4 Steps to Easy Social Media Marketing for Modern Times

easy social media marketingEasy social media marketing is now available to all. This is what lots traditional online marketers have yet to learn. Many are not even aware of this fact. The social media methods that are being used today are not the same methods that were even being done a few years ago.

This is because of the changing and improving platforms and new technologies, and also because of our access to endless streams of information. Also, consumers are much more informed today than they ever have been.

Maturation of Social Media Marketing

So here we are at the point where the use of social media for marketing has matured beyond belief. The question is how many of us have matured along with it?

The answer is probably not many. Recent research has indicated that around 98% of consumer brands are still using social media for just broadcasting to their customers – without actually engaging with them. When you think about it, this is actually going against the notion that social marketing works two ways.

4 Modern Marketing Steps

If your business hasn’t caught up with times, then keep reading to get yourself up to date. This is actually a good time to consider how social media help your business even more. Let us look at four things you can do to start using social in a more effective way.

1) Do more than listen

A few years ago, marketing gurus were telling us to start “listening” to the conversations on social media. This was supposed to be a big game changer.

The idea now is to start going beyond listening and engaging as well. Do not stop at listening – take the extra and interact with your potential audience.

2) Scale up that engagement

We you think about it, trying to listen and engage on every social media channel could be very hard. The good news is that there are several tools out there that will help you cover all your social media channels. This is a great example of easy social media marketing methods.

3) Accelerate awareness of your brand

The biggest advantage of using social media for marketing is the power it gives you. Marketers today can literally define their audience to every little detail and social media will serve up that precise advertising to them. When you define your customer avatar, then you just need to ratchet up your campaigns.

4) Uniting your audience and technology methods

Becoming a great social media marketer means finding that perfect balance between using your technologies and exerting a human touch. You really can’t put the primary focus on one or the other and go to the next level. You have to leverage the power of each of these approaches.

Putting it all Together

The goals of marketers are comprised of three things. They need to get new customers, they need to serve their existing customers, and they to grow loyal customers. Social media will help businesses achieve these important goals. When you can embrace its power, then you will experience easy social media marketing.



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