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social media manager

Social Media Manager

Social media has opened the door for several new job functions, among those are social media manager. Such a person ...
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writing articles online

Writing Articles Online For Pay

Your friends and even your boss claims that you write well, so you are thinking about writing articles online for ...
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good blog posts

Learning the Cycle of Churning Out Good Blog Posts

So you have decided to start your very own blog with social accounts and everything. Hopefully, you have contemplated the ...
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paid social media jobs

Paid Social Media Jobs Are Available Everywhere

Have you ever considered paid social media jobs as a part time income source or even a full-time career? The ...
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Social Media Apps

Social Media Apps: Here Are the 5 Best

As we become more social with our PCs and more active on our electronic devices, the usefulness of social media ...
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seo skills

You Can Always Sharpen Your SEO Skills

I can't help but laugh a little when I hear a blogger claim that SEO is dead. If that's the ...
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Why Not Up Your Twitter Game?

If you've been blowing off your Twitter engagement and hoping for the best, then shame on you. Maybe you should ...
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social media marketing strategy

Create A Great Social Media Marketing Strategy

When people talk about having a social media marketing strategy, you have to realize that this is not something that ...
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manage numerous twitter accounts

Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts: How I Do it

Are you presently in a quandary of managing multiple Twitter accounts? Or perhaps you want to build lots of accounts, ...
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email marketing tips

Automated Email Marketing Will Make You Rich

So you’ve tried automated email marketing before and you got your butt handed to you, right? You’re not alone my ...
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