3 Things Are Keeping Your Facebook Fan Pages From Earning $1000s

Could it be that simple you ask?  Could my fanpage failures be described by 3 things?


Do you spend time building great Fanpages only to watch them die on the vine in a few months?

Do you have several Fanpages that have no life which are collecting dust?

Were you not able to gain hardly any fans at all on your Fanpages? … Much less any type of profits?

If any of these are even partially true, then these 3 THINGS definitely apply to you … So listen up!!

Here are the 3 THINGS holding you back ….

1) ZERO TIME AVAILABLE – The first problem is that you probably don’t have the time or DON’T WANT to devote the time to manage multiple Fanpages properly.

In order to have successful Fanpages, you have to build several of them. Over time, you then weed out your losers and then boost your winners.

This strategy WORKS GREAT, but it takes a lot of time …

2) ANALYZE YOUR RESULTS – The second problem for Fanpage failures is not knowing what is actually working and what your fans really like. Analyzing results is tedious and because of this – we don’t like spending time doing it.

But if we do it and we discover what they like, we can give them MORE OF IT!

Doesn’t that just make perfect sense?

3) NO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – The third problem for having Fanpages that flop is the lack of a system to manage them. Having a system is CRITICAL for creating profitable Fanpages – you can ask anyone who has them.

Requirements For Running Successful Facebook Fanpages

Research Content That Fans Love – You must post great content that your fans absolutely love. Too many times, fanpage owners took the easy way out and posted rehashed content. This gets stale quickly and only causes potential fans to move on to someone else’s fanpage.

You need fresh content that is unique. Of course, getting this content requires a lot of time and effort, doesn’t it?

The good news is that it doesn’t have to …

Post Sexy Images – Posting images are a must as statistics indicate that they draw a lot more interest. But as with content, you need to post images that are unique and that people like. More importantly, these images need to be cool enough to share.

Most people understand the need for images, but what they don’t understand is posting images that people want to share.

They like sharing stuff that MAKES THEM look cool – that’s a different mindset!

Learn the secret to doing this and your Fanpage will ROCK!!

Schedule Posting and Post Regularly – People tend to overlook the importance of scheduling and posting consistently on their fanpages. The reasons for doing this are countless.

The most important of these reasons is that it gives people something to anticipate. If you’re posting intriguing content – as you should be – then your loyal fans will be eagerly awaiting your next posting. Give them some reliable times that they can count on.

Perhaps they are sharing your posts with thousands of other friends and followers – even on either social sites.

The reason for scheduling them ahead of time is because they will get delivered no matter what. You sometimes get too busy and forget, don’t you? We all do.

This is why we need to schedule our posts ahead of time. AND we can schedule them to post during peak times too!

Track the Performance of Your Posts – Many successful fanpage owners will tell you that this is the “secret sauce” for them.

They find successful content and boost it!!

Then they post it again in the future and re-boost it again!!

Putting It All Together

Yes I know – this is a lot of stuff to keep up with. But honestly, the hardest part is setting it up. Of course, even after it is set up, it STILL requires time and is very tedious.

Accomplishing all these things with your fanpages can be easily done with the RIGHT TOOL

I have found that the best tool to accomplish ALL of these things is one called Qilio.

With this tool, you can easily manage and track all of your fanpages from one console.

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