Pump Authority And Fresh Traffic To Your Website

get loads of trafficWouldn’t it be nice to get traffic to your website? The story was the same all across the internet among bloggers and webmasters a few years ago after the now famous Panda and Penguin updates. We heard about how people who had been earning a living online for years all of a sudden had their empires reduced to rubble. Thousands, perhaps millions of blogs and websites had to be totally abandoned and their owners had to start from scratch. This is what you avoid when you learn to get traffic to your website.

Of course, to be fair to Google and company, they did have good reasons for implement the recent updates. Their overall objective is to provide a better product to their customers and quite frankly, a high majority of content that received a downgrade greatly deserved it.

Get Some Nice Web Traffic

What we would like to do is learn to survive in the future. Therefore, we need to restrict our dependence on search engines as much as possible. We need to learn to drive loads of traffic to our sites by other means. You have to admit that getting traffic without having to build all those back links to our blogs and websites. How many hours have you spent doing that? I wish I had a nickel for every backlink I’ve built over the last 10 years or so.

Newer Ways To Get Traffic

Let us check out some newer ways to get traffic to our sites. Fortunately, there are many traffic option available to us now. It’s not like it used to be when we were almost totally dependent on search engines – unless we were willing to pay for traffic. Some of these you may be familiar with and currently use, but others you may not use. I encourage you to give them all a hard look. You won’t need to use all of them to be successful, but I would recommend using more than one of them.

Technology in the handsSocial Media. Of course we would list social media first. You MUST be using this form of traffic generation. This is no doubt that it’s a great source of traffic. Not only that, most traffic from social media tends to be quite responsive. If you’re looking for ways to increase traffic, this is where you should start. When using social media, you need to think about your brand and how to promote that.

Yes, it’s true that there are hundreds of social sites available, so you may be wondering where to start. I always recommend starting with the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. We recommend this because at the time of this writing, these three social sites are bigger than the rest of them combined. So time spent on these sites with give you the best bang for your buck.

When you set up these three accounts, be sure and include links to your primary blog or website. Also, you will want to interconnect the three accounts where possible. If you want to extend your social media circle a bit further, then you could also consider setting up account on Google Plus and LinkedIn. Make sure you point these back to your main site as well and promote your brand there.

Video Marketing. Using video marketing online has become an unbelievably effective means of getting your message to thousands of people. We’re all seen the power of a viral video – they are capable of attracting millions of views within only a few days. One video like that will probably set you up for life as you will increase your website traffic to the point of melting your servers!

We suggested earlier that you create a YouTube account, but obviously not all of us have the means to create our own videos. If this is your case, then I recommend you get a few videos made to put on your YouTube channel. You can get a pretty nice video done for only $5 on Fiverr.com.

Forum Commenting. If you’re looking for free ways to drive traffic, then forum commenting is for you. It is a great way to get traffic to your website fairly quickly. All you need to do is find a few forums that pertain to your market or niche and join them.

This is important – you need to make sure that the forum allows its members to have a unique signature that appears under each post you make. Many of them won’t allow your signature to appear for a probationary period – this is fine since we are not looking to spam the forum. When you create your profile, you want to craft a signature that entices people who are interested to visit your blog.

Now all you need to do is participate in the forum on a daily basis. Leave helpful remarks and comments. Tell members how you solved the problems they are having. If you truly helped them, I guarantee you they will read your signature and visit your blog. I know people who have earned thousands from forums like this. You have to be genuine and sincere to make it work.

Email Marketing. This is where you build an email list of people who are interested in your newsletter or blog. And then you send your list updates, offer them products and services, and alert them whenever you post new content on your blog. This method of getting traffic to your site is probably the most independent method on this list. Aside from getting them to join your list, this type of traffic is driven entirely by email.

Another way that email marketing is a unique method on this list is that it is generally not cost free. In most cases, you will need to sign up for an autoresponder service such as Aweber or GetResponse. These services are well worth the money if you choose to use this method of traffic generation. They manage not only your list for you, but also periodically sent out emails for you on any schedule that you determine.

Guest Posts. Here’s a great way to get traffic to your website without search engines, but it requires a great deal of time and effort. I call this “guest posts” but it actually comprises of two different methods.

The first type of guest post is where you begin visiting the most popular blogs in your niche or market, and then you start leaving high quality comments on various blog posts. Make sure that you actually read the entire post and that your comments are sincere and helpful. You will also make sure that a link to your blog is posted there as well. The blog owner will not mind giving you a link in exchange for your quality input.

The second type of guest post is where you craft a quality article that is featured and posted on one of the popular blogs where you have been leaving comments. This is actually the second step of guest posts. You establish rapport and good will by leaving thoughtful comments on these blogs, and then perhaps a few of them will accept an article. At the end of your article, you can include the URL to your blog and why readers should go there. Do this right and you will get more traffic than you ever imagined.

You Can Easily Get Traffic To Your Website Without Search Engines

Hopefully, you will go out and start employing some of the traffic generation methods we have outlined here. As you can see, most of them are totally free and only require your time and effort. The intriguing thing is that they have the potential to pay off in a very big way.

If you can get a video to go viral, or if you can get an article posted on a very popular high traffic blog, then your life could literally change overnight. This is what your goals should be when you are seeking to get traffic to your website.