone like a cool quote – sometimes it is a matter of just getting it out there where they can read them. Putting them over a nice photo that illustrates the overall mood is a nice touch as well.

4) Most Interesting Story

In our world, we can just about always find a story that is very moving and bizarre. People are often really attracted to these. It’s like driving by a car wreck – you just have to look. There are some sites who specialize in these kinds of stories.

5) Most Intriguing Question

Anytime you want interaction from your social media audience, ask them a question. And don’t necessarily ask them a yes or no question to make them interact with you. Sometimes you can get away with saying “like if you agree and retweet if you disagree” or something like that.

One Last Bonus Idea

Since we are on a roll with these social media ideas, let us look at one more. When you find a post that has done well in the past and it is an evergreen post, then post it again. I always try to repost my older posts that performed the best. Doing this allows you to get the most mileage out of your content.

How to Market on Social Media

How to Market on Social MediaStill trying to learn how to market on social media? You have probably learned that social media marketing is anything but easy. Let us take a look at what it actually takes to market a business on these social sites.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are all totally cost free platforms that any business can utilize to engage directly with their audience. However, many people have mistakenly gotten the notion that this engagement is free and easy. Amy Vernon, who is a social marketing adviser, as well as a cofounder and CMO of agrees. “One of the biggest false assumptions about using social media for marketing is that it doesn’t cost money and it’s fast,” she says. “Like all good things, ‘getting the word out’ takes time.” Fortunately, there are things we can do to speed up this process.

Build Your Channels Early

“Don’t wait for launch day to create your social media channels,” says Vernon. She strongly urges that you start creating and building your social media sites – as well as your online presence as soon as possible. There are actually some things that you can share prior to launching your business. “Share information relating to your industry,” stresses Vernon. “Become a resource of information. Connect with others in your industry and talk to them.”

Build Relationships with Influencers

“Just like your social media channels, you need to build relationships before you ‘need’ them,” Vernon points out. She recommends that you should begin by seeking bloggers and journalists who typically write about your market or niche. “Read, comment on, and share their posts, if appropriate.” You need to begin connecting and cultivating influential relationships with experts in your niche who can give you great help down the road. “When you approach them later, they’ll be more likely to recognize your name, or at least be receptive, because it’s obvious you know what they cover,” said Vernon.

Find your Audience

If you still have not started building your social networks and developed relationships ahead of time, Vernon recommends that you figure out the social platforms that can reach your target audience the quickest and most effectively. She urges that you study those platforms and, when it is possible, start targeting that audience with your advertising on those platforms.

“Find out who’s talking about what, where they’re talking about it, and then start listening there,” Vernon said. And you have to understand that determining where you can find your target audience on social media will take time – it requires that you search for those people who have been chatting about topics that are critical to your business. There are lots of tools out there that help you listen to all the conversations on social media. She actually recommends FollowerWonk and SpiderQube.

Join the Conversation

One vital thing that you can do to promote your business is by becoming a part of the conversation. “You can participate in Twitter chats and Google Hangouts that relate to your business,” she suggests. You can always jump into ongoing conversations pertaining to your market by using trending hashtags on most any social media platform.

While Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are generally the most receptive social media platforms for businesses, Vernon emphasizes that no social media platform is off limits – you just have to a modify your content to the standards of any given platform. “I’d have thought, for example, that people would hate seeing businesses on Tumblr,” Vernon points out. “But IBM does a fantastic job on Tumblr because the content they create for it and share there really taps into the type of content that Tumblr fans like.”

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Creating a Social Marketing Strategy that Works

social media strategySo you are looking to create a social marketing strategy and you are not sure where to start, right? Well keep reading then and we will see if we can’t get you started.

The great thing about devising a social marketing strategy is that you can use one that is completely free of charge. Or you can devise one that is very low cost and will not hurt your budget very much. How does that sound?

Establishing your Presence on Social Media

I am a big believer in getting your brand out there on all of the major social media platforms, regardless of whether you plan to use them very much in the short term. The big reason that I recommend doing this is simply to get your brand (and logo) on those accounts to serve as a placeholder.

That way, no one else can use them. Many times, people won’t create an Instagram account, for instance, because they don’t really like Instagram and they don’t intent to use it. However later, when their business grows and they hire someone to manage their social media accounts, that person might want to include Instagram as part of the overall social marketing strategy. And when this new social media manager goes to create the Instagram account, someone else has already claimed the business name and they have to use something with numbers or underscores.

Focus your Message

You should only place your focus on just a couple of social media channels to begin with. Personally, I recommend starting out with Facebook and a second social media account. For that second account, I would probably choose Twitter because you can build an audience fairly quickly and you can post more often without coming off as being spammy. My next choice would be either Instagram or Pinterest.

If creating videos is a big part of your online marketing message, then obviously YouTube should be your second choice.

As you create these social media accounts and start filling out their profiles, ensure that you do the following things: 1) Place a link back to your main website or blog, 2) Insert your logo as your main avatar, 3) Type in your mission and tagline, and 4) Place links to all your other social media accounts, where it is allowed. I do not recommend that you place the same post on all of your accounts at the same time because it looks very spammy. Many social media accounts are quite eager about encouraging your do this, it is not recommended at all.

Building your Audience on Social Media

When you begin using your social media accounts, you should be initially concerned with one thing. And that is building your audience. The easiest way to do this is simply using the law of reciprocity – which mean you start following and befriending other people in your niche and wait on them to return the favor. This approach is not as effective as it used to be, but it still works. About 5-6 years ago with Twitter, about 50% of those people would follow you back, but today that number is more like 25-30%. Instagram’s follow back is a little bit better.

Nonetheless, you must start building an audience – but you have to do it very gradually at first. Start by following perhaps 10-20 a day during your first week, and very slowly build up your follow rate. Twitter accounts that are over 5 years old can easily follow 500-600 people every day, but it takes time to reach that level.

When using Facebook, I recommend you create an account using a personal likeness (either you own or a persona) and then create a fanpage for your online marketing activities. I will warn you now that building fans is MUCH harder and slower than getting them on any other social media site. You need to become active on Facebook as your fanpage (and not your personal account) and start liking other fanpages in your niche. And then you need to start making comments on those huge pages in your niche – the ones who have several million fans. You must do this every single day – be consistent and do not give up. Your first 10,000 fans will be the hardest.

Another thing you should do on Facebook is to start joining groups in your market or niche. Keep in mind that you will have to join these groups as your persona and not your fanpage. However, you will be able to share your fanpage posts within that group – which can help you get a few new fans.

The key to building your social media audience is consistence – do it every single day.

Posting Messages on Social Media

So now we can start getting into the actual social media strategy and that is posting messages. The three big questions about posting messages on your social media accounts is how many to post each day, when to post them, and what to post.

As far as how many messages to post, that depends on the social media site itself. On Twitter, you could post 8-10 times every day and be fine. However on Facebook and Instagram, you should only post 3-4 times every day. And if you are making videos on YouTube, it depends on how long it takes you to make a new video – one video every few days would be okay if you make them that fast.

Regarding the times for posting your messages, there is a ton of opinions and articles posted online about this. But basically, you should thrive to space your posts across the day. There is a 7-9am slot that works well, and then a lunchtime slot of say 11am-1pm, and a late afternoon slot of 3-5pm, and then an evening slot of 7-9pm. Play around with these and see what works best – one person’s social media strategy might work a little better in a certain time slot than someone else’s.

Now let’s discuss what to post. The majority of your posts need to bring value to your audience. Find useful pieces of information pertaining to your niche and share those with your audience. Don’t post crap to them – give them value. You can also share fun things that are entertaining and humorous.

I recommend using Feedly’s RSS feed reading and loading it with feeds from all sorts of different niches – in addition to your own. Share information and interesting posts in addition to those about your market.

In regards to your personal marketing and sharing your own posts, experts recommend that you use a ratio of around 4 to 1. In other words, send out 4 posts of value and entertainment for every 1 marketing post about your services and products. This is a perfect mix for your social marketing strategy.

Start Adding Some Budget

If you have followed along, then you know how to go about creating a social media marketing plan without spending any cash at all. This really works, but it requires a lot of effort – and it’s not easy.

The big reason we recommended establishing your Facebook presence is because when you are ready to start spending a little on your marketing, Facebook is second to none. This platform will continue to an exact audience – you just have to realize who your audience is.

When you are ready to begin investing in your social marketing strategy, I recommend that you start with a very small budget of say $10 to $20 per month. You can use this for either building fans on your Facebook fanpage, or you can start “boosting” your most popular fanpage posts to new people.

I recommend you initially use your budget to build up new fans. After you reach 10,000 fans, then you should start boosting your most popular posts. As you budget increases, you could try a few small ads for some of your products and services.

After you follow the steps above, then you will have a very nice social marketing strategy in place.

5 Business Goals that Social Media Allows You to Accomplish Quickly

social media goalsEvery business, online or not, has several of the same basic goals, but there are 5 business goals that social media allows you to accomplish quickly – much faster than normal. This is why everyone should learn to use social media and learn to apply it with skill and use it extensively.

Never during the history of marketing and promotion has there been a medium as effective and as targeted as the world of social networking. In many ways, it has level the playing field. Any one of us as individuals can make a huge mark in the social media world. Most notably, there are the 5 business goals that social media allows you to accomplish quickly – traditional businesses work hard for years to achieve these.

Harnessing the Powerful Influence of Social Networking

Today, we can create and promote brands that are capable of dominating many mid-level markets and niches. When using social media strategies, many of us have gone out and created brands, promoted them aggressively, and have grown online audiences that most any traditional business would envy.

The remarkable thing about this is that this outrageous feat can be accomplished for little or no costs at all. In fact, there are several marketers out there who have spent no money at all and have amassed literally millions of fans and followers online. The secret is that most of these savvy marketers have mastered one or two powerful methods with only one social media channel. There is certainly great power and influence in specialization.

Accomplishing Traditional Business Goals Much Faster

Using social media allows us to do many things that we haven’t been able to do before. For instance, we can now define an exact customer – right down to the hair color and number of kids they have – and then promote our brand only that customer. This is the power of running paid ads on social media advertising channels – where we only pay for that customer profile to view our ads. Never in the history of advertising have we had this kind of precision available.

But there are certain traditional business goals we can now accomplish with great ease. In fact, there are 5 business goals that social media allows you to accomplish quickly. And we are talking about goals that every business in the world is seeking. Let us examine them one by one.

1) Building Trust

Every business needs to cultivate trust within their potential customer base. When you use social media, you are creating more and more opportunities for yourself to build that trust. In a traditional business, the only chance you have to demonstrate that your business is trustworthy is when a customer visits you in person – and the amount of time is limited during those visits.

When you use social media, you are able to post communications on a daily basis. Many of these posts can be delivered to specifically foster trust with your audience. Let us look at ways to build trust online.

Be authentic and sincere. You must be real and sincere as you communicate with your online audience. Do not be afraid to share some personal stories about yourself. Experts tell us that one of the quickest ways to build rapport with others is by sharing personal stories with them.

Another way to be real is to use only authentic images in your online posts – never ever use stock images. Take pictures of your business and your staff. You can also design your own graphics.

Be humble. All of us admire humility in others. Do not be afraid to poke fun of yourself occasionally – it is tremendously endearing to the masses. Try to come off as a “home boy (or girl) who made it big”. Be almost apologetic and surprised by your successes.

Show your selflessness. A great way to demonstrate you are trustworthy is by using social proof. You should post and share testimonials from your previous customers. Share their stories with your online audience using verbiage that your readers can empathize with.

You can also show selflessness by sharing content with them that is very helpful. If you can help them solve an annoying problem, then they will love you for life.

Demonstrate devotion to service. Whenever someone complains about your product or service online, you must address immediately. If you run and hide from online complaints (like many others tend to do), then your business will suffer irreparable damage because many potential customers are watching to see what you are going to do.

Instead, look at these online gripes as fabulous opportunities for you to demonstrate how devoted you are to solving their problems. If you sincerely make a huge effort on a public social media platform to help unhappy customers, everyone will see how devoted you are and this will earn you a huge amount of trust.

Keep in mind it won’t matter whether that particular customer was ever satisfied or not, observers will understand if unhappy customers are unreasonable and will not hold it against you. Building trust is certainly one of the 5 business goals that social media allows you to accomplish quickly.

2) Building Authority

build authorityWhen we operate businesses in the traditional manner, it is extremely hard to position yourself as an authority. The only means you have to build your authority is when a customer actually comes into your business. And even if they do visit your establishment, you have to interact and engage with them to demonstrate your knowledge about your market.

The only other way a traditional business has to build authority is through various advertising mediums. Often times, the problem with these advertising mediums is that a lot of customers have been mentally ignoring them for years.

Let us look at how you can build authority on social media:

Knowledgeable content. Posting content that is both valuable and informative will build your online credibility as fast as anything. Ensure that your content is not rehashed garbage that everyone is already heard a dozen times. Create fresh new content that is unique and demonstrates your command of your niche.

There is no substitute for amazing content. You want your content to be so great that when it is rehashed (and it will be, if it’s good), everyone will know that you were the one who created it in the first place.

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Identify the most effective times to share. Each and every social media platform has its own “sweet spot”. This is simply the best time of day to post on that particular social networking site. Make sure that you are well aware of the best times to post as this will be the times when most people are spending time there. Also, you need to know how many times you should post daily on that platform for maximum effectiveness.

Post your great content in a timely manner. When you are timely in posting your content, it means that your post compliments and corresponds with current news and events that are presently trending in your market or niche. There are a few great reasons why timely posts are so effective.

General interest is elevated. When a trending news story occurs, it generates an interest and curiosities about that particular niche or market. This means that your timely post can potentially attract a lot more interest than it normally would. Thus, your posts should address an audience with a basic knowledge level in your niche.

It positions you on the cutting edge. When there’s a big news story, and you post content that compliments that news story, then get to enjoy some added authority. This is because readers will automatically associate your timely post with the news story. It gives your audience the impression that you are actually on the cutting edge of your market.

Create connections with like-minded people. You can deepen your association with your market by associating with many other people and businesses within that market. Engage with them online as often as possible – in full view of your audience. This practice will allow them to see your as more of an authority in your niche.

3) Become a thought leader

These last three goals are probably the most previously elusive from our list of 5 business goals that social media allows you to accomplish quickly.

Becoming a thought leader was previously something that very few traditional business leaders ever accomplished. This is simply because it requires a comparison to other leaders within a given market. The Internet is what makes such a comparison possible in the first place.

Before even being considered as a thought leader, you must have already built a significant amount of authority in your market – as described in the last section. Once you have authority, it’s a matter of winning over other figures of authority in your market as well. Here are some things you can do to make that happen.

Craft your elevator story. We have all heard about the ‘elevator story’. It is simply a response to the question, “What do you do?” We craft our response as if someone very important had just asked us in an elevator, and we only had a moment to respond. Our statement would have to be brief, informative, while presents us in the best light.

We need to have a compelling elevator story, if we want to become a thought leader. In fact, we would need something like a campaign slogan – something that people can relate to and is catchy.

Our main focus must be a sustainable interest. We can’t expect to be seen as a thought leader in a trending niche or market. Our niche needs to be both evergreen and sustainable.

Discover the perfect platform for your messages. Pick a social media channel that works the best for your message and stay there. This is not to say you should ignore the other powerful social media channels, you just need to pick the one where the majority of your followers will go to hear from you.

Your goal is to reach an authority status to the point where if news occurs within your market, then your followers will look for your response to it. This is why they should know where you will most likely respond.

Create some videos. Even if your perfect platform is not YouTube, you should still create some high quality videos. The reason is that high quality videos have a way of boosting credibility by themselves. They are seen to have a natural aura of authority and you should take advantage of this.

Participate in every major online conversation in your market. Make sure that when conversations among the experts and gurus in your market begin taking place online, you become engaged with them. It doesn’t matter if you are invited or not, what matters is what observers perceive. And when you are taking part in major discussion online, you are immediately seen as an authority and eventually – a thought leader.

4) Connect to global markets

It wasn’t that long ago when tapping into global markets was simply a wish and a prayer. Unless you were involved in an export/import business of some sort, you couldn’t do any business overseas. Not the case anymore.

Online businesses today can engage a foreign audience immediately through their social media accounts. In fact, they are probably already making a few sales in foreign English speaking countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

If an online business wishes to connect to the other global markets, they need only to have a translator convert their existing websites and blog pages to their design foreign language. Then they can post that content on a new domain of that language. Amazing how something that was one practically impossible is now so simple.

5) Become well known or even famous

Getting to the point where you are well-known or even famous is something that you actually have very little control over. Certainly if you work hard on items 1 through 4 in this article, you will have a much better chance of getting there.

However, doing all these things gives you a better chance of becoming well-known than you had when you merely operated a traditional business twenty years ago. If this is your goal, then I would concentrate on building your authority and becoming a thought leader.

Possibly the best thing you could do to boost your persona is to write a great book and then make a big splash on social media when you launch that book. Create several videos that effectively promote that book.

Another thing you can do is create a high level course in your market or niche. This makes you an instant authority and everyone who takes your course immediately sees you as a thought leader. After that, you can begin attending seminars and conventions that are taking place in your market.

While you are there, make sure you speak to every major personality at the convention. Make yourself memorable to them. Remember you now have a book and a course with your name on it – this gives you some status.


Hopefully, you now understand the unique power that social media offers every single one of us. It all depends on how creative we are and how willing we are to work those channels. More importantly, we now know the 5 business goals that social media allows you to accomplish quickly.


Discover the 7 Big Benefits of Social Media Marketing

discover the 7 benefits of social mediaIf you haven’t jumped into the social media buzz yet, then you must discover the 7 benefits of social media and why you must start using it now. And it really doesn’t matter if you are an individual or if you are a business, social networking will greatly enhance your life and your objectives.

However, if you happen to have a business, the benefits of social media are far greater. Even if you are a traditional brick and mortar business, then you are simply leaving money on the table because your potential clients today are going online to make their purchasing decisions – and they are doing it more and more as time goes on. Also, you are probably getting left behind by competitors who are already establishing a presence and influence in the cloud already.

If you are an individual and have yet to discover the 7 benefits of social media, then you are missing out on the ability to connect with dozens, if not hundreds of friends and colleagues. These connections extend your circle of loved ones, friends, and influence which will increase the quality of your life tenfold. When you are connected, you become more aware of events and things that you are most interested in – things that are very valuable to you.

Seven (7) Benefits of Social Media

Now that we have briefly discussed some of the reasons that both individuals and businesses should be enjoying the power of social media and even social media marketing, it is time to further examine  a few of its benefits. Keep in mind that after you discover the 7 benefits of social media, you will wonder why you didn’t beginning using it before now.

1) Grow a Huge Audience

What many people do not realize is that when you use social media, you can grow a very large following in a short amount of time. And when you are aware of the hottest trends and biggest stories, and you start sharing those on your social media channels, it is only a matter of time before one of them goes viral (or partially viral) and attracts a huge number of followers. This is how social media works.

Even if you do not connect with a viral story, if you simply keep sharing good stories and pictures, you are going to attract a constant flow of new fans, friends, and followers. The key here is consistency. You have to be consistent to grow your channels.

The second thing you must do is use only the big social media sites. We are talking about Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube (if you have the ability to make videos). I would recommend creating accounts with each of these, but concentrating your efforts on only one or two of them. Everybody has a preferred social channel, so just try them all out and find out which one suit you best. They are all very good and effective in their own way and will allow you to discover the 7 benefits of social media.

2) Instant Messaging

After you have built a sizeable following on your preferred social media channel(s), you have the ability to send out messages to tens of thousands or perhaps hundreds of thousands of people instantly. Just think for a moment how big your voice has become when you can do this.

And it is extremely realistic to grow this kind of following within months – depending on how much effort you have devoted to your channels. Even if you only spend a few minutes each day, you could easily have a following of 50 thousand or so within a year’s time. It depends on how consistently you are posting good content that your audience likes.

Imagine if you were able to have a call of action for your following and you could count of a given percentage of them to respond each time you ask. Do you not see the power and influence in this? It would be absolutely amazing!

The way in which your following responds to you depends on how you have interacted with them in the past. If you have tried to scam them a few times, then they probably will not respond much at all. But if you have been honest and real with them, and you have provided value to them – then they will probably respond very well to you.

3) Instant Feedback

When you have a huge following on your social media accounts, and you have cultivated a good relationship with them, you will have the ability ask many things of them. If you are thinking about posting a banner somewhere, or designing a book cover, you can ask them for input.

For instance, you could post two book cover mock ups and ask them which one they like. Or if you are writing a sales slogan or new tagline, you could ask them to choose among a few of them.

When you consider what corporations are paying for consumer inputs like this, you must realize how valuable it is to be able to get instant feedback from your following – for FREE! The value of this is simply off the charts. There are hundreds of people out there who have no clue how to utilize their massive social media followings. They have yet to discover the 7 benefits of social media marketing.

4) Building Your Brand

building a brandObviously, this may apply more to businesses, but there are some individuals who are concerned about their brand as well. When you have a vested interest in promoting a brand and getting the word out there, you have no better ally than the power of social media.

One of the very first things you should do as a business is to create a set of social media accounts with all of the major social media sites. On each of these accounts, you should post the mission of your business, the slogan or tagline of your business, and finally the logo of your business.

After you have done the above, all you need do now is start posting content about what is happening in your business. Things like new products launches, new services, special offers, giveaways, and so forth. It is recommended that you allocated a healthy percentage of your advertising into promoting and building your social media channels as they have historically provided the biggest value of most forms of advertising.

5) Customer Input

For businesses, a huge reason for having an online presence is to demonstrate your willingness and your sincere concerns about your customers. This is what can happen when you allow your customers to provide input to you publicly online. The key here is how you handle those customers who have complaints. Many people do not want to address these issues publicly because of our human nature to avoid uncomfortable or unpleasant situations.

You have to realize that these customer complaints represent an enormous opportunity for you and your business. Because when customers complain online, there are many eyes watching your response. If you demonstrate that you truly care about the happiness of your customers, this increases your reputation dramatically.

Do not underestimate online reputations. There are companies who are literally paying online reputation specialists thousands of dollars every single month to repair their Internet reputations. This is a very valuable thing – so do not ignore unhappy customers, instead respond to them quickly and offer them value and restitution. As you discover the 7 benefits of social media marketing, you may find this one of the most valuable.

6) Increases your Authority  

Becoming an authority in your market or niche is pretty much the pinnacle for the objective of any business or person. The critical aspect of authority is that you do not get to decide if you are an authority, the ultimate opinion of that depends on your audience and your clients – both existing and potential.

However, the good news here is they only have to “perceive” you as an authority. And to be perceived as an authority requires that you become a big part of the conversation and the buzz about your niche or market. Whenever people follow your niche online and they constantly see you as part of the conversation, they are going to eventually consider you to be an authority of that market – any person would naturally assume that to be the case.

The only thing you have to do is begin acting like an authority.  This means you begin observing the other authorities in your market. Study them and learn how they are managing their social media accounts. Take note of the content that they are sharing with their audience and how often. Take note of the products and services that they are offering and what special offers they post on their social media. Now start mimicking their habits, but do not copy them – you must alter your approach in order to make it unique – but use their methods as a guide. This is one of the quickest things you can take advantage of as you discover the 7 benefits of social media marketing.

7) Drive Website Traffic

Many online marketers will tell you that this is their major reason for establishing an online presence using social media sites. They will tell you that this is why social media is a MUST for anyone who does anything online. The reason is we can use the big audiences and followings on our social media accounts to drive insane amounts of traffic to our main blogs or websites.

Most of the time, business (and even individuals) will have a main blog or website from which we deliver our primary message. This message could mean offering products and services, pushing a political and community message, or even raising money for a worthy cause. Our blog or website is the platform from where all of this occurs.

System of Bots that Drives Insane Traffic to any Site – Read our Traffic Bot Review about these unique bots that are exploiting a loophole in the major search engines. It is something that you might find very useful.

And we can drive this message using our massive social media presence. With many of our social media postings, we add a link one of our webpages – we can add links to the videos on our webpages. And as our social media following grows, then so will the amount of traffic to our websites and blogs. And the beautiful thing is that each of these social media sites has the ability to send lots of traffic to your desired destination.

You can use Twitter to blast out a quick message or post, while Facebook provides the ability to post a more detailed message.  When you have incredible pictures and images to share you can use Pinterest, or you could use Instagram, which is known for its extremely high engagement levels. Finally, there’s YouTube which gives you a platform for posting (and hosting) your videos. Never forget that YouTube is the second biggest search engine out there – second only to Google, who owns YouTube as well.

How could anyone overlook this benefit as they discover the 7 benefits of social media?

BONUS Benefit – Powerful Backlinks

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there is nothing more valuable than getting powerful backlinks. This allows us to get favorable rankings in the search engines for our targeted keywords. And when our rankings get high enough, we stand to receive enormous amounts of organic traffic from people who are using the search engines.

The awesome thing about this traffic is that it is extremely targeted and therefore we can expect higher conversions (and sales) from these visitors. And this great traffic comes to our webpages totally FREE of charge!

Can life get any better than this? Getting traffic that highly converts without spending a dime? This is the beauty of getting organic traffic and a very good reason why we discover the 7 benefits of social media marketing.

One of the things that lets us rank for our keywords are getting powerful backlinks. And backlinks that have both authority and quality are the very best to get. This is what the social media sites provide for us – high quality backlinks. Whenever we fill out our profiles on those sites, they allow us to post a link to our main website.

In fact, several of the main search engines today are actually looking for backlinks from the major social media platforms as they consider where to rank our webpages. This is a huge reason why we need to discover the 7 benefits of social media today.

Start Building Social Media Profiles Now

If you have not starting doing so, then it is highly recommended that you begin creating your social media presence right away. Hopefully, the words above have provided compelling evidence for the value of powerful and consistent social networking. So we urge you to discover the 7 benefits of social media marketing.