11 Video Marketing Tips You Should Be Using

If you are not adhering to these video marketing tips, then you are getting left behind by your competitors. The truth is that there are millions of dollars being earned every month from effective marketing methods using video.

It has come to the point where you must start using them if you want to succeed as an online marketer. Competition is very stiff these days on the internet and much of it is very well versed. This is why you should start using these video marketing tips right away.

Video Marketing Tips You Can Count On

In order to have video marketing success, let us look at these methods which should become your guidelines for online video:

1) Use YouTube Video First. The objective with video content is the same as with any other type of online content. You need immediate exposure and you need to get it in front of as many people as possible. The fact is that YouTube’s website has the second biggest search engine in the world. So when you upload your video to Youtube, you are employing the two biggest search engines in the world at the same time.

2) Create Intriguing Content on your Video. Just because its video doesn’t mean the content can be subpar. You are still dealing with people surfing the web with shorter attention spans. The best approach is to tell a story and engage the emotions of your viewer. This should be easier using video so you are able to appeal to more of the human senses than simply using the written word.

3) Write Titles That Attract Attention. Your video’s title should not only include your primary keyword, it should be crafted so that people want to read more. As most great copywriters will tell you, they spend as much time crafting the headline of a sales letter as they do on the entire sales letter itself.

video content marketing4) Target Keywords That Can Be Ranked On Youtube’s Search Engine. Yes, I know that this website is all about getting traffic without search engines, but what we are talking about is the search engine of a social site. Why not rank on a social site when you can do it easily?

5) Take Advantage of the Easy SEO Methods Available for Videos. After finding a targeted keyword for the Youtube search engine, here’s a few things you can do to rank easily. The first thing is to give your video a filename using this keyword. Secondly, after uploading your video, you will want to use a suitable custom thumbnail where the filename of the image is that of the keyword as well. Next, you will want to use the main keyword in the first and last sentence of your video’s description.

6) Use The Low Hanging Fruits Provided By Youtube Videos. Many people who take part on online video marketing to not do so to the fullest extent in my opinion. To begin with, Youtube allows you to create channels. Naturally, you should organize these channels as you would organize categories on your blog. Secondly, a link to your business blog should be the very first item they see in your video description. If people like your video, they will visit your blog – plain and simple. Thirdly, you should ask viewers to subscribe to your channel in both your description and on your video.

7) Organize Your Video Content. Your video should open with introduction to the main topic of your video. I would personally include your blog URL in the footer of the video throughout the entire video if possible. The best way to attract interest to your video and hold their interest is to define a common problem and show viewers how you solved it. You will want to conclude with a strong call to action at the end of your video. However, remember that you should be entertaining or informing for the most part, not advertising.

8) Share Your Videos. This is where you need to spread the word and spread it far and wide. This is the very essence of using solid video marketing tips. You should share it on every one of your social media accounts and encourage your friends and followers to repost and retweet it as well. If your video has true value, then it will enjoy incredible video marketing success. That is simply a law of marketing – value always sells and always will sell.

9) Take Advantage of YouTube’s Heritage. You must not ignore this fact. What we are talking about is the fact that Google owns YouTube. Therefore, you can expect a well optimized video to rank well on Google if it is accepted on YouTube. Secondly, Google is much more lenient from an SEO standpoint on Youtube’s videos than on any other web content. This information is considered to be video marketing for dummies.

online video marketing10) Upload Your Video To Other Video Sites. We stressed using Youtube before and that is definitely where your online video marketing should start, but after your video is well established there, then you can distribute it elsewhere. You will find that this approach works very well.

11) Interaction Is Key. Just like with all other social media sites, you must interact with those who love your video content messages. When they leave comments, you need to respond promptly and let them know you appreciate their feedback. Never forget that every social site out there values accounts which attract lots of interaction. Isn’t that why they are called social sites in the first place?

Embrace Online Marketing Success

If you wish to succeed at online video marketing success, then you should embrace these marketing principles. Learn them well until they become a part of you. Learn to add your own twist and flavor to them and you will enjoy boundless success. Just like everything else, you will become more proficient with repetition. And with repetition, they will become second nature. Thus, make it a point to stand implementing these video marketing tips right away.

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