Social Media Apps: Here Are the 5 Best

Social Media AppsAs we become more social with our PCs and more active on our electronic devices, the usefulness of social media apps has grown. There are too many benefits of social media these days. All of us most likely have several accounts to manage and of which to keep track. Let’s face it, if we want to succeed in keeping our fingers on the pulses of our clients, we need these social accounts. If we want to stay abreast of the events in the lives of our families and friends, then again, we need them. One natural solution to lightening this load is the use of social media apps.

Of course, like everything else in the business world, there are seemingly hundreds, if not thousands of solutions shoved down our throats. And as is usually the case, most of these solutions suck and are not worth your time or your money – if it’s not a free app. Let us take a look at the some of the best apps we have found to help manage our social media accounts.

Social Media Apps to Make your Life Easier

Facebook’s Messenger

This messenger app is probably the most popular one on this list. As of this posting, there are already several hundred million users that are using this messenger app. The power of it is way beyond merely sending texts to your buddies. You can now send cash, send videos,  and even make phone calls through this powerful app. It is truly poised to be the “do everything” tool.


We love this clever little app! After connecting all your social media account through Timehop, you are ready to take a stroll down memory lane in the future. It will let you set up a virtual family album of all your media. You will be able to review all your tweets, posts, pics, and shares years from now.  One of the social media apps that is laying the groundwork for its future indeed.


You know you’re on the right track when a big company like Twitter comes along and buys your apps before you are even launched. That’s what happened with Periscope. It provides a chatroom type format for live videos and broadcast. It’s popularity has soared and is growing with each day. Keep an eye on this app – it will be massive before it’s all over.


Tinder is a unique dating app. It allows you to like and dislike prospective hook-ups and it allows you to survey other singles that are nearby. Like the others on this app list, Tinder is growing by leaps and bounds.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak has become amazingly popular among college students. It is very comparable to Reddit in that it has a community driven feel to it. The community votes on submissions and comments accordingly. They then share pertinent content with one another. Like Reddit, spam posts and comments get booted very quickly by the community.

We encourage everyone to give some of these social media apps a try as soon as possible. I think you’ll find them very interesting, convenient, and downright fun.

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You Can Always Sharpen Your SEO Skills

seo skillsI can’t help but laugh a little when I hear a blogger claim that SEO is dead. If that’s the case, then why are there so many SEO articles and posts out there? And if you notice, you find them on the blogs and sites of some very major influencers in the internet marketing world.

I think that often when people say this, it is because they’ve given up on using SEO. That’s very reasonable because the competition gets very tough and SEO can get difficult. Probably what is needed is for us to learn more about promoting our content and focusing more on rankings.  I found some nice posts to help things along

24 key skills for SEO professionals (and wannabes) in 2016

Search engine optimisation is one of the biggest games worth playing in business.

Broadly speaking, I think there are three areas of focus – technical, analytical, and creative. There is a great deal of overlap in a lot of specialist roles, whereas others are more skewed towards one or two of these areas.

I’ve put together a list of skills that I think are pretty much essential for SEO professionals. If you want to break into the industry then you’ll need some or all of the following. 24 key skills for SEO professionals (and wannabes) in 2016 | Search Engine Watch


SEOs Experimenting With UTF-8 Characters In Title Tags & Google

@pizzaseoEN posted on Twitter a UTF-8 experiment done by @dusoft around making your title tags stand out more in Google’s search results.

As you can see in the search results for that page, that title tag does stand out a bit:

Truth is, it looks way too weird for me to encourage anyone else to try it but it is always fun covering these weird attempts to try to differentiate yourself in Google’s ten blue links. SEOs Experimenting With UTF-8 Characters In Title Tags & Google


10 Reasons You’re In An SEO Slump Right Now

When you have a business, having a website that many people visit is essential. You want to gain customers and build a reputation. Until now, your Google rankings were doing well. But recently you have noticed a slump in your search engine rankings.

Here are ten common reasons why your rankings are going down. Notice anything that might be going on with your website?

What’s the takeaway? Use a longtail SEO strategy. Once you implement a longtail SEO strategy, you’ll start to track the right data, and see the right results. 10 Reasons You’re In An SEO Slump Right Now |


There are many other things you can do to up your SEO game. I find that finding some low hanging fruit like a long tailed keyword really helps. But remember that SEO is a quality game now. You just can’t go pointing 1000s of backlinks at your money site these days. Less is more – especially if you use quality.


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Why Not Up Your Twitter Game?

If you’ve been blowing off your Twitter engagement and hoping for the best, then shame on you. Maybe you should build your Twitter network or something bold. Of course, your competitors are probably happy that you’ve take a hiatus from the Tweet community. Twitter is the kind of platform that many people seem to not be using properly.

One way to understand how to better use the Twitter world is to look at the cool tools available. These can serve to guide in directions you may  not otherwise find. Check out this post:


social-media-managementJust like in search engine optimization, in Twitter marketing, you have to use specific tools. There are lots of Twitter tools just like SEO tools. However, many of them have common features and tools. But a few of them only have unique features. That’s why they stand out from other Twitter tools online.

I am a huge fan of social media management. Are you? Well, when it comes to the point of best twitter account management tools, we can’t forget Hootsuite. Already more than 10 million Twitter power users use of Hootsuite to manage their accounts. I have been using Hootsuite since 2012, so I can recommend that this tool is a must-have twitter tool in 2016 and beyond. Here are a few features of Hootsuite.

Find out the whole story


What I find is that many marketers out there simply do not engage enough with their audience. It’s almost as if they put out their content and then go away and hide. That’s really not a winning strategy for online marketers – especially on Twitter. This particular media was designed specifically for engagement – even some of the biggest celebrities use it that way – when they don’t really have to.


Just like with everything else, your Twitter engagement will improve with time and practice. Why not start today? I recommend you start using TweetDeck – if you are not already – it is a perfect tool to get you engage with your Twitter folks!

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Create A Great Social Media Marketing Strategy

social media marketing strategyWhen people talk about having a social media marketing strategy, you have to realize that this is not something that will adhere to a specific set of rigid rules. Quite the opposite actually, creativity is king in this domain. If you are one who likes order and a straight forward way of doing things, then this may be a little tricky for you at first. Social media is definitely a soft science as it is very human and very responsive to the human condition. And as you would expect, a social media marketing strategy is certainly a soft science as well.

But fear not, like most things, skills and crafts can be developed as long as one if willing and devoted. Thus, creating a solid social media marketing strategy can certainly be learned and embraced by all of us – as we will learn in this article. What to expect to learn:

Establish Social Media Marketing Strategy Goals

Setting goals for your social media campaigns must be your very first act. Because that is what the rest of your activities will be based upon. You must know where you are going, otherwise, you will be spinning your wheels.

Establishing social media marketing strategy really depends on where you are at relative to where you want to go – correct?

Perhaps a good place to start is accessing the following benchmarks:

Web Traffic – Since you are interested in social media in the first place, it is safe to assume that you need web traffic and visitors to be driven to a company website, blog, and even a Facebook page. Is this something that you need more of? Are you satisfied with your present level of website traffic?

Retaining Customers – Have you notice a drop off in your customer list? Are they no longer participating in your online entities and not responding to your dialog? Perhaps you are needing a new source of online clients and would like for your social media strategy to attain more of those.

Low Quality Customer Service – Has your present level of customer service not met expectations? Social media is a great way to address this. Your staff can make themselves available live during the work day – customer service doesn’t get much better than that.

Strengthen Your Brand – Brand awareness is always a good reason for developing a social media strategy. If you are having problems coming up with a goal for your social media campaign, then let me suggest that you use this one.

Establish Social Marketing Objectives

Okay – now that you have set goals for yourself, you are in position to establish some activities to get you there. Otherwise, your goals are just a puff of hot air – you’d be surprised how many businesses are content with just having the hot air.

If you have kept pretty good metrics and they are easily available for evaluation (easily is the key word here), then you shouldn’t have much trouble setting your objectives. If you don’t have these, then you’ll be doing some trail blazing.

You have to have a pretty good grip on how your particular online metrics shake out in your particular business. In other words, how many impressions will give you a click through? And how many click throughs will give you a sale? And also questions like do those metrics apply to text or display ads? And do you get different results with different social media sites? The answer to that last one will be yes, but you need to know what those results are.

When you know what to expect from a given number of potential client actions, then you pretty much know what your final numbers will be. This will tell you how much exposure you will need.

Now I realize that some of the potential goals may not be about sales, you may want to increase brand awareness for instance. Well, you can establish social marketing metrics for these too. How? Establish your present level of brand awareness by sending out a survey about your brand and offer something of value to everyone who participates. Now perform specific brand exposure activities for a period of time and then repeat the survey. That will give you a result for the brand exposure rate you applied.

If you have no metrics to begin with, then just start somewhere and measure them after a few weeks or a month or so to give you a rough estimate to work from. Simply keep adjusting your activities and keep measuring your results and you have working metric in no time at all.

Identify Your Typical Social Marketing Client

I am always surprised at how few businesses actually take the time to identify their customers. This is such an important part of any social media marketing strategy. Many of them think they know their customers, but actually most of them don’t. The sad thing is that it’s really not that difficult of a thing to do – yes, it is a lot of work, but it’s pretty simple really.

social media marketing customerI think a lot of people feels that if they drill down to a certain customer, then they will be excluding a lot of other potential customers. After all, we won’t as many clients as possible, right? Of course we do, but it just doesn’t work that way.

Let me ask you this. Would you listen to a radio station that played rap, country, classical, jazz, and pop music? Of course you wouldn’t. You tune into a certain radio station because you want to hear a certain type of music, don’t you? Well, when you refuse to identify your ideal customer, that’s exactly what you are doing – trying to appeal to everyone. This sounds great in theory – but it won’t happen.

Now consider this – a potential customer reads your sales page and feels like it is talking directly to him (or her). As they read, they said to themselves .. “YES! That’s exactly what has been happening to me!!” Don’t you think you have a better shot at making them a permanent customer when they feel those things while reading your sales letter? Of course!

This is exactly why you need to know who your customer is. You need to know what gender they are, what age group, education level, marital status, income level, and so forth. When you know them well, then you understand their plight and can speak passionately about things that matter to them. And when you can do that, my friend, you will have no problem making sales.

The great thing about social media advertising data is that it precisely identifies the demographics of ad clickers. Never before have business been able to deliver information to targeted audiences with this much precision.

Evaluate The Social Media Presence of Your Competitors

Hopefully you saw how we stressed how much data is available on social media regarding your potential clients. The same thing can be said for your competitors as well. Never before have we been able to assess so much information about our competition. Just for general website SEO data, we can quickly evaluate how many backlinks, how many keywords they rank for, and so forth – if we know how and we have a few inexpensive tools.

As far as observing another person’s successful social media marketing strategy, you can always visit their Facebook fanpage and examine the content they post and the interaction they receive. Then you can start interacting with them yourself and get their visitors interested in your Facebook page as well.

If you are just starting out in the social marketing world and have no clue where to begin, you can always start by watching your competitors and use their actions as a template. Don’t copy their content, you will want to use your own voice, but with this information, you know what to start and what your actions have to be if you want to surpass your competitors.

If you spend some time and examine the social media actions of your top ten competitors, then you should have a great plan of action going forward. And you will have a good idea as to what your customers’ interests and concerns are. Once you have that – then you just have to address them.

Select the Social Media Channels to Place Your Focus

The next thing you will want to do is to select the social media channels in which you will place your lion share of effort. To make the proper choice, you need to be aware of two things. The first thing you need to know is which social media sites are the most popular and will give you the biggest voice. The second thing you need to know is which social sites that interest your potential customers. Hopefully, and in most cases, the answers to these two questions will be the same. This will definitely put you on the path to a solid social media marketing strategy that will pay dividends.

If you spent a considerable amount of time in evaluating your competition, then chances are that you already know the social websites that contain most of your potential clients. Right off the bat, you should know that Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest social media sites out there. And in most cases, your customer base will probably exist in those two arenas in a very big way.

If your competitors are investing time and money in those mediums, then it’s a safe bet that your business should do the same.

If you have done any research at all, then you already know that there are literally hundreds of social websites out there. The majority of them are not worth your time because social sites will require quite a bit of your time if you do it properly.

I recommend that you establish your presence and authority of Facebook and Twitter first. Once you get those established, then you should consider YouTube, Instagram, Vine, or Pinterest – depending on which graphical medium best suits your market. You might also want to consider Google Plus and/or LinkedIn.

Create Your Content Plan

This is where you get into the labor intensive portion of your social media marketing plan. If you have ever managed a blog or website, then you know how important fresh content is to your web presence. But if you do have a company website or blog, then for starters you should always post every blog entry on your social accounts as a minimum.

This does two things, it allows you to repurpose content you are already creating anyway – which means one less piece of content you have to generate. Secondly, these two mediums can exchange traffic with one another increasing your presence in all areas. For instance, the community on your social accounts become aware of your blog and hopefully become a regular reader, and your blog readership will hopefully become fans and friends on your social accounts. And one last benefit is getting some nice backlinks from highly ranked social sites – which is great from an SEO standpoint.

The main areas that your content plan needs to address are the types of content you want to post, and how often you want to post it. You need to balance this to ensure you are providing quality posts to all your accounts. Don’t sacrifice quality in order to get more posts and tweets delivered to your social communities.

Whatever you decide, commit to being consistent. I would recommend beginning at a minimal level so that you are consistent. From that point, you can increase your activity. Here’s a great place to start. For you Facebook fanpage, why not submit three posts daily that are spread out across the day? For your Twtter account, why not shoot for submitting 5 tweets daily? Remember that any content you post on your blog will count toward that daily allotment.

On top of that, I would recommend spending 20-30 minutes interacting with people on those accounts. Respond to those who retweeted and favorited your tweets. Find cool tweets that you like and retweet and favor those. Respond to any comments you received on Facebook and then seek out other fanpages and people in your niche and leave relevant comments for them. It’s always a good idea to let others help you with your social media marketing strategy.

Establish a Budget to Build Your Social Presence

Yes I know, most of us cannot afford to spend money on social media advertising. And the fact is that we don’t really need to, right? This is true, but we build up our presence much faster when we advertise, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, one of the keys to succeeding at internet marketing is to get yourself out there quickly. The reason most people fail at making any kind of money online is because they simply miss the boat. We have to realize that a great social media marketing strategy usually comes at a price.

When something hot comes along, all the gurus sink money into getting their message out there quickly and in a big way, while the rest of us try to do it on the cheap using slow methods and the hot new item cools off before we can prosper from it.

My advice is to make a budget – even if it is very small – just get it going. Over time, you can grow your budget. The best approach is to devote a straight percentage to advertising and promotion. This way, your promotion budget automatically grows when you earn more.

I would recommend starting by advertising to get fans for your Facebook fanpage. This is because Facebook is very flexible and you can turn your ad on and off whenever you choose. So after your budget is reached, you can immediately shut it off. Or better yet, you can tell Facebook at what point to shut it off for you. How can you beat that?

Social Media Planning is Up To You

As you can see, creating a social media strategy is not very difficult. It just requires some research and some homework for you and your staff. But I hope you can see that if you devote yourself to developing a sound social media marketing strategy, you will benefit greatly.

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Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts: How I Do it

managing multiple twitter accountsAre you presently in a quandary of managing multiple Twitter accounts? Or perhaps you want to build lots of accounts, but know how demanding it can be and are not sure if you want to take that step? The fact is that a lot of Twitter accounts – or lots of any social media accounts – will absolutely bury you. If you want to really give it a go and attempt managing multiple Twitter accounts, then you need some kick ass tools to help you.

Let me describe my situation. Presently, I have over 100 Twitter accounts for a combined total of over 1,000,000 followers and growing. Let me tell you, when you have this many followers, your tweets GET RESULTS. This time last year, I had less than 10,000 followers and a few dormant Twitter accounts which I was not working at all.

The nice thing about having a big following is that I not only get sales, but I GAIN around 3000 new followers every day while doing nothing!

A friend of mine had written a great book which is being published in the near future. Knowing I have an online marketing background, he asked for my help in promoting his book. This is when I decided to build a big Twitter following. It seemed like a good way to promote his book.

Now, these accounts have grown and are providing a nice source of income for me. Here’s how I set my system up:

The first thing you have to do is figure out a way to supply good content to all your Twitter accounts. If you have several accounts, you need great Twitter management tools to do this for you. I tried several Twitter tools for this, but wasn’t pleased at all with most of them.

Finally, I discovered Social Oomph. This service was the answer. Managing multiple Twitter accounts has never been easier.

CLICK HERE to find out more about Social Oomph.

As far as delivering content and promoting links, Social Oomph does it all for me. I have three types of content that is delivered automatically to all of my Twitter accounts.

Delivering Content To Your Twitter Accounts

twitter marketing basicsThe first type of content I use are quotes. Quotes have always been a great source of content for Twitter. What I did was collect around 40,000 quotes into a text file. The Social Oomph system lets you set up “Queues”, which are reservoirs of content. Each Queue delivers the next line of text (next quote in this case) to the account I designate, at the time intervals I designate. I can point a given Queue to any or all of my accounts if I choose – I can even have the system pick an account at random for a specific group!

After the quote is posted, you can have the system cycle that quote back to the end again – for endless posting.

The second type of content I use are RSS feeds. What I did was set up a Queue for each account to receive blog posts from a variety of feeds within my niches. Each Queue has its own unique blend of feeds so that my Twitter accounts are not posting the same content. I went to great pains to find blogs that put out very good information – thus, my followers are always getting the best content.

The third type of content I use are monetized posts. This is where I share posts that have affiliate links contained in them. I have used many different types of monetization with my Twitter accounts. I find that

I have earned more from straight affiliate links than any other type. When I say affiliate links, I’m talking about Commission Junction, Share A Sale, JVZoo, eBay, Amazon, etc.

The thing I really like about Social Oomph is the flexibility it has in setting up the content Queues. For instance, when I set up my monetized posts, I can use spintax so that my posts are unique every time they are posted. I might load 30 or so different posts which market different products, but each time a given post is posted, it is totally different from the last time it was posted.

This means I can cycle those posts forever … And it’s done automatically!

Setting Up and Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

Let me summarize further how I do this:

1) Open up a professional account with Social Oomph. You can open a “Twitter Unlimited” account which is cheaper, but it can’t do everything I have described here. My professional account has paid for itself a dozen times over. The professional account also allows you to hook up many of your other social accounts like Facebook, Tumblr, LinkdIn, Blogger, etc. And they work great .. more on that in a later post

2) Put together a text file of quotes and load them into unique Queues. Set up a quote Queue for each Twitter account. I usually tweet 2-3 quotes every day to each account. I recycle all quotes back to the beginning for reposting at a later date.

3) Collect several quality RSS Feeds from blogs within your niche(s). Construct content Queues for each of your Twitter accounts. I set up each Twitter account to have its own blend of feeds. Since these posts are informative and helpful, I tweet them about once an hour or so to each account. I only tweet from 10am to 9pm. I DO NOT recycle these posts – I use them only once so the info is current and fresh.using twitter for business

4) Assemble a list of monetized posts with affiliate links. Use lots of spintax so that all posts will be unique. I post about 1-3 monetized posts each day – depending on how many I have. I recycle these posts back to the beginning.

Yes – setting these up is initially a lot of work. But once that’s done, you never have to worry about content to your Twitter accounts again. And best of all, you start earning some money from your monetized posts. As I keep building more followers, I keep getting more and more sales!

Now can you see how managing multiple Twitter accounts would be much easier when done this way?!?

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Automated Email Marketing Will Make You Rich

automated email marketingSo you’ve tried automated email marketing before and you got your butt handed to you, right? You’re not alone my friend, we have all been there. It seems that after a while, the only thing you are accomplishing is donating your hard earned cash to your autoresponder service every month. And worse yet, you mailing list isn’t even that big. In most cases, both your approach and your mindset is all wrong. Let’s talk an automated email marketing plan that really works and works damn well.

Selecting An Email Autoresponder Service

It’s not my goal here to break down all the autoresponder services out there. Unlike the way it was about ten years ago or so, there are many good ones available today. The reason is that the spam police has beaten them to death – if they have been in the automated email marketing business for any substantial period of time. Those who don’t know the rules usually aren’t around very long. So find one that’s a veteran and has been around for a few years.

The only other thing you might concern yourself with is whether or not they allow single opt-ins. Personally, I like single opt-ins better because your list grows faster. These services will tell you how great double opt-ins are and how it makes your list better. However, what they are really mean is that double opt-ins keeps their asses out of the fire because it keeps the spam complaints down.

Okay now let’s look at the steps:

email marketing servicesStep 1) Start writing the opening content for your automated email marketing. Emails are different than writing sales letters in the sense that you have to condense them even more. So it’s extremely important that you fully understand your objective and you get to your point of emphasis quickly.

Let me help on the objective part. Your opening email content needs to be very powerful. It needs to solve a common problem and it needs to really work. You want to blow their socks off with this email.

In fact, I recommend that you identify at three common problems in your niche or market before you start writing. Visit some forums and social communities in your niche to help find these. You may be surprised be which problems are getting the most attention. I am just about always surprised about when I do this.

Now here’s how your first four emails will go:

Email 1 – Write an introduction that is brief about what you and your blog does. Mention the 3 problems you will solve for them in the upcoming emails. Tell them when to expect them. Do them every day or every other day – it’s up to you, but send the one after your introduction the next day.

Email 2 – Tell them about problem 1 and how you solved it. If you need more verbiage, then direct them to your blog for more info. Conclude with telling them to expect a solution to problem 2 in the next email.

Email 3 – Repeat as before by telling them about problem 2 and how you solved it. Again direct them to your blog if necessary. Conclude by telling them to expect a solution to problem 3 in the next email.

Email 4 – Repeat again by telling them about problem 3 and how you solved it. And once again give them a blog post link if necessary.

We’ll address your fifth email in Step 4.

Step 2) Promise them something they can’t refuse if they subscribe. What I like to do is come up with not one, but two nice eBooks or reports that your people in your niche would absolutely adore. Put some time and thought in this, but most importantly, put some quality into this. Pick the better of the two to give them when they sign up for your email newsletter.

The next part of getting them to subscribe is making it easy for them to subscribe. This means putting opt-in boxes and squeeze pages everywhere. Put them in prominent places on your blog – such as in the upper left or right sections of your side bar. I like to insert an occasion within other blog posts – whenever it is relevant. Design a powerful squeeze page and blast the URL to all your social accounts periodically. I would recommend once daily if you have a fairly active account.

best email marketing softwareStep 3) Optimize your emails as much as possible. To succeed at email marketing, you really have to watch your numbers. Make changes and see what works best. If your autoresponder offers A/B split testing, then by all means, use it.

You will want to pay particular attention to your email subject lines. In the end, it is the subject line that determines if your email even gets opened or not. Of course, if readers are anticipating your next email, then they are going to open it anyway. However, not all readers will be like that, so you need to optimize your subject lines.

I’ve always thought of subject lines as headlines because both of them pretty much determine if the piece gets read or not. One trick I use to polish headlines (or subject lines) and to write them and blast them to my Twitter followers along with a link. Then I see which ones give me more clicks. It’s not an exact science, but it will give you a general idea.

Step 4) Send them a powerful fifth email. In this email, you can thank them again for subscribing and give them the second of the two eBooks or reports you made earlier. There is nothing more powerful than an unannounced gift or bonus – and they’ll love you for it.

You can also use this email to mention perhaps a launch you are planning. Either way, ask for feedback about what would be useful to them going forward. Ask them what their biggest problem or concerns are at the moment. Realize that what they tell is PURE GOLD. As you gather hundreds and hopefully thousands of these feedback emails, you will know exactly what kinds of product your mailing list will purchase from you.

Putting Your Automated Email Marketing Plan Together

Let’s review what this 4 step process has done for you. You have gotten subscribers to your email list, and they now know about you, your blog, and your services. You’ve built rapport and started a new relationship with them. You’ve perhaps gotten some valuable feedback and gotten them interested in the launch of your future projects. This is what an effective automated email marketing plan can do for you.

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The 7 Big Benefits of Social Media Marketing

benefits of social media marketingAre you taking advantage of the big benefits of social media marketing? If not, I can guarantee you one thing, your competitors are most certainly using the power of social media. If you are self-employed and providing products or services to a customer base, then you must have a professional online image to succeed. And by using the social tools of today, you are giving yourself a distinct advantage to compete regardless of your market. This is why you must embrace the benefits of social media marketing.

7 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

So now let’s get down to it and take a look at these 7 benefits:

1) An Inexpensive Way To Build Your Brand. Business gurus today keep ranting and raving about the importance of building our brands. When you build your brand, you are actually bypassing the need for search engine rankings. The social media of today provides us a marvelous opportunity to do just that and we can do it for zero cost!

The very best approach to promoting your brand is to first create a unique name, design a slick logo, and craft a catchy slogan. Having done these three things, you can then blast them to hundreds of thousands of fans and followers in just a few seconds – thanks to the awesome power of social media.

online social media tools2) You Can Quickly Build a Huge Voice. In my opinion, this benefit is the biggest of the seven. For instance, I can go out and create 5-10 Twitter accounts and within 30 days, I can have a total of over 10,000 followers on those accounts. Now I have a sizable crowd that I can start sending links to my blog posts, to my products, or just building rapport with. So what if you also do this with Facebook? And with Google+? And with LinkedIn? And with Instagram? And with YouTube? Can you see the potential?

You can literally build effective social media strategies based on the size of the social audience you have built. The key here is to keep building that audience steadily. Before you know it, you’ll have over 100,000 friends, fans, and followers. And before long, you’ll have a million! Believe me, it’s awesome being able to send out one post or tweet and then getting hundreds of clicks instantly.

3) Quickest Way To Get A Message Out To Your Customers. This is a great example of using social media as a tool. Suppose you have a huge following that consists primarily of your customers. Let’s say that you have discovered a great new way to use a product that most of them already own. You can get this exciting new information out to them within seconds! In the old days, you would have to notify them by snail mail or even call them – both of which would cost money.

Many businesses are now using social media as a means of feedback and communication with their customers. Therefore, you can get opinions on new products or even new ideas instantly. Keep in mind that this is information that corporations are willing to pay big money for. Why? Because it’s extremely valuable. I ask you – what information is more valuable than when your own customers tell you exactly what they want? Amazing!!

You Can Build A Niche Specific Audience. Is this remarkable or what? If you have identified exactly who you are, and what types of customers you are serving, and you have crafted your social media profiles to indicate as such, then you will naturally attract a following of people interested in your niche. In the past, businesses would literally spend millions for such a mailing list. And you can build them for free on your social media accounts.

If you wanted a bigger number of social media followers, then all you have to do is post more content and participate more in online social networking. These activities will naturally build your niche audience. Just set aside 30-60 minutes every day for social interaction online.

You Can Test Your Copy Instantly. If you ever wanted the ability to test a new headline or text, then social media is a great way to do just that. This is one of the best ways to use social media for business. I consider this as one of the many hidden benefits of social media marketing.

This is particularly useful if you have a very large audience. You can craft headline 1 and send that out with a clickable link, and then later send out your headline 2 with a clickable link to the very same audience. In the past, you might have to wait weeks for the results of such a test. Thanks to the power of social media marketing, you can find out within minutes!

social media for business6) You Can Advertise to a Precise Audience. Now this benefit applies only to paid marketing, but many social platforms give you the option of selecting the gender, age range, location, education level, etc. of the audience who will see your ads. For instance, on Facebook you can select only the fans of specific fanpages that will see your ad.

Back in the old days, you purchased an ad in the newspaper, magazine, billboards, or even online and it was viewed by everybody. Now you can dictate who sees your ads. This is one of the most powerful social media tools available to marketers today.

7) Potential For Viral Messages. This is the one benefit that every online marketer dreams about – having their post or video go viral. Many of the lucky ones who have had this experience have watched their very lives change as a result. This exemplifies the awesome power of the internet.

The thing is that no one can predict when a video or post will go viral, but it’s a good idea to put up content occasionally that would appeal to a very large audience. If you can share stories that are funny and appeals to any strong human emotion, then it has viral potential in my opinion. And if you have a video, you have an even better chance of viral activity.

Embracing The Benefits of Social Networking

As you can see, social media is something that can enhance and promote any business or activity. Do not ignore this medium in today’s marketing environment. If you feel that you lack the technological savvy to pull this off, then you must find someone who can help get you up to speed. The benefits of social media marketing must be embraced at all costs.

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Content Generation Strategies To Save Your Ass

content generation strategiesSo here you’ve cranked out this great blog with wonderful posts, but it seems your content generation strategies just aren’t working so well, huh? Doesn’t that suck the big one? And it seems that it really doesn’t matter what types of content you have, it just misses the mark for some reason. Don’t fret, my friend, we’ve all been there. And if someone tells that all of their social media content gets readily consumed, then you can take this to the bank – they’re lying!! So let’s look at some content generation strategies that will help your blog posts become winners.

Before we get started on this, you have to realize one thing. No one can really predict how well a piece of content is going to go over with your readers. Just like no one can ever predict when something goes viral on the internet. It just happens. BUT what we can do is increase the odds of your content becoming a winner or even going viral. Who knows? Your blog posts have as much of a chance of doing that as any other – as long as you develop a strong content generation strategies. So let’s get started on the real stuff.

Winning Content Generation Strategies and Tips

1) Use lots of bullet points. You have to understand the people today are constantly overwhelmed by information. If you can speed up the process of their consuming it, then you are doing them a big favor. Bullet points are the perfect solution for the information weary audience. And as those bullet points begin to hit home on something dear to them – or it appears to solve a problem for them – they will zero in on the details. You just need to make sure the details invoke the response from them that you desire.

The same can be said for headers. Make sure that you use lots of those as well. Your headers should be able to summarize the content. Your content shouldn’t be trying to flag down every viewer anyway, it needs to be targeted to specific individuals with specific issues. Those are the kinds of message that will get results.

2) Use images or videos. Images will serve to make your content more appealing to your audience. Try reading something that is one big paragraph with about 1000 words or more – it is quite painful to read – if you choose to try. Trust me – most people will not even try. Make sure the images and videos you add are relevant to the article. Just about any guide to content marketing will tell you this.

media content strategyYou have to remember something important with videos. If you put the right ones on your webpages, they will increase the bounce rate of your entire website or blog because visitors will more time per visit. This is a big plus with the search engines. Longer visits tell them that people like your website, so they will be apt to suggest your website more during organic searches by potential customers.

3) Keep content short and brief as possible. This is pretty much following along with the same message we have been stressing thus far. Use bullets, use images, and keep the content brief and condensed. Again, you are preparing your content for an information weary viewer. Make it easy on them by being brief. One suggestion for situations when you feel the need to expand – offer up a link to another webpage or post that is more detailed. That way, you don’t risk losing them and if they are interested in more, then you have something of value to offer them – it’s win-win.

4) Invoke emotion. This is something that many of us are guilty of. I know I am. It’s too easy just to sit down and start banging out facts and figures of your topic. Or just describing how to use the software or the tool, or how to navigate a complex process, but that is not what sells an audience. These technical details are important, but only after an audience has been sold. Never forget that emotions are what sells people, and facts validate their decision to buy. So you have to understand when to use the different types of content.

Most of us human beings love to feel our emotions. Need proof? Why have soap operas been around since the radio days? We love drama and it sells over and over again. Look at our favorite fiction, look at our favorite movies, and look at our favorite TV shows – all drama. Learn to accept this fact and embrace it and you will become a much better online marketer. Learn to use strong social media content properly and at the right times.

5) Have an objective for your content. Don’t just sit down at your keyboard and start banging away. Too people are already doing this. Don’t you want your content to stand out from the crowd? Of course you do. But to do so, you need to be developing a content strategy that will achieve this goal. You need to know ahead of time what you would like your reader to do. This is not always as obviously as it may seem.

You may want them to take some sort of action. If you are an internet marketer, then most likely you want them to join your mailing, buy your product, or sign up for your service. Your very first paragraph needs to start setting that up. In this case, you’ll need to point out problems they’ll have without your product or service, and then tell them about the benefits and the joys (emotions here) of having those problems solves, and then tell them what to do to get their problems solved.

Start Creating Winning Content That Your Readers Will Love

Hopefully, a lot of what I’ve said here makes sense to you. But you’d be surprised how many pieces of content out there do not follow any of these rules. And for that reason, they are not ranked well, they are not read by viewers, and their blogs have no traffic. Do not let this be your blog. Start using the content generation strategies that we have discussed here.

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3 Benefits of Video Marketing That Are Huge

benefits of video marketingIf you are not getting out there and taking advantage of the real benefits of video marketing in today’s online landscape, then you are seriously getting left behind. I’m not sure if we can truly count all the reasons why online video is so effective, but we can surely count the increase in our bottom line. We can certainly take note of the increased number of sales, leads, and customers we can get. The benefits of video marketing is truly amazing.

Nothing Better Than a Good Online Business Video

Want to promote your brand? Use a video – better yet, use social video marketing. Nothing travels faster than an effective clip circulating through the social media sites. This really underlines a huge benefit of using video. Okay, now let’s get to the big 3 benefit of video marketing.

3 Big Benefits of Video Marketing

videos are persuasiveVideo is More Persuasive. Up until now, we marketers have been depending pretty much on the written word to influence potential customers and to urge them to take the actions we desire of them. Unless we are certified copywriters, it’s not really an easy task. And if you have seen what award winning copywriters charge to write you a good piece, then you know that’s not really an option either.

But when we use video, the playing field is leveled a little more for all of us non copywriters. We can now engage more of the viewer’s senses. We can show them nice images and depictions. We can show them data. And best of all, we can demonstrate our products and show them how to use them – which in my opinion is the most powerful aspect of video.

Not only that, we can sincerely speak to them and let them hear our real live voice how we solved that problem that they are having. And we can tell them how painful it was for us too before we found the answer. In other words, we can build rapport with the viewer – and rapport is what will make them a customer. All because of using online video.

online videos are popularVideo Has a Popularity Appeal. I touched on this a little bit previously. When you unleash a powerful video into the wild of the social media forest, there’s no telling what will happen. Some videos have achieved over a million views in a matter of weeks. No one knows why or how. Forecasting a video that will go viral is impossible to do – even by the so called experts. But when a video does go viral, it literally changes lives.

We’ve seen all these amazing little clips of kids doing or saying something adorable. Some of them are earning their owners over a 6 figures annually. We’ve seen the little clips of animals or our pets doing something entertaining or amazing. Many of those go viral. Some things, such as videos of popular music and their stars, or clips from popular upcoming movies will always draw a lot of attention. The thing is that if you use your creativity, and somehow generate a type of online video pertaining to those, then you could probably write your own ticket.

Video Gives Your More Ranking Ability and More Exposure. Let me be specific here. We are talking about the benefits of video marketing here. The very first thing you should do with your video is upload it to Why? There are countless reasons. For starters, YouTube has it’s own search engine which gives you another arena to get viewers.

Secondly, after you post your video on YouTube, then you can embed it on your blog. Having a video on your website achieves a couple of things. For one, it saves bandwidth on your server. Next, it increases the bounce rate for your blog in Google’s eyes because visitors will spend more time on your webpages. And finally, your blog is linking to your YouTube channel, and conversely, you can link back to your blog from your channel. And this is a high quality backlink.

Now you can embed your video – as you did on your blog – on virtually every one of your social media accounts. You can post it on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, etc. And after you have posted your online video on those, then you can start posting them on the other video sites like Vimeo.

One final advantage of video in terms of ranking is the fact that YouTube is now owned by Google. And because of the site’s authority, the rules regarding the ranking of those videos is not as strict as when you and I are trying to rank our webpages or our blog posts. In a nutshell, you can blast the hell of these videos with backlinks and it doesn’t seem to matter. I wouldn’t rush out and do this, but you can certainly be more aggressive. Some webmasters claim to hammer their videos with 10,000 or 20,000 backlinks at a time and it doesn’t get them delisted or anything. I wouldn’t risk it though.

Get Started On Some Video Marketing Strategies

Now that you have some ideas about how to benefit from using online marketing videos, then I encourage you to get started immediately on employing a marketing strategy. There are countless ways to use videos. I would recommend that you break up your categories and set up a video channel for each one.

For instance, you could have a channel that is dedicated to building an email list and promotes your blog and website. You could then have another channel dedicated to how to use your products and services, and provide tips and pointers. Then you can have another channel that addresses problems and issues that typically afflict people in your market or niche. You can have another channel that reports the latest and greatest of what is happening in your market or niche.

If this is overwhelming to you, then start small. Get your feet firmly underneath and them increase the pace as you learn more about the online video world. But in any case, definitely get started and begin reaping the benefits of video marketing.

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Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners: Find Them

freelance writing jobs for beginnersStruggling to find freelance writing jobs for beginners? You first have to convince yourself of one rule for good writers. They must and ought to receive payment for their hard work. It can’t be anymore simple than that. If you have decided to become a professional writer, then you have to get paid to do it, right? Otherwise, how could you call yourself a professional? You probably know all this already and want to find out more about those freelance writing jobs for beginners, right?

The reason I start this way is because it is critical to get into the proper frame of mind before seeking out this paid projects – especially for online freelance writing assignments. If you are targeting the online marketing niche, there is certainly a big demand, but marketers are always looking for ways to lower their overhead and they will quickly pay you a pittance for your hard work. That’s bad enough, but you know what else? They’ll dump you in favor of the writer down the street for a few pennies less. You don’t want clientele like this.

You want your customers to appreciate your unique talents and skills and work ethics. You want customers that appreciate quality, because once you have this type of customer, they will hang onto to you at all costs. When you start your freelance writing career, you need to realize this right off the bat. It will save you a lot of heartache down the road – trust me. Keep this healthy successful mindset as we proceed. It really is important for finding freelance writing jobs.

Find Writing Customers Within Your Own Network

If you spend any amount of time online and have cultivated a following on the social sites especially, then you have some kind of network – even a meager one. Get on your Facebook account and offer your services. If you don’t have a Facebook page, then create one and outline what you do best. Be willing to negotiate. You can offer samples of your work, but make them pay for good honest work.

Also, start tweeting on your Twitter account, and set up a LinkedIn account. Take advantage of the benefits that these sites offer. Join or create online groups – get a video made to outline what you do. If you are not too shy, then consider getting in front of the camera and ask honestly and sincerely for the business of the viewer. This will be more effective than you think. Most successful freelance writers have started this way.

Accounts to Leverage Freelance Writing Jobs

If you haven’t done some of these already, then I recommend you get started right away.

writing for beginnersWriter’s Blog. Register the domain, “” and create a blog. You may discover that someone has already registered it. Keep playing around with your name until you find one. For instance, you can try adding your middle name or initial. Only use a domain with a .com, .net, or .org extension. Get a .com if at all possible. Believe me – it makes a HUGE difference.

Set up an “About Me” page to tell people who you. Set up a “Services” page to outline what services your offer. And finally you will want to setup a “Contact Me” page with an email that you check several times daily. After that, start making at least 2-4 interesting, entertaining, or informative blog posts every week. Put only your best stuff on your blog posts – remember, you are showcasing your talents here. After each blog post, tweet out the URL to your Twitter followers, place it on your Facebook page, inform everyone in your social groups and communities. Remember, sometimes only one contact will generate countless freelance writing jobs.

Fiverr Account. Open up an account on Fiverr. If you haven’t heard of it, this is a site where people offer to do services for other people for only $5. You could offer various small writing assignments on Fiverr. While I don’t recommend that you offer your services cheaply, I do recommend that you find some smaller type writing tasks that you are willing to do for $5. Your objective needs to be getting those people to buy your services outside of Fiverr.

What I recommend you do is check out the various writing jobs on there and see what might interest you. While you won’t get rich on Fiverr, you will get a ton of experience and learn how to deal with various clients – while making a little cash along the way. The thing about Fiverr is that it takes a while to build clients on there.

Elance Account. You could also consider opening an account on Elance. Elance is a site where all kinds of freelancers post their talents. The thing about this site is that if you are serious about earning money there, they will charge you a subscription fee. Use your own judgment here. You can open a free account and look around the site to see what is offered. Like Fiverr, it takes a while to get your foot in the door and generate some business. I did this successfully for about a year, but it took me about a month to get it going.

Skills That Freelance Writers Could Offer

One of the biggest roadblocks for beginning freelance writers lies in fully understanding their skill set. I find that many of them do not realize the services that they are capable of offering. If you are a decent writer, then there is no reason why you couldn’t offer some of these services. The facts are that many companies and individuals need writers on a daily basis, for many different tasks.

Let’s list a few of these:

finding paid freelance writingProofreading and Editing. Other writers are still seeking out sharp editors to help them polish their work. Novelists are often willing to pay $500 or more for people to help them edit their manuscripts.

Blog posts and comments. Online marketers are looking to boost their link popularity to their websites. One way of doing this is to leave comments and backlinks on blog posts that address their niche.

Paid Guest posts. Some popular blogs are willing to publish articles from guest posters. In return, they allow the guest poster to place a link to their own blogs and websites. Backlinks on blogs that are really popular can mean thousands of new visitors. Marketers are willing to pay ghostwriters well for high quality work that will be accepted on these popular blogs.

Ghostwriting in general. Many marketers are just that – marketers. They have zero writing skills and therefore pay ghostwriters to help them develop informational products. If you are a good researcher as well as a good writer, then this could be a great income source. Most quality ghostwriter receive thousands of dollars for these kinds of projects.

Website content. We touched on this earlier. Content is in high demand for online marketers, you just have to make sure they pay you enough to do it. Don’t buckle under when haggling with these guys. Make them pay you what you are worth.

As you can see, there are infinite paths and opportunities for writers. You just have to focus in on what you enjoy and where you are most productive and go after the clients. Patience is probably the best tool in your toolbox. Freelance writing jobs for beginners are plentiful if you are patient enough to wait for them to develop.

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