How Complete are your Social Media Strategies?

When crafting new social media strategies, is it really possible to create the perfect social post?

This does not seem possible at times because just when we feel like we’ve got the process nailed down, some social guru tells us that it is wrong. Does this mean we should stop listening to experts?

Maybe it’s better to evaluate what is working for your blog and for your audience. After all, no two of them are ever the same with the exact same interests and desires. I find that being both consistent and persistent is the best answer.

Social Media Consistency

To me, being consistent on social media means a couple of things.

The first is demonstrating a common brand across all of your social media channels. Your readers should see and recognize the same logo and color scheme on every single one of your channels.

You have to realize how hard it is to achieve online branding in the first place. It is quite foolish to put a ton of effort on your Fan page and even pay for some ads there to brand yourself, and then undo that branding with a crappy looking YouTube Channel.

These inconsistent social accounts will end up confusing your viewers and make them weary of your brand.

The second thing about consistency is having a consistent mission and tagline. Do not overlook these items because they are really important. If your missions contradict each other on two different social media channels, it also makes readers uneasy.

Social Media Persistence

Persistence with your social media strategies simply means that put out routine content to your readers. This is very important in building a readership because your audience needs to be able to count on you posting routinely.

Remember this, there are thousands of marketers out there in your niche that are always looking for RSS feeds from blogs that produce lots of routine content. They take these feeds and use them to load up their secondary blogs and Web 2.0 properties with content in their market.

Think about this. These are free back links from marketers in your niche that are located on Web 2.0 properties – that Google loves. This is only one of the many benefits from using social media strategies that creates persistent posts.


A 23 Step Social Media Marketing Checklist for 2019 [Infographic] year, the team from SEMrush published a helpful checklist for effective social media management, and they’ve updated the listing for 2019, adding in relevant, up-to-date information to help keep you on the right track. The listing breaks the essential tasks down into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly notes – check out the full infographic below for more detail. A 23 Step Social Media Marketing Checklist for 2019 [Infographic] | Social Media Today

The Ultimate Social Checklist: 7 Steps to Follow for Every Post help you make the most of each and every post you create, here is a 7-step checklist you can follow. Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is important if you want to stay visible and relevant on social platforms. This is why we see companies in just about every industry taking advantage of popular weekly hashtags like #MotivationMonday or #ThrowbackThursday. The Ultimate Social Checklist: 7 Steps to Follow for Every Post



Traffic Bots Review – Who Would’ve Predicted This?

traffic bots reviewWhen I started preparing for this Traffic Bots Review, I have to admit that I had already put on my cynical game face. You know – the kind where you pretty much have decided to slam or belittle something before you have really given it any kind of chance.

Tired of Outrageous Claims from Online Marketers?

And when it comes to trying out tools or claims about anything that pertains to making money from internet marketing, we learn to energize our BS meter right away.

This is because we have heard it all, right?

How many times have we been told about the software we can buy for $47? And all we need to do is crank it up and that we will start earning $1 million every month for the rest of our lives.

Have you heard those claims?

If such a piece of software could really do all that, then why would anyone sell it? Secondly, why would they sell it for only $47?

Such claims make no sense, do they?

Okay …. That’s enough complaining from me. Let us get on to the Traffic Bots Review.

My Traffic Bots Review

The Traffic Bots system caught my eye because I love bots and use several of them to do various daily tasks for me. These tasks would take me hours to do myself, so my bots free my time to do other things.

This is why I bought the Traffic Bots system and why I am reviewing it now. I felt that many of you would benefit from my experience with the system.

You Get 10 Different Bots

As I read about the program, I was very interested by the fact that Traffic Bots actually comes with TEN (10) DIFFERENT BOTS. I figured that I could find use for at least a couple of them.

His big claim is that these bots would generate free traffic to my blogs and websites. And on top of that, other bots would help close sales for you.

Maybe it’s personal thing for me, but I LOVE TRAFFIC BOTS!! I have several different that I have been using for years. Some of them I have bought, and some of them I have built.

But I have to stress in this Traffic Bots Review, these bots require no technical expertise. Anyone could use them – even your Grandmother could fire up these babies!!

So after getting these bots, I began learning about them one by one. And I became AMAZED to say the least.

I was impressed by the well thought out scheme of creating these ten (10) specific Traffic Bots. The thing is that each of them has a very useful function.

As to which of the robots you would use depends on your online marketing style and needs.

What Some of these Bots Can Do

traffic bots honest reviewFor instance, one of the bots is dedicated to finding traffic from across the world and in different states. They call this one the “Geobot”. It can find winning keywords for you from all over the world.

A lot of marketers seem to really like the “Niche Money Bot” which is one that is already pre-loaded with 100 profitable niches from affiliate sites like JVZoo, ClickBank, Amazon, and even some eCommerce products. With this bot you can quickly launch campaigns right out of the box.

Another popular bot is the “Domainaveli” which helps you find premium domain names at great prices. Obviously, this one is perfect for those of you who have an interest in flipping domains and websites.

Been Wanting to Create Videos??

And there is even a bot for those people who struggle with creating their own videos. The “Image2Video” bot allows you to create videos quickly and upload them to YouTube.

I know there are many of you out there who have wanted to get into the video game. You either don’t have the software or equipment, or maybe you are too shy to speak on camera – here’s your chance to get around all that.

The good news is that there is yet another bot that will help you create beautiful videos. It is appropriately called the “AffiliateVideo Robot” and comes with gorgeous action graphics you can use along with voice overs for 100 affiliate programs.

My Favorite Bot

traffic bots scamMy personal favorite has to be the “Keyword Titan” which uncovers hundreds of profitable low competition keywords for you. I have found some big winners using this particular bot.

If you have been in the online marketing business and dealt with SEO, then you already understand the importance of finding winning keywords. Your keywords will make or break you every single time.

Keywords are the number one factor that determines your success or failure in online marketing.

One Important Note

The one thing that stuck out during this Traffic Bots Review was the structure of the bots themselves.

As I said earlier, I have used many bots over the years and even built a few of them myself. So I can easily say that these Traffic Bots are very well built. Each of them operates very smoothly and I had no problems with any of them.

Let me tell you, this is very important with bots and software in general. There are a lot of clowns out there who are creating software junk and shouldn’t even be selling bots – but they do unfortunately.

These bots DO NOT fall into that category. They are well made and operate quite well.

A MORE Important Note

This Traffic Bots Review would not be complete without my addressing this one issue.

When using these bots, you must do your part to succeed with them. Do not get the idea that you can crank out videos or find keywords with these bots, and then put them out into Internet land and walk away.

If this is your plan, then you should move on to the next shiny object because that plan never works.

Traffic Bots are merely tools for us to use. They perform one function and we must do the rest to succeed at online marketing.

For instance, after we create a nice video using one of these bots, we will then have to promote that video to make it successful for us.

If we find that great low competition, high traffic keyword, then it is up to us to create some high quality content using that keyword. And then we must promote that content.

So DO NOT buy these bots, use them without doing YOUR PART and then walk away claiming they don’t work. That is not fair to the creator of Traffic Bots.

Use Traffic Bots Properly

However, I DO urge you to give these bots a try. With so many of them in this package, you would surely find at least a couple of them that will become quite valuable to you.

The good thing is that there is no risk as this product comes with a Guarantee.

Use the link below to visit their site and to find out more.

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this Traffic Bots Review and found it helpful 🙂

Find Out More About Traffic Bots

A Simple 4 Step Automated Email Marketing Plan That Will Make You Rich

4 step automated email marketing planSo you’ve tried automated email marketing before and you got your butt handed to you, right? You’re not alone my friend, we have all been there. It seems that after a while, the only thing you are accomplishing is donating your hard earned cash  to your autoresponder service every month. And worse yet, your mailing list isn’t even that big. In most cases, both your approach and your mindset is all wrong. Let’s talk an automated email marketing plan that really works and works damn well.

Setting Up Your Email Marketing Plan

It’s not my goal here to break down all the autoresponder services out there. Unlike the way it was about ten years ago or so, there are many good ones available today. The reason is that the spam police has beaten them to death – if they have been in the email marketing business for any substantial period of time. Those who don’t know the rules usually aren’t around very long. So find one that’s a veteran and has been around for a few years.

The only other thing you might concern yourself with is whether or not they allow single opt-ins. Personally, I like single opt-ins better because your list grows faster. These services will tell you how great double opt-ins are and how it makes your list better. However,  what they are really mean is that double opt-ins keeps their asses out of the fire because it keeps the spam complaints down.

4 Simple Steps for Email Marketing

Step 1) Start writing the opening content for your automated email marketing. Emails are different than writing sales letters in the sense that you have to condense them even more. So it’s extremely important that you fully understand your objective and you get to your point of emphasis quickly.

Let me help on the objective part. Your opening email content needs to be very powerful. It needs to solve a common problem and it needs to really work. You want to blow their socks off with this email.

In fact, I recommend that you identify at three common problems in your niche or market before you start writing. Visit some forums and social communities in your niche to help find these. You may be surprised be which problems are getting the most attention. I am just about always surprised about when I do this.

Now here’s how your first four emails will go:

Email 1 – Write an introduction that is brief about what you and your blog does. Mention the 3 problems you will solve for them in the upcoming emails. Tell them when to expect them. Do them every day or every other day – it’s up to you, but send the one after your introduction the next day.

Email 2 – Tell them about problem 1 and how you solved it. If you need more verbiage, then direct them to your blog for more info. Conclude with telling them to expect a solution to problem 2 in the next email.

Email 3 – Repeat as before by telling them about problem 2 and how you solved it. Again direct them to your blog if necessary. Conclude by telling them to expect a solution to problem 3 in the next email.

Email 4 – Repeat again by telling them about problem 3 and how you solved it. And once again give them a blog post link if necessary.

We’ll address your fifth email in Step 4.

Step 2) Promise them something they can’t refuse if they subscribe. What I like to do is come up with not one, but two nice ebooks or reports that your people in your niche would absolutely adore. Put some time and thought in this, but most importantly, put some quality into this. Pick the better of the two to give them when they sign up for your email newsletter.

The next part of getting them to subscribe is making it easy for them to subscribe. This means putting opt-in boxes and squeeze pages everywhere. Put them in prominent places on your blog – such as in the upper left or right sections of your side bar. I like to insert an occasion within other blog posts – whenever it is relevant.  Design a powerful squeeze page and blast the URL to all your social accounts periodically. I would recommend once daily if you have a fairly active account.

Step 3) Optimize your email as much as possible. To succeed at email marketing, you really have to watch your numbers. Make changes and see what works best. If your autoresponder offers A/B split testing, then by all means, use it.

You will want to pay particular attention to your email subject lines. In the end, it is the subject line that determines if your email even gets opened or not. Of course, if readers are anticipating your next email, then they are going to open it anyway. However, not all readers will be like that, so you need to optimize your subject lines.

I’ve always thought of subject lines as headlines because both of them pretty much determine if the piece gets read or not. One trick I use to polish headlines (or subject lines) and to write them and blast them to my Twitter followers along with a link. Then I see which ones give me more clicks. It’s not an exact science, but it will give you a general idea.

Step 4) Send them a powerful fifth email. In this email, you can thank them again for subscribing and give them the second of the two ebooks or reports you made earlier. There is nothing more powerful than an unannounced gift or bonus – and they’ll love you for it.

You can also use this email to mention perhaps a launch you are planning. Either way, ask for feedback about what would be useful to them going forward. Ask them what their biggest problem or concerns are at the moment. Realize that what they tell is PURE GOLD. As you gather hundreds and hopefully thousands of these feedback emails, you will know exactly what kinds of product your mailing list will purchase from you.

Let’s review what this 4 step process has done for you. You have gotten subscribers to your email list who know about you, your blog, and your services.


Writing Effective Emails Will Make Or Break You

Writing Effective EmailsSo now that you’ve gotten this awesome newsletter off the ground, you do realize that until you start writing effective emails, it won’t do squat for you. Sorry – but that’s the cold hard truth about things. Who doesn’t enjoy a good read? Especially when it’s about a topic that I absolutely adore. But you have to let me know how great it is before I sign up. And in most cases, I won’t give a damn what kind of free gift you offer me. So you just can’t run from it – you have to know the ins and outs of writing effective emails and there’s no getting around that.

I can hear what you’re saying … “Enough of your BS – how about telling me how to write these wonderful email you speak of!”  Fair enough – let’s get started, shall we? Let’s check out some tips for writing emails.

Ways To Write Good Emails

The first thing you need to stop doing is going on and on about your list. If you want to get your emails opened, then you need to realize you list contains individuals. So why not write as if you are talking to them individually? Pretend you are talking to a dear friend the next time you craft an email to send out. Get focused on who they are exactly and what they inner most concerns are. They’ll feel you when you do that.

Another thing you need to consider with the emails you send is whether or not one is really necessary. The ideal here is to get your people in the mode of eagerly anticipating your next email. They won’t do that if your emails provide nothing of value. In fact, they’ll do the opposite and delete them – along with opting out of your newsletter mailing. Starting now – get in the habit of not bothering your peeps unless you have something of value to share with them. They’re busy and getting bombarded with spam every day. Do them a favor of spare them the painful experience of sifting through another one.

You have to realize that emails that get read are those which reward those who take the time to read them. This sounds simple enough, but in light of that, it is amazing how many marketers out there only focus only on getting the emails written and sent – thinking that they’ve done their job. This is the absolute worst attitude you could have because it will be reflected in your words and in the quality of your service. You really need to put yourself on the receiving end of the emails as you write them. Be honest with yourself and your readers will sense that and respond accordingly.

Your readers need to feel that you are on their side, and that you have their backs. This requires building rapport with them often and always. Good email writing is that which empathizes with the readers and understands their plight and the problems they experience on a daily basis. You don’t have to know them personally to build rapport with them. Just provide good honest support and great advice.

Getting Your Emails Opened

The fact is that if your emails don’t get opened, then it won’t matter how well they are written. Thus, you need to spend ample time of using methods that enhance the odds of them getting opened by your recipients. Get used to the idea that many of them will not be opened – this is simply a fact. Do you open all your emails? No matter what you say, your spam folder has answered the question for you. The thing is that you want to keep your emails out of their spam folders.

No matter how you look at it, whether or not your email gets opened depends on one thing, and one thing only – your email subject line. A crappy subject will not get a great email opened and read.  So make sure you spend time crafting an effective email subject line. One thing you can do is promise them something good in the subject line. The key here is to not sound like the hundreds of other subject lines that they have just read. The second key is to sound honest, sincere, and specific in what you promise.

Learn power words and how to use them. What’s power words, you ask? These are words that have proven successful over and over again in emails, sales letters, and other forms of sales copy for years and years.

Learn to arouse curiosity in your readers. Don’t be afraid to be a little controversial and a little different. Sometimes it’s a good thing to slaughter a holy cow once in a while. Generate some excitement and have others view you as a bit of a rebel or an outlier.

One thing you can do that works every time is to follow those gurus who are kicking ass already. Subscribe to few newsletters by people in your niche who you know are killing it. Watch how they manage your mailings and the email subject lines they use. Start incorporating those into your mailings.

System of Bots that Drives Insane Traffic to any Site – Read our Traffic Bot Review about these unique bots that are exploiting a loophole in the major search engines. It is something that you might find very useful.

Ways To Write Better Emails

There are a few things you can start doing now to write better emails. One thing that I have found which helps is to write fast and at a good pace. I believe that this is because it more closely matches the rate at which we communicate live with each other. That’s my theory anyway.

Another thing you can do to write more effective emails is to keep the message short and as brief as possible. We touched on this earlier, but it is very true that shorter messages are more effective than long winded messages are.

Asking questions is another way to engage your readers. Questions are a great way to induce your reader to picture something in their minds prior to influencing that picture later in your message. It’s an extremely good way to persuade and influence readers.

When you can be personal and share a little something about yourself with your reader, then you will immediately gain rapport points with them. Believe it or not, often times you will hear marketers talk about the most popular email subject lines for them have been those about their personal lives. Such as: “I can’t believe my dog does this …” or “It was when my car blew up that I realized this..”

You Can Achieve Effective Email Writing

I hope that you have learned something worthwhile from this article. There’s a lot of things in here, but like everything else in marketing, it’s usually just one or two new methods that make a huge difference. My advice is to focus only on a couple of these suggestions and master them. Then you might want to consider using more. If you use too many variables, then you won’t know which ones actually made the difference. Let me tell you, when you start writing effective emails, then your bottom line will improve nicely.

3 Major Benefits of Video Marketing

3 major benefits of video marketingIf you are an online marketer or if you run a traditional business, then you should be harvesting the power of videos. In fact there are 3 major benefits of video marketing that anyone with a product, service, or even a cause could put to use online right away.

Video Marketing is King

It is quite amazing how video has taken the Internet by storm and for good reason. People love to watch them. And if you have been paying attention to YouTube these days, there are thousands of monster channels that are getting literally millions of views every month.

These massive YouTube channels are earning an outrageous living online with their videos. If this isn’t evidence enough that videos are not powerful agents of marketing, then you need to look again at what is happening with video.

3 Major Benefits of Video Marketing

Okay let us examine specifically about video that makes it so special. Actually, we could go on and on about the major benefits of video marketing, but I narrowed it down to three (3) basic advantages that online marketers get from their videos.

1) Video Engages More Human Senses

Whenever we humans consume new information and data, there is rate at which that new information is forgotten – and also a percentage that we remember. These rates are very dependent on how we have received that information.

Someone may tell us about the information in a presentation or conversation. Or we might read about it in an article or publication. The rates will differ between these two methods.

However, studies have shown that the more senses we engage in our learning, the most likely we are to remember what we have learned. This is huge benefit of video marketing. It allows us to utilize more human senses.

Not only that, we can use our images and messaging to create emotions and feelings in our viewers. We can even establish rapport with them. These feelings that our viewers experience while watching our videos greatly increase the chance of them responding favorably to our specific calls to action.

2) Video Massively Extends your Online Market

As online marketers and businesses, many of us spend lots of time and money trying to improve the rankings of our blogs and webpages. We go to great lengths to get our target keywords and phrases as far up the search engine ranking as we possibly can. For lots of us, our rankings represent the lifeblood of our businesses.

However, when create and publish videos, you are entering into another powerful search engine. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. And unless you create videos, your business is not getting any traffic from YouTube.

This is an incredible advantage for video marketing. Not only can your video get ranked in Google, it can also get ranked in YouTube as well. This is why video channels get so popular and get so many views – they are getting traffic from the two biggest search engines on the planet.

3) Videos are both Compatible and Loved by Social Media Channels

As if the first two (2) major benefits of video marketing weren’t enough, videos are also embraced by the major social media networks. This means that a great video which people liked is going to get shared in a big way.

If you are an innovative video creator and can crank a few of them out every single week, then you only need one video to just go partially viral every few months. This would be enough to earn you a great living from here on out.


Now that you have learned the three (3) major benefits of video marketing, you should start getting your business out there and published on YouTube. Even if you do not have the means to create them at the moment, you should create a channel anyway and get someone on Fiverr to make a few videos for you. Posting one every few months will help you at least get some new traffic to your blog or website.

How To Get More Views On YouTube for Your Videos

get more views on youtubeIf you are using videos for your online marketing, then you are most likely wondering how to get more views on YouTube to those videos. Like it or not, this is critical to your success and you will have to figure out ways to get them in front of viewers. In the end, viewers will determine how well your video ranks for your primary keyword. Learning how to get more views on YouTube is a most have skill for video marketers.

If you have been exposed to internet marketing at all, then you and several other owners of small businesses probably know a little in regards to search engine optimization, but perhaps not enough to make it work for you. Additionally, you should be aware that ranking videos are a little different than ranking a webpage or blog post.

You must understand that you are actually dealing with two powerful search engines when it comes to ranking videos. You are ranking not only on Google, but you are also ranking on YouTube. And getting video views plays a huge role in ranking on both of them.

Optimizing Your Videos For More Views

The first thing you want to do is optimize both your YouTube channel and your videos. No, this doesn’t always get you lots of YouTube views, especially in the beginning, but it’s the best way to ensure you get as many as possible. Optimizing is something that pays off big with time. So let’s examine some ways for the optimization of your videos.

Using the Right Titles. You need to ensure that the title you use in YouTube contains your major keyword. In fact, if you can use the keyword twice in your title, then by all means, do it! Your title should at least contain your main keyword and a second keyword. I recommend that you completely fill up in the title blank when you upload your video.

Video File Names. Before you upload your videos to your YouTube account, you use your main keyword as a filename. If you haven’t did do that when you first saved it on your hard drive, then you need to rename it as: “yourmainkeyword.mp4” or “”

Custom Thumbnail. After uploading your video, you will want to upload a custom thumbnail image for the video. And that image should have what filename? Yep – your main keyword. The filename for the image should be: yourmainkeyword.jpg”

Thorough Optimized Descriptions. You get quite a lot of space in YouTube for a description of your online videos. Therefore, you need to use your major keywords and your secondary keywords. The first thing in your description should be the URL that your video is promoting, immediately followed by your major keyword. You should insert your major keyword again in the last sentence of your first paragraph. Use about 5-8 secondary keywords throughout your description. Do not skimp here, put as much verbiage as you can in there.

Use Lots of Tags. In fact, you should keep inserting tags until that section is full. Use you main keywords first, and then use secondary keywords. Then try to find more from the other related videos on YouTube – especially those with lots of views. Read my other post about making YouTube videos, if you want more information about finding effective tags.

Start Sharing Your YouTube Videos Immediately

How you decide to share your videos with others is very critical to your overall success. You should make it a habit to immediately share all your videos right after you post them and not a moment later. What you do not want to happen is have your video uploaded for a few days with very few views. This gives the impression that it is not very good or worth watching.

What I usually do is blast them to all my social accounts and get it circulating there. If you have a big social network like I have, then you can get hundreds of YouTube views right off the bat. This is one big reason why you should be building and creating a huge social presence across your favorite social websites. The great thing is that setting up pages and posts on these sites do not cost you anything at all. If you make it a habit to spend 30 minutes every

day doing this, you will be amazed at how big your network will get in a short period of time.

Clean Up and Tighten Your Video Before Sharing

A video with lots of dead time and pauses is very boring. As a result, even the people who try to watch it will not watch very long. This will give you low retention views which will hurt your rankings – especially on YouTube.

The first thing you should do is watch it a few times before uploading the video. Slice out any long pauses or dead spots. Don’t use fluff in your videos, it will work against you in the end. Next, you should add some enjoyable or pleasant background music to your YouTube video. Do this even if you have a voiceover on the recording. Just make sure the music doesn’t overwhelm the speaker.

System of Bots that Drives Insane Traffic to any Site – Read our Traffic Bot Review about these unique bots that are exploiting a loophole in the major search engines. It is something that you might find very useful.

Using Video Responses

Here’s a nifty little method with responses that will get you several new viewers. You just have to know the proper way of doing it. This clever trick can get you a substantial number of new viewers but you have to know how to do it properly. Underneath videos you will see various comments and responses that viewers have left about that video after watching it.

What you can do is find videos that are related to the topic of your videos and leave relevant comments along with a link to your video. The important thing to stress here is that the comment must be related and relevant to that video – otherwise, it will be seen as spam.

Maintain High Levels of YouTube Activity

Make it a point to be very active on YouTube. Find other videos you like and leave honest, sincere comments, and also subscribe to lots of YouTube channels. If you do this enough, then you will eventually reach critical mass and attract YouTube views and subscribers naturally. Over time, any new videos you put out will immediate get views.

High YouTube activity also includes putting up new videos on a regular basis. You should think of your videos as real estate – the more you have, the more you will prosper. The great thing is that this real estate costs you nothing! And having more videos is a natural way on how to get more views on YouTube.

5 Content Generation Strategies That Will Save Your Sorry Ass Blog

content generation strategiesSo here you’ve cranked out this great blog with wonderful posts, but it seems your content generation strategies just aren’t working so well, huh? Doesn’t that suck the big one? And it seems that it really doesn’t matter what types of content you have, it just misses the mark for some reason. Don’t fret, my friend, we’ve all been there. And if someone tells that all of their social media content gets readily consumed, then you can take this to the bank – they’re lying!! So let’s look at some content generation strategies that will help your blog posts become winners.

Always Some Uncertainly with Online Content

Before we get started on this, you have to realize one thing. No one can really predict how well a piece of content is going to go over with your readers. Just like no one can ever predict when something goes viral on the internet. It just happens. BUT what we can do is increase the odds of your content becoming a winner or even going viral. Who knows? Your blog posts have as much of a chance of doing that as any other – as long as you develop a strong content generation strategy. So let’s get started on the real stuff.

5 Content Strategies that Actually Work

1) Use lots of bullet points. You have to understand the people today are constantly overwhelmed by information. If you can speed up the process of their consuming it, then you are doing them a big favor. Bullet points are the perfect solution for the information weary audience. And as those bullet points begin to hit home on something dear to them – or it appears to solve a problem for them – they will zero in on the details. You just need to make sure the details invoke the response from them that you desire.

The same can be said for headers. Make sure that you use lots of those as well. Your headers should be able to summarize the content. Your content shouldn’t be trying to flag down every viewer anyway, it needs to be targeted to specific individuals with specific issues. Those are the kinds of message that will get results.

2) Use images or videos.  Images will serve to make your content more appealing to your audience. Try reading something that is one big paragraph with about 1000 words or more – it is quite painful to read – if you choose to try. Trust me – most people will not even try. Make sure the images and videos you add are relevant to the article. Just about any guide to content marketing will tell you this.

You have to remember something important with videos. If you put the right ones on your webpages, they will increase the bounce rate of your entire website or blog because visitors will more time per visit. This is a big plus with the search engines. Longer visits tell them that people like your website, so they will be apt to suggest your website more during organic searches by potential customers.

3) Keep content short and brief as possible. This is pretty much following along with the same message we have been stressing thus far. Use bullets, use images, and keep the content brief and condensed. Again, you are preparing your content for an information weary viewer. Make it easy on them by being brief. One suggestion for situations when you feel the need to expand – offer up a link to another webpage or post that is more detailed. That way, you don’t risk losing them and if they are interested in more, then you have something of value to offer them – it’s win-win.

invoking emotion4) Invoke emotion. This is something that many of us are guilty of. I know I am. It’s too easy just to sit down and start banging out facts and figures of your topic. Or just describing how to use the software or the tool, or how to navigate a complex process, but that is not what sells an audience. These technical details are important, but only after an audience has been sold. Never forget that emotions are what sells people, and facts validate their decision to buy. So you have to understand when to use the different types of content.

Most of us human beings love to feel our emotions. Need proof? Why have soap operas been around since the radio days? We love drama and it sells over and over again. Look at our favorite fiction, look at our favorite movies, and look at our favorite TV shows – all drama. Learn to accept this fact and embrace it and you will become a much better online marketer. Learn to use strong social media content properly and at the right times.

5) Have an objective for your content. Don’t just sit down at your keyboard and start banging away. Too people are already doing this. Don’t you want your content to stand out from the crowd? Of course you do. But to do so, you need to be developing a content strategy that will achieve this goal. You need to know ahead of time what you would like your reader to do. This is not always as obviously as it may seem.

You may want them to take some sort of action. If you are an internet marketer, then most likely you want them to join your mailing, buy your product, or sign up for your service. Your very first paragraph needs to start setting that up. In this case, you’ll need to point out problems they’ll have without your product or service, and then tell them about the benefits and the joys (emotions here) of having those problems solves, and then tell them what to do to get their problems solved.

Hopefully, a lot of what I’ve said here makes sense to you. But you’d be surprised how many pieces of content out there do not follow any of these rules. And for that reason, they are not ranked well, they are not read by viewers, and their blogs have no traffic. Do not let this be your blog. Start using the content generation strategies that we have discussed here.

4 Ways to Engage Others on Social Media

4 Ways to Engage Others on Social MediaAs much as we (rightly) praise Google for having transformed our lives for the better, sometimes we all want answers that go beyond the right search query.  Sometimes we want to reach out to someONE rather than someTHING.

But engaging in a conversation requires trust.  And just as no newsletter sign-up form or invitation should be without trust-building assurances and privacy statements, no social media invitation or landing page should be without its own persuasive and trust-building cues.

#1:  Provide Visual Indications of Connection and Instantaneity

Take a look at this eBags “Steal of the Day” offer, as taken by Rishi Rawat.

Notice that eBags not only points out how many bags are left, but how many shoppers are also being offered this deal right NOW as you are looking at the purse yourself. Is this really social media?

No, but it does show how instantaneity brings the human element into an otherwise “sterile” e-commerce experience.

Similarly below, on the Windows social media landing page, the ability to see the current forum comments and questions is powerfully persuasive.  The combination of transparency and perceived instantaneity create the desire to dive into the “conversational stream” that we see passing before us.

Notice that the Twelpforce box is below the fold on the social media landing page and there are no cues of:

  • Instantaneity or connection. We don’t see the stream of tweeted questions, nor do we see a McDonald’s-like counter of number of customers served/helped.
  • “People” behind the tweeted answers.
  • A high signal-to-noise ratio—no displayed answers to show that the responses are better than trusting to Google, FAQ pages, or scrolling through the forums.

#2:  Show Signs of the Real Person Behind the Technology

If you look back to the Microsoft social media landing page, you’ll see that pictures are attached to all of the displayed tweets.  That cues us to emotionally attach the “real people” warmth to the streaming tweets and comments.  Remember, social media is about connecting with people.  So include as many “real people” cues as possible.  Common ways to do this include:


  • Attaching pictures to blog comments.  Almost nothing says “real person” more than an actual headshot.  Seeing a face humanizes the person behind the comment.
  • Pictures attached to testimonials.  In the same way that handwriting personalizes a note, a picture of the customer can personalize the testimonial.
  • Voice attached to testimonials.  There’s so much information attached to inflection, emphasis, tonal quality, and so on.  We just feel we can spot sincerity when we hear it—and that works to your advantage when you’ve got sincere customers willing to record a testimonial.
  • Video testimonials. This is the best of both worlds: you get voice and pictures!
  • Providing live chat with someone specific. Try changing the picture within the live chat icon according to which operator is “at bat.”  Everyone likes to know whom they’re talking with.  When you provide an actual picture, you give visitors more confidence to initiate a conversation.
  • Providing a group shot of your customer service or social media team.  Sometimes providing a picture of the individual service tech isn’t feasible, but providing a group shot is.  Best Buy could certainly do this and it would sync nicely with their current “Ask a Blue Shirt” TV commercials.
  • Making sure your corporate social media initiatives have a personality behind them.  Bureaucracies don’t have authentic personalities. If projecting your authentic self is crucial to social media success, then a corporate-looking social media landing page is probably doomed from the start.

#3:  Show You Deliver Value

While social media holds out the promise of human contact and intelligent response, it also presents the risk of the knucklehead factor.  No-one wants to open themselves up to spam, troll-like responses, and a customer service rep whose only knowledge of the problem stems from the flow chart in front of him.

To engage more visitors with your social media efforts, you will need to include cues that indicate you provide value—many more intelligent insights, answers, and offers than selfish promotions and corporate PR-speak.

If Best Buy displayed the responses to tweeted questions, this would allow them to demonstrate the quality of their answers and a high signal-to-noise ratio.  Similarly, allowing transparency on Twitter streams, Facebook updates, and so on can allow the wary to see for themselves what kind of signal you’re sending.  This obviously overlaps a bit with the connectivity and instantaneity cues discussed earlier.

Showing your social media team’s pictures indicates that you hold them in high regard, which equates to a higher likelihood of intelligent answers, tweets, blog posts, and so forth.

#4: Use a Strong Call to Action

Social media doesn’t eliminate the need for traditional usability and conversion best practices.  Visually prominent and clear calls to action will continue to outperform subtle text-based links.  Compare the “See this Steal” and “Join the Conversation” buttons in the first two examples with Best Buy’s “Visit ____” text-based links.  Which is more inviting to you?

As with almost everything on the Internet, it always pays to test—both through user testing and A/B or multivariate testing.  As my good friend and mentor Bryan Eisenberg would say, “Always Be Testing.”

Smart Social Media Monitoring

Smart Social Media MonitoringIf you have been involved in internet marketing at all over the last few years, then you have undoubtedly heard the term social media monitoring. We all know that it just makes sense to listen first to a conversation before jumping into it with your two cents worth. Smart social media monitoring is the very same thing when you get right down to it.

Yet there are lots of brand and niche marketers out there who apparently are not aware of this analogy. They don’t seem to realize exactly this monitoring is – much less what smart social media monitoring is.

Social Media Monitoring is Really Just Listening

Whenever we listen to conversations online, we can do this without ears. We can now use search engine technology and also certain social media tools to scan the web as we seek out documents that have our chosen keywords. When these documents are made available, we can observe where individuals have talked about and mentioned your product, your brand, your services, or anything else you selected.

What this method does is alert you as to which blogs and websites are attracting the people who are talking about you or mentioning your products and services. You have to realize that these conversations are taking place with or without your knowing about it.

Lots of Social Media Monitoring Costs Nothing

The quickest and simplest way to begin monitoring the social media channels is by signing up for the free tools and services. You can get Google Alerts search for your chosen keywords or key phrases just like you’d do during regular searches, and then it will notify you anytime something is found on the Internet for your search terms. You can also subscribe to email updates for your search results or even add those to your current RSS subscriptions.

And then there is Twitter when you can for mentions about your brand and services. This will give you a real-time look at any ongoing conversations.

Paid Social Media Monitoring Also Work Very Well

As with other things in life, the biggest drawback to using free monitoring tools is all the manual work you’ll need to do in order to get the benefit. There are several paid monitoring services that will quickly and easily collect all those mentions and conversations and put them into a well-organized report. They will provide various graphs and charts for quick analysis.

One huge advantage to many of these paid services is the ability they have to assess sentiment and also the conversational tone by using high tech algorithms which evaluate natural language. So what happens is whenever you log on to your service, you see information that might tell you that there were 225 conversations that mentioned your brand over the past week, and out of those conversation, 87% were positive, 8% were negative and the remaining 5% were neutral.

Build your Business with Smart Monitoring

You should not consider smart media monitoring as being limited to mitigating online adversaries. The fact is that when you take the time to analyze the conversations going on about not only your company, but you can also monitor your entire market – including your competitors. This will give you an amazing market advantage and will even drive your business and will it grow bigger and bigger.

5 Basic Types of Social Media Headlines

Basic Types of Social Media HeadlinesWhenever we sit down to create a nice piece of content, we learned in a previous post that we really need to pay attention to our headlines – especially when we share that content on our accounts from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

But did you know that there are five (5) basic types of social media headlines. So let is look more deeply at these different kinds of headlines:

  1. News Headlines — This is especially true when we are reporting a piece of popular breaking Your objective is to generate some buzz around some juicy gossip, and let your readers know what is going on at the moment. The fact is that breaking news travels across social media even faster than traditional news channels. In fact, news on social sites makes news agencies appear slow and dated. However, the biggest drawback of sharing this type of content is that it is not evergreen. In most cases, the peak of traffic received from a breaking news post occurs on the day you share it.
  2. Setting Goal Headlines—This kind of headline is one that provides a better or new way to accomplish a goal, and to become even be more wealthy, more powerful, more attractive, and so forth. Look at the covers of magazines at any newsstand for lots of examples of this type of headline. Magazines writers are masters of this.
  3. Solving Problem Headlines—The other side of the goal headlines is the trusty problem headline. Many marketers believe that fear sells much better than positive messages – most newspapers editors will wholeheartedly agree.
  4. How-to Headlines—This is where you share an effective tutorial, technique, formula or recipe that accomplishes something very beneficial. It is very similar to the goal headline, but is more specific in providing actual steps in creating something.
  5. Entertainment Headlines—Social media is slammed full of great entertainment. There we can funny videos, adorable pictures, gut splitting jokes or even links to failure events called “fails”. This kind of coffee break material is what really built up social media to what it is today.

If you look for a common denominator in all of these basic types of social media headlines, you will notice that they generate some sort of emotional response. And they end up triggering an emotional reaction in viewers. We must never forget that we wish to induce an action of some sort from our readers. This action could be anything from giving an “up” vote on your Reddit channel to purchasing a new online marketing course priced at $2000.

Emotional Response Triggers

For gaining maximum attention of your readers and getting them take some kind of action, you must understand their emotional triggers and hot buttons. For instance, would you know how to get them cry, laugh, or even scream at their computer screens? Here are actually some emotional triggers straight from Hollywood, which are designed to emotionally affect your audience.

  1. Boost and Slam—What are the absolute worst/best/most/least of all? Compare them and then contrast them.
  2. Laugh, Snigger, Cry—Learning to jerk on the heartstrings of your readers will always be effective. This particularly true whenever you combine cheer, weep, and snigger.
  3. Anger and Outrage—Listen to talk hosts on TV or radio who have mastered the use of this trigger.
  4. Fear, Scams, and Pending Disasters—Generate some disgust and fears – then get some clicks.
  5. Sexy and Attractive—Sex always sells and always will.
  6. Us versus Them—Get your audience polarized and then get attention. Politics and religion are always good ways to get it going.
  7. Shock—Take your readers by surprise and present things that are outrageous.
  8. Curiosity—This is the process of getting readers to feel that they must read your content.
  9. Caught in the Act—Readers adore stories when elite people get nailed and caught doing something that is morally wrong or a crime – especially when the action goes against what that person stood for in public.
  10. Contrary and Contentious—Post challenges to ideas that have been accepted for generations. Attack deep-seated assumptions. Slay some sacred cows in the beliefs of others.

When you combine several of these emotional triggers along with one of these five (5) basic types of social media headlines, you will increase your chances of creating a partially viral post on social media.